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Shino seeing the situation quickly grabbed the gourd and slung it over his shoulder. He then ran towards the wall. He stopped however, he thought he heard someone yelling his name. He turned in the direction of the sound and listened carefully. Then he heard it again. "INO... KINO! Where are you?!" Kino? Shino didn't know who this was, but whoever was calling for him was female. It made sense to him that he thought it was his name being called, as they sounded so alike. He began walking towards the voice hoping to gather information. As he drew closer he noted the desperation in the yells increasing. He assumed that the person yelling wasn't the enemy by the way she was yelling, but he drew out a pair of kunnai's just in case. He walked quickly and cautiously. He worried about his team, but had faith they could handle themselves. However just to be on the safe side he sent out a few of his insects to see if they could locate them. Finally after a short walk he finally came up on the girl that had been making the ruckus. She had given up yelling and pulled her fist back and delivered a hard punch to the wall. Nothing happened, the girl began pulling her fist back again when Shino walked up behind her. Kanu sensed Shino approaching quickly, but didn't acknowledge him until he was closer. She didn't know anything about this guy except that he was so mysterious and sexy. She noted that if not for the mist he might have actually snuck up on her without her noticing. She quickly spun when he was about fifteen yards away from her pulling out a kunnai and pointing it at him. In an angry voice she demanded, "Who the hell are you?!"

Shino approached her not really knowing what course of action he should take. He approached regardless sure that something would come to mind. He noted her outfit and thought it was different. He was curious about the bandages. As he drew closer he wondered if she would notice him as she was pre-occupied. He was thinking of how best to get her attention when she suddenly spun and had a kunnai pointed at him and demanded he identify himself. He looked first at the kunnai then looked at her face. He hadn't intended intended to make eye contact, but when he did his breath caught in his chest. The contrast of her dark skin with her gray eyes made them seem very bright. For a second Shino thought they were glowing. Her eyes were only a few shades darker than the ice behind her. He didn't show any physical reaction though and calmly answered her question. "My name is Shino, I'm a shinobi from the village of the leaf. You are?" he asked and calmly waited as she calmed down.

She observed his every move intently. She noted he didn't react when she spun towards him. When he looked at her she thought she noted a second of hesitation, but it was so minute she may have imagined it. It didn't help that she couldn't see his eyes because of his glasses. At that moment she had the urge to take off his glasses and see the shape and shade of his eyes. However his voice broke into her thoughts before they could further develop. As he spoke she relaxed her hand, her kunnai lowered slightly. The thought streaking through her mind was, 'This guy is dangerous, with so much sexiness I might actually fall for this guy. Be very careful Kanu.' She almost stuttered her answer. "K-" She realized how he had introduced himself and answered in the same manner, pissed off about having almost stuttering, holy hell she thought, nobody makes me stutter. "My name is Kanu and I'm from the village of the mist. What are you doing here and how do I know you're not my enemy?" She asked. As she waited for the answer she thought to herself. Okay Kanu, stick to the plan, wait what was the plan? Oh yeah, steal a kiss then wham bam thank you sir, find Kino and get outta there before anyone's knows what the hell is going on.

Shino raised an eyebrow at her question. She had taken his question right out of his mouth and threw it at him first. He had hoped to ask her first and then decide how to proceed. Since she asked him he saw no reason not to be honest. "You don't and there's probably nothing I can say to dissuade you. The only way to find out is to take a risk and see where it leads. What about you, is there any argument you want to make to aid me in determining your trust worthiness?" Shino asked. He knew he was at a disadvantage because she could now simply flip the answer against him. He was not disappointed.

Nice answer she thought to herself. She noted two things. This guy is smart and cunning. She answered knowing that this was going to be a challenge. "I'm willing to take a risk." She paused and began working her plan, "but what I could really use is a hand." She paused to see how he would react.

Shino had already assessed the situation and realized she had been separated from someone and was in the same dilemma as him. He waited for her to continue wanting to know some specifics of what was going on. When she didn't he prompted her. "Continue, please."

Smooth and polite she thought. He didn't give her any information about his own situation even though she had set it up so they would have something in common right off the bat. She had hoped to learn his relationship with the girl. She knew she wouldn't know now without raising any suspicions. She began her explanation. "My brother and I were returning from a relatives house, when this wall came out of no where to separated us." She didn't like the look of curiosity the stranger was wearing. She hadn't thought this through that well and was now about to plunge ahead and pick up the pieces as she went. She hoped to be able to accomplish this without having to fight, but if it came to that she would get her kiss one way or another. Of that she was sure.

Shino looked at the wall and judged the thickness to be about three to four feet thick. He made this assessment before the mist became so thick. He also saw the wall was about ten feet in height, but could no longer be sure because of the thick mist. However the answer she had given him didn't explain something. He walked to the wall and put his hand on it. He looked at her and asked his question. "What were you and your brother doing? This wall is pretty thick, how far apart were you two?" He turned to her when he asked this question and then returned his gaze to the ice. He was searching for a shadow or darker area in the ice. The reason was he was trying to see if her brother had actually been trapped in the ice. He didn't think it likely now as he saw no shadow. He then turned to her to hear her answer.

When he had his back to her he didn't see her brow furrow in concentration. Dammit she thought she hadn't thought he would be that observant. Her mind raced for a suitable explanation. As soon as it hit her he turned towards her again. She had her answer ready and gave it to him. "We were racing. I'm not sure how far back he was." In a stroke of genius after observing him looking at the wall she added. "I searched the wall for shadows or dark spots to see if he had been trapped. Once I confirmed he wasn't there I tried to break through to the other side. I'm not strong enough however and now I don't know how he's doing." She put urgency into her voice as she continued. "Please help me..." She paused and waited to see if he gave her the answer she was looking for.

Shino quickly realized she was waiting for an introduction and not an affirmative. He didn't think it too wise to give her his name, but time was of the essence and they both shared a common purpose. "Shino, and you."

She repeated his name. "Shino." Damn that sounds hot, she thought. The fact that it was so similar to her brother's name which was the most un-sexy name was the furthest thing from her mind. "my name is Kanu. I'm sorry to cut the pleasantries short, but I really need your answer." She said.

Shino saw her point and had started worrying when one of his insects reported that Kiba and Hinata had been separated and were being confronted. "Hai." He said. "What do you have in mind?" he asked.

She didn't take long to respond. "Let me jump off your shoulder and see if I can clear it. If anything at least we can figure out this things height. When I first saw it it looked about ten feet. I know that I can clear that height easily, but because of this mist I can't see how tall it is anymore. It might have grown." She said.

Shino saw reason in this it was well thought out as a pre-cursory measure. He also took a glance and saw how toned her legs were and thought she could probably get more height than him. "Hai. How far from the wall do you want me to stand." he asked.

She saw him glance at her legs and once again wished she could see his eyes to see if he appreciated how nice they looked. She took pride in not having chicken legs and knew he had to like it, but couldn't be sure because of those damn glasses. However, her answer came quickly. "Give me about four feet." she saw him do as she asked and then went and stood against the wall. She took a deep breath and asked, "Ready." She saw him nod through the mist. She pulled her leg back and bent it towards her butt in an imitation of stretching, but in reality closed her eyes so he wouldn't see her turn her blood limit on and quickly created a paper thin layer of ice on the bottom of her sandals. She did the same thing with the other leg, but didn't create the layer of ice this time. Now she was ready she said. "Hai, let's do this then." She saw him nod once again. A man of few words she thought to herself. She gathered herself and jumped. Shino didn't know why she had positioned herself between himself and the ice and not on the other side of him to get a running start. However this wasn't the time to argue as time was of the essence. He could only assume she knew what she was doing. She jumped and planted the foot with the ice on it on his shoulder. He did not budge, but quickly reacted as her foot slipped off his shoulder. He leaned back and caught her as she fell. However her weight and momentum carried them both to the ground. She landed on top of him and knocked the wind out of him. As she had fallen Shino had put his arms out to catch her and hooked them under hers as she fell. That had gone smoother than she had expected. Because he had leaned back she was now laying right on top of him. She could feel his muscles through the thick jacket. She knocked his hood back as she fell and saw his unruly hair. She had the strongest urge to run her fingers through his hair. She was barely able to stop her hand as it drew closer to his hair. She buried her head in his jacket as she tried to gather herself. She had not expect to be this... what was the word ero-sennin had used... then she remembered. Turned on, that was the word she was looking for, even his smell was pleasant. Suddenly his voice broke into her thoughts.

Shino quickly recovered his breath and asked Kanu. "Are you okay?"

She lifted her face and looked at his face and began. "I-I" can't think clearly she thought. Dammit she thought this was the perfect opportunity to steal that kiss and yet, and yet. What the hell was wrong with her she wondered. Why had she stuttered. She answered confidently this time. "I'm fine Shino. Arigatou." She felt him begin to stir, trying to indicate that he wanted to get up. She pushed herself up and was now sitting on him with her legs around his waist. Before he could begin pushing himself up however she put her hands together on the jacket and asked. "Why are you wearing shades Shino?" What she really wanted to do was rip his jacket off and let her eyes feast on the muscles she had felt underneath her just a few seconds ago.

Shino had not expected this question and it bothered him. In this situation that should have been the least of her worries. He quickly voiced this thought. "Under the circumstances we should accomplish our goal as swiftly as possible. We both have important people at risk." Shino thought her actions recently were suspicious. He asked a question not really caring what her answer was, but rather how she answered it. "Aren't you worried about your brother?" He asked.

She moved to get off him lost in thought. She was usually not bothered being reprimanded, but for some reason this guy actually made her feel kinda weird about it. She heard his question as she began pushing herself back onto her feet. In the back of her mind her answer was no. She was very confident Kino wouldn't be hurt, but knew that wasn't the answer he was looking for. She let out a sigh and said. "Hai, Gomen Shino-kun."

Shino raised the eyebrow noting the added honorific this time. It never bothered him about it, but he noticed she hadn't used it until now. However the way she answered showed no real concern for her sibling. As soon as she gave him enough room to get up he took that opportunity. He quickly got to his feet. As soon as he was upright he heard Hinata yelling his name. "Hinata!" He looked around to the source. His eyes landed on a spot where it looked like the ice was re-sealing itself. "Dammit!" He muttered to himself. He now suspected that Kanu, whoever she was, was working with whoever was on the other side of the wall. He had to act quickly. His mind racing to formulate a plan. It didn't take but a few seconds and all the while he kept his eyes on Kanu who was also staring intently at him.

She saw his reaction of worry when he heard the other girls voice. She felt a pang of jealousy quickly followed by remorse. She had got so caught up in the moment she didn't even think about it. No way this hottie was single and stealing kisses from guys that were taken was taboo to her. She had been so impulsive for some reason. She saw the way his brow furrowed in concentration and knew she was about to fight. A few moments ago she had been willing to fight to steal that kiss, but now that she was calming down she realized she didn't want to fight him. Also the realization of what they had done to Jiraiya and the fear of what would happen to them if she made the situation worse began to dawn on her. She looked down to the ground and muttered to herself. "Baka!" suddenly she had a flashback.

Kanu was sitting with her sensei. Jiraiya had taken Kino to train with Naruto. She and her master were sitting on a dock fishing. Kanu's sensei asked her this. "Kanu, why did you try to steal a kiss from Naruto?"

Kanu smiled remembering that event, she had been close. However she began to dig through her backpack until she found what she was looking for. She brought out a stack of papers and flipped through them. When she found what she was looking for she began to read out loud. "The exhilaration she felt when their lips touched was beyond belief. She never thought such an explosion of emotion would be possible from such simple contact. Maybe it had been due to the chase that had preceded it, she had worked to get this and it made it all the more sweeter." She paused as she noticed her master's hand reach out asking for the papers. "Well anyways, I wanted to feel that. So..." She saw her master rise to a sitting position, so she handed over the pile of papers she had taken from Jiraiya-san. She thought about going on, but wanted to hear what her master would say.

Her master took the pages and flipped through them quickly with a raised eyebrow and an amused expressiong. After flipping through it the first question was "Does Jiraiya know you took this?" Kanu shook her head. Her master praised her now. "Impressive, but foolish, don't try to fool with Jiraiya again. If I'm not around who knows what'll happen to your lil' ass." Her master let out a long sigh, contemplating how to go about this before asking. "Did your actions make you feel good?"

Kanu's face lit up as she answered. "Yup, I mean it is a challenge! I thought I would accomplish it easily, but it's hard work to get it." She furrowed her brow in concentration trying to think of a cool saying for this situation. "Screw good things come to those who wait, it should be the harder it is to the attain the more rewarding it is!" She raised her index finger to her lips then added. "Well at least I think, I'll let you know as soon as I claim my first kiss." She smiled a huge kool-aid smile and stuck out the peace sign to show it was all great.

Kanu was smiling so big her eyes were closed and didn't notice the vain on her masters forehead. Her master was cursing Jiraiya. 'Damn you Jiraiya, why did you have to corrupt my innocent hime. (princess) I'll pay you back for this somehow' Kanu's master then let out a sigh and calmed down. Then proceeded to try and impart some wisdom on Kanu. "I wouldn't recommend doing this too much." Kanu's master knew better than to say at all, because that was like encouragement to Kanu. "There will come a day when you meet someone that will make you feel something you can't explain."

Kanu was listening intently and butted it. "Why not?"

A vain appeared on her masters forehead. "What the hell kind of question it that! Don't interrupt me til' I'm done, bakanu!! Do it again and I'll nail your ass to the bottom side of this dock!!" Boomed her master's voice.

Kanu blurted out a question impulsively. "For how long?"

Fire erupted behind her master out of nowhere, a look of pure evil staring back at Kanu. Kanu cowered and began apologizing fervently. "Gomen, gomen, gomen, it won't happen again, I am such a Bakanu, heh heh, gomen, please forgive me." her eyes had become puppy dog eyes as she pleaded with her master so as not to be nailed on the bottom of the dock.

Her master paid her little mind, instead getting composed and continuing calmly, not noticing the huge sweat drop on the back of Kanu's head. "like I was saying, your tactics are cunning and manipulative, but whenever you meet this person all your planning will fall before you like leaves from the trees. This person will likely become an important person to you, will you sacrifice this person for your goal, or the other way around?" Her master finished. Kanu was paying attention again, but was pissed that she couldn't ask any questions. She kept listening, but didn't really understand what her master was really trying to say.

Shino was preparing to make a bug clone to distract her while he found a way to the other side of this wall. Looking at it he knew it wouldn't be hard to climb ice after riding those bothersome amphibians. However he was not prepared for what he saw. Kanu fell limply to her knees with her head hanging. Kino's head snapped around to make sure it wasn't her technique, but instead her voice broke into his thoughts. "Gomen, Shino." The sincerity in that apology made Shino's head snap back to Kanu.

Different scenarios ran through his head, but the question was out of his mouth before he could think of the worst scenarios. "What are you talking about!?" He saw a tear roll down her cheek and his confusion grew even more. Luckily he didn't have long to wait.

For the first time in what felt like forever to Kanu she felt ashamed. "It was all my fault, I'm... gomen Shino. I didn't mean any harm. My brother won't hurt your friends I just told him to distract them and keep them from disturbing us." She then looked up and her remorse began to fade away. While she had her head down the wall had begun to crumble. Her mind sagged under the weight of what she was seeing, had Shino's friends really beat Kino. No way her mind screamed.

Shino had never been confronted with this type of situation. The emotions this girl was displaying threw him off somewhat. He followed her gaze when she raised her head and saw the wall was crumbling. His first thought was that she was undoing the wall, but then her facial expression didn't match the situation. Shino said to himself. "I wonder."

Fear began to rise in Kanu, a fear she thought she could only feel brought forth by her master, however as she saw the wall falling she caught a glimpse of three figures. She blinked not making any sense of the situation. Three why did she think she saw three figures. When she looked again there were only two. Her eyes hadn't deceived her she was sure of it. However she had this cold chill of fear spreading throughout her body. Her mind started racing, could that have been Jiraiya she wondered. No way! NO WAY! OH PLEASE NO WAY!! Her fear was now reaching panic. Suddenly everything froze. Jiraiya's voice spoke from right behind her in a conversational tone of voice that chilled her blood. "Hello... Kanu...long time no see."


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