Ok, this is my first fic and I hope everybody enjoys it, it should get better as I go further along.

I don't own Naruto in any way shape or form (but if I did this is how it would go)

Oh before I forget this story takes place after the three yr timeskip.


This story opens up with a view of Konoha, then shifts to the office of Godaime, (Tsunade) and we see her sitting behind her desk deep in thought. The door slowly opens and Sakura enters bringing Tsunade back to the real world. Sakura is now standing in front of her desk.

"Good morning Tsunade-sensei, you wanted to see me", Sakura asked.

"Yes, I had some news I thought you would want to know, Naruto and Jiraiya returned today, you...", she looked up but there was nobody in the room. Should take the rest of the day off she finished in her head, I wonder how shell react when she finally finds him. Tsunade thought back to the mornings events. Flashback.

Tsunade was standing outside her balcony when a shadow blocked out the sun when she looked up, it was the shape of a giant frog. She jumped out of the way just in time to avoid getting squashed by the giant orange frog on top of which sat Jiraiya. Which was immediately followed by a second large purple frog carrying Naruto, she avoided this one as well, but she couldn't avoid the anger that was starting to swell up inside of her.

"Well Naruto we're finally back Tsunade will be happy to see us wont she, by the way you owe me dinner for loosing this race."

"I didn't loose my frog jumped higher then yours thats all, if old lady hokages office was one floor higher you would have definitely lost ero-sennin.", neither noticed Tsunade standing close by and she was slowly getting angrier and angrier. Old lady, how dare that impudent brat. "I know I'll just give old lady hokage the ole' puppy-dog eyes and ask her for some money, she won,t refuse." Naruto let out a loud laugh.

With that they dismounted and the frogs disappeared in a puff of smoke. Yeah its good to be home Naruto thought, but what is this ominous feeling I'm getting like my life is in danger. A cold and evil voice from behind him said, "Hello Naruto, Jiraiya welcome home, baka!"

Bam, boom, thud. We see Tsunade going into her office leaving behind her Naruto and Jiraiya in a smoking heap and twitching. Back to the present.

Has it really been three years Sakura thought as she ran towards the Ichikaru ramen restaurant Naruto would surely be at. I wonder if hes matured, gotten stronger, got smarter oh I'm so happy Sakura thought. She arrived at the ramen shop, but Naruto wasn't there. He must be at home she thought and took off again. She saw him a few blocks from behind (he sure has gotten taller) carrying a box and ran at full speed to catch up to him.

"NARUTO, waaiiittt, it's me Sakura!", Naruto and the person he was walking with stopped and turned around. Yup still the same Naruto Sakura thought.

Sakura stopped in front of Naruto and caught her breath. Naruto handed the box of ramen to Konohamaru.

"Hey Sakura, how have you been, check this out I've mastered my rasengan", With that Naruto started gathering chakra and spinning it in his hand. Sakura seeing what he was doing had a flashback to his fight with Sasuke. She recognized that technique and the destruction it caused, Naruto was still being to reckless.

"Stop it Naruto!"


With his concentration broken chakra flew everywhere and hit Sakura in the face. Sakura was pissed and Naruto started feeling that same fear he felt when he first arrived.

"S-Sakura i-i-it was an ac-accident,I swear" Sakura threw a punch meant to take off Narutos head, and it made contact. Poof Sakuras punch went right through Naruto instead of sending him flying, it had been a clone all along. Poor Konohamaru, left all alone in the presence of a monster.

"Where is he Konohamaru!"

"He said he had to go on a mission to gather information and asked me to make sure this box of ramen got to his house, he sent that clone to accompany me. Thats all I swear." Konohamaru added in a tiny voice "Please don't kill me." but the big forehead monster was gone. Konohamaru sighed in relief and went on his way. Elsewhere.

Naruto was down on one knee in front of the wall thinking, all that training with Jiraiya-sensei, I will make you proud sensei, I will find the source of life. With that he took out a kunai and stood it on his palm with the ring on his palm and his other hand balancing it while he gathered chakra. He started making the kunai spin in his hand with the chakra and held it there while it sped up, he was using the first step of the Rasengan to get this effect. He put the spinning tip to the wall and pushed it in until he had made a hole the size he wanted it, he put away the kunai. He thought I won't fail this time and put his eye to the hole, a goofy grin starting to form on his face. What he saw on the other side was probably more than what a normal man could handle, but Naruto was trained for this he was rea...wait, he spotted two girls in the water who caught his attention at once. It was Ino and Tenten, a trickle of blood started to run from Naruto's nose Ino and Tenten sure had grownNaruto thought he didnt remember them lookingthe waythey did. Well that and he never peeped on them like this. They bothgot up with their backs to him and the water to their waist and that trickle became a stream. I can handle this he thought I can be better then ero-sennin all that training willfinally pa...then the unthinkable happened Ino and Tenten turned towards him at the same time. Blood gushers from his nose whipped his head back and he flew backwards a few feet. "I have failed again sensei, forgive me."

When he came around a few seconds later, Sakura was holding him by the scarf of his jacket. She had a giant pulsing vein on her forehead and the fear Naruto started feeling reminded him of that morning, but gee she sure did look cute when she was angry.

"H-h-hu-hi Sa-Saku-ra-ch-chan, le-long tu-time n-no c-s-see."

"Baka, baka, baka," , WHAM Sakuras fist made contact with Narutos face and sent him flying, poor guy it wasnt a clone this time, down the street.

Kakashi was walking along minding his own business when a whistling noise reached his ears. He turned to look and saw Naruto headed straight for him. He quickly analyzed the the situation and made his decision. He stepped to the side as Naruto flew past him and crashed into the wall. He got on his haunches and looked at Naruto. Naruto was out cold.

"Welcome home Naruto, looks like you need help getting home." He picked up Naruto and took him home. Back at the bathhouse.

Sakura was was thinking, did I overreact a little bit, (feel my wrath you scum.) At that moment Ino and Tenten stepped out of the bathhouse.

"Hi Sakura, how are you, did you hear yet, Shikamori told me Naruto is supposed to come back today" Ino said.

"I hadn't heard yet thanks" Sakura replied and walked off. Else where.

Hinata was waiting for Shino and Kiba to show up so they could make their way to practice. She wondered where they could be and decided to use her byakuggen to see if she could find them. Ok she thought I see them they are still two blocks away. She started playing with her fingers and decided to go for it. These last few years she had found it comforted her after all, and besides it's not like she was really peeping or anything. She activated her byakugen and found her favorite place, his apartment. There was something different though, she had done this before, many times, but this time the apartment felt different, she couldn't quite describe it, but it was definitely different. As she scanned the rooms she noticed there was somebody in Naruto's bed. She couldnt believe her eyes did someone break into his apartment or was he really back. She must have been dreaming, three years three long years could she finally tell him how she felt. Suddenly Naruto popped out of bed and she couldn't believe it. He was wearing such an adorable hat and only a muscle shirt. She knew she should look away but three years, her eyes wanted to see more. Naruto got out of bed and took off his muscle shirt. Nose gushers whipped Hinatas head back and she crumpled in a heap. Shino and Kiba turned the corner just in time to see their team mate drop. They ran towards her to see what was wrong but all they heard was a quiet little "to-kun...shirt" They gathered her up and took her home.

Ino found Shikamaru and Chougi relaxing under a tree waiting for her.

"Hey guys you guys wanna go see Naruto?"

"We already went Ino and he wasnt there, it would be troublesome if he wasnt there again, we'll wait until tomorrow, now lets train, I'll supervise." Ino was looking at Shikamaru with a pissed off face, why are women so troublesome Shikamaru thought.

On the outskirts of town Tenten meets with her team mates and tells Neji and Rock Lee about Naruto's return. Neji smiles a little bit, while Rock clenches his fist in front of him and pours rivers out of his eyes.

"This is wonderful news indeed, on this glorious day a great rivalry is reborn. This time I'm ready I will not loose." He starts throwing lightning fast punches and leaping from place to place. WHAM! His fist connects with a large boulder and he stops moving. A moment goes by and Tenten asks.

"You ok Rock" The stone disintegrates to show Rock Lee's fist pink and pulsing.

Flash to view of Konoha and surrounding forest. Yes peaceful Konoha, the calm is broken by a warriors ear splitting scream.

"My ffiiisssttt, my beautiful fist!"

Hope everyone enjoyed my first ch. if you have any suggestions and,or comments they are always welcome. Oh if you got good ideas for characters let me know I already have some in my head but new ideas are always welcome. Oh one more thing the comments in ( ) are Inner Sakura and or thoughts, and the characters remain true to the manga which is why I didnt describe him, I will put in descriptions for new characters.