Hi! This is the prologue to a larger fic I will post once I'm done with this one. It is has six chapters, including the prologue. MOLAD stands for Masters of Light and Darkness, something that will be cleared up shortly.

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Okay, first: I started this fic before I played/finished CoM, so there are many things that don't quite match up now. Therefore, I declare this AU, for reasons soon to be obvious.

Since I began this a year ago, I know that this isn't the best-written story ever. This first chapter, despite editing, is still awkward, I know. Don't worry, though, it gets better.

Well, story time!

Prologue: Why?

"Light depends on Darkness
Darkness depends on Light
One cannot be without the other
So both will always need to be
Or there will be nothing"

-Quote from me, randomly trying to make something to start the story with

"C'mon, Sora, let's go!" Kairi shouted as she waved to him from across the beach.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Sora yelled as he dashed across the shores of Destiny Island. He was soon joined by Riku.

"Hurry up, Sora. We don't have that much time left." Riku reminded him.

"Oh yeah," Sora thought gloomily. Leon was coming tonight to pick him up. The only reason he and Riku weren't fighting Heartless on other planets right now is that Sora was recuperating from injuries from a particularly rough battle with hundreds of Heartless. Riku was here to make sure that none of these lost ones would try to attack Sora in his weakened state. Now that he had recovered, it was time to go back to planet hopping and Heartless slaughtering.

Sora felt a strange pulse in his heart. He knew this feeling and it only made him remember that power inside of him, that power he wanted nothing to do with.

Halfway there, Riku stopped in his tracks and whipped out his Keyblade. It was called the Angel's Whisper, and it was semi-transparent with milky white swirls underneath the crystalline surface. A yellow ribbon was tied to its handle. "Why don't we have a little duel before we go back to being the Heartless Extermination Service?" he asked with a mischievous smile.

"Riku! He-" Kairi began to protest.

"Relax, Kairi. It's not like we're going to try to kill each other," Sora said casually. "Besides, a little warm-up before fighting endless waves of Heartless sounds good to me." He looked at Riku. "Just none of that special power stuff you've have now, got it?" Sora pulled out his Ultima Weapon Keyblade and got into a fighting stance.

"Fine," Riku shrugged, then lunged toward Sora.

Sora casually dodge rolled out of the way and behind Riku. "Missed me," Sora taunted and stuck out his tongue. Riku slashed behind him without looking, but Sora ducked out of the way. Then Sora thrusted his Keyblade at him, but Riku blocked and jumped high into the air. Riku brought his Keyblade over his head to strike Sora as he fell down from the sky, but Sora saw it coming and blocked it. Then the two of them go full rush at each other, blocking or evading each other's blows. Kairi watched all this with uncertainty, but soon the duel ended with Sora being the winner. Riku had a single cut on his arm where Sora's Keyblade had grazed him, while Sora had been untouched.

"Hey, you guys hungry?"

Sora and Riku spun around to see it was only their friend Tidus. After so many battles, the two of them were automatically on edge if something catches them off guard. They had been so wrapped up in their little match that they hadn't heard him coming. "We got peanut butter and jelly sandwiches up in the treehouse."

"Sure!" Sora answered as he began to mosey his way there.

Suddenly, Riku was surrounded by light. The light took shape and attached to his back, forming shimmering wings that glowed softly. Riku flapped his new wings to get slightly off the ground, then shot up like a bullet to the entrance to the treehouse. The wings dissipated, and he looked down at Sora with a sly grin.

Sora crossed his arms and smirked. "You're just lazy, you know that?" Then he and Kairi made their way to the treehouse.

In the evening...

Sora was resting against a palm tree, watching the last of the sunset fade away into darkness. Everyone else was inside. He began scanning the horizon for Leon's ship.

"Majesty..." a quiet voice spoke.

Sora sat up at looked around. It took him a few moments it realize what it was .

He closed his eyes "Yeah?"

"Is there anything you need?" he heard in his mind.

"No," he answered coldly. "And what are you doing here anyway! I told you none of you are allowed here!"

"S-sorry, Majesty..." the voice said. "I will leave now."

From the corner of his eye, he saw a Wyvern lift itself from the treetops and soar over the ocean. It looked back at him, and he gave it an annoyed glare. The Wyvern slowly became smaller and smaller as it traveled over the horizon, until it was completely out of sight.

Sora stood up and sliced a nearby bush to pieces with his Keyblade.
This did little to relieve his anger.

"Why the hell..." he growled under his breath "Why the hell am I chosen to rule the darkness?"


As Sora stared blankly out the small circular window of Leon's Gummi Ship, he thought about his newfound fate.

"Why AM I the Master of Darkness? I FIGHT darkness. I've ALWAYS fought darkness..."

"...Was it because I became a Heartless that one time? Maybe something didn't go right when I changed back. Then again, maybe it was because I was the Master of Darkness that I was able to change back in the first place..."

"...Or maybe the Organization did something to me to make me the Master of Darkness. After all, not even King Mickey knows what they're really capable of..."

"...But Aerith said that that no one could create the Master of Light or Darkness, that it just happened naturally..."

"...So is it because...my heart is dark, darker than anyone else's?"

"...But...I don't feel evil or ruthless or anything like that. Or am I just that cold?"

"Sora. Sooooorrrra," someone called out.


"You still with us?" It was Donald, with Goofy right beside him. "You could've at least said hello to us earlier!"

"Oh, hey Donald, hey Goofy," he answered tiredly. "...Is my ship fixed yet?"

"Gwarsh, we're sorry, but we couldn't save it. That last battle was too much for it," Goofy replied. "But we built you an even better one! Ayhuck, wait 'til you see it!"

"That's cool," he responded "Are we there yet?"

"Two more hours," Goofy answered. "Destiny Islands is pretty far away from Traverse Town, ya know."

Sora sighed. "Yeah, thanks." Then he turned his head and began to stare out the window again. Donald and Goofy began to walk away toward the back of the ship. After they were a little ways down the hallway connecting the front of the ship to the rear, Sora overheard them talking.

"He's been like this for a month..." Donald said, not aware that Sora could still hear them.

"He's probably just tired. It's been pretty crazy lately, ayhuck..." Goofy replied

"But he's been on Destiny Islands for two weeks now! He should've gotten plenty of rest there!" Donald snapped back.

Then the conversation continued out of Sora's hearing range.

Sora sighed and again began to think about why his destiny was turning out like this. "Why am I Darkness? Why couldn't I be Light?.'

He already knew the answer to this question. Riku was Light, and only one person could be the Master of Light. Likewise, only one person could be the Master of Darkness, and that one person was him.

It had surprised everyone. There had been no doubt that he, Sora, was the Master of Light. But then there was a Heartless attack on Destiny Islands. Only Riku and Cid were there to help Kairi and the others. Everyone else, including him, were too far from Destiny Islands to make it there in time. But just when all seemed lost and Destiny Islands were going to fall to the Heartless, Riku unlocked the power within him. He broke the seal of darkness that had been created inside of him when had been corrupted, and unleashed the power of the Master of Light. The light surrounded him, the wings formed, and he wiped out the Heartless in seconds. The only Heartless left standing after this was a couple of Darksides, whom he swiftly felled with his newfound power. They never stood a chance.

Now he had to admit, he was a bit jealous when he heard the news and saw the power in action. But that didn't last too long and soon didn't think much of it except he had wanted to take down this Master of Darkness himself. Sometimes he felt a weird pulse in his body, but it never really worried him and after a while he barely noticed it.

Then, about a month later, it happened.

He was in the Coliseum, fighting in a tournament by himself, because the rules required it and Donald and Goofy had to accompany King Mickey for something. It was the final round, and he was facing off against Hades, who was foolish enough to try causing trouble while Sora was around. Things were ordinary enough at first. Slash up Hades, get fried, cast some Blizzaga spells, get fried, cast Curaga here and there, repeat in not necessary the same order, etc. But in the middle of the battle, everything changed.

It was strange, how he remembered things so clearly. Suddenly several great pulses of power when through him. Then darkness flared up around him. Some stray sparks of this power struck the benches and exploded, created small craters all around the stadium. Then the darkness attached to his back and took the shape of night black wings, with a dark smoky vapor billowing off them. His eyes had become golden, with pupils like slits.

This had surprised him more than everything else. After quite a few moments of utter silence from everyone, Sora decided to take advantage of this new form and began flying around, then rammed straight into Hades. This was quite effective, considering that it sent Hades straight into the other side of the stadium.

When Hades recovered, he had the strangest look on his face.

Hades stared at Sora for a few moments, then a defiant look sprang on his face.

"Oooooooooooooh no," Hades spoke "There is NO way, and I mean NO way, I'm taking orders from you." he said as he flared up his body for a few seconds.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Sora questioned. "I wouldn't let you join my side even if you begged me." He poised himself to strike.

Hades looked blankly at him for a moment, then laughter erupted from him.

"You-you really don't know who you are, do you!" Hades replied between bouts of laughter.

"What? Of course I do! I'm Sora the Keyblade Master," he answered as he put his Keyblade on his shoulders, now even more confused. Maybe he knocked something loose when he slammed him into the wall.

This only made Hades laugh even harder.

Fed up, Sora cast a Blizzaga spell at him. Only it wasn't a normal Blizzaga spell. Instead of being bluish-white, it was a shimmering black with a deep blue tint to it. The attack range was much wider as well. In fact, half of the stadium was encased in dark ice when the attack finally finished. Hades was frozen solid, all of his flames extinguished. Sora stared at his Keyblade, which still had black vapor rising from its tip.

Phil, the lone witness to this chaos, waddled up to Sora. "Great job, kid. You sure nailed Hades with...whatever that was back there."

"Don't ask me," Sora replied, surveying all the destruction he had caused. Looking back at his fuming wings, he added. "First time this happened too." Spreading out those onyx seraph wings, he said. "Well, the tournament's over, so I'm outta here." With a couple flaps, he raised high into the sky, and then darted away out of sight.

"Wow, this is incredible!" Sora exclaimed as he shot through the sky, doing barrel rolls and dives throughout the air. "This is way better than using happy thoughts!"

After a couple more hours, he decided to rest in the nearby woodland. As his feet kissed the ground, he let his wings dissipate into nothing. He could bring them out whenever he wanted; he didn't need to test this, he knew this by an instinct deep inside him, rooted in his heart.

As he rested against a tree, a Shadow crept out of the darkness. Sora lazily sliced the Shadow in half and watched it dissolve into the air. Another Shadow came out of hiding, and Sora tried to dice up this one too, but it evaded his Keyblade. It melted into the ground, resurfacing near Sora's leg. Sora was ready to wipe this lowly Shadow out of existence when it began to rub against his leg, much like a cat. Surprised, Sora jumped away onto a large rock and checked his leg. Three more Shadows emerged, but they didn't seem hostile; if anything, they seemed to like him.

"Oh god, you aren't people I know, are you?" Sora exclaimed, recalling when he was once a Shadow himself.


Sora spun his head around, then laid his gaze on the Shadows. "Did they just...talk?"


"Huh? How did they- Oh, I get it. Telepathy. But since when can I communicate with Heartless telepathically?"

"It's because you're power has awakened, Majesty."

Sora stared blankly at them. "What power?"

"The power to command the darkness."

Sora's stomach twisted. "Uh, you got the wrong guy. You see, I exterminate Heartless, not rule over them." He twirled his Keyblade and put it on his shoulders.

"No, it is you, Majesty. We feel the power pulsing within your heart."

"You're wrong," he growled, glaring at the Shadows below him. "YOU'RE WRONG!" With reflexes like a hawk, he swooped down on the Shadows and slaughtered them.

As the remains of the Shadows melted into the darkness, Sora plopped himself against a tree and tried to sort this all out.

"Hades said that he refused to serve me, and those Shadows...they thought I was their leader or something. Why do all of forces of darkness think I'm on their side today?"

He remained silent for a few seconds more.


Sora stood up and summoned his newfound wings, in all their dark glory. "These wings do look kind of sinister…But they're really not that different from Riku's. After all, they're just black instead of white and seem to favor darkness instead of-

Then it hit him like a meteor. What Hades babbled about, the way the Shadows behaved, the black ice...it all made too much sense to be denied.

"No...no way..." Sora murmured, as he sank to the ground, the wings dissolving. He pulled his legs against his chest. "There's no way...I CAN'T BE DARKNESS!"

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