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Phase 5: Destiny's Edge

A complete silence settled down on the room like a heavy dust as the last of the dark sparks faded away, as the two friends stared each other down, trying to accept what was about to happen.

"...So, it's been you all along," Riku finally stated, shattering the silence. He put on a small grin. 'I never would've guessed."

"Me neither," Sora replied casually, as if this was just yet another ordinary day at Destiny Islands, with nothing to do but to lounge around the white beach. "If someone had walked up to me three months ago and said I was The Master of Darkness, I would've chopped their head off."

More silence.

Riku shrugged. 'So much for that promise," he joked. Angel's Whisper appeared out of a swirl of light in his hand.

"Oh yeah...' Sora thought. "Oh well…"

After he and Riku fought in Hollow Bastion and everything reverted back to normal, Kairi had them make her a seemingly easy promise: They will never try to kill each other ever again. Playful brawls were fine, but battles of life and death were completely out of the question. They hadn't paid much thought to that since they had thought something like that would never come up again. After all, they had their fill of that in Hollow Bastion.

Then again, that promise didn't take into consideration the fact that Riku was destined to become The Master of Light while he Sora would be fated to take the role of the Master of Darkness, so that pretty much made the contract outdated, and therefore void.

Swirls of light circled around Riku, playing with his silver hair as if they still stood outside the treehouse on a windy day. The light then attached to his back, taking the form of those pure white wings that glowed softly, bringing just a little light into the shadowed chapel. His eyes had now turned a much paler blue, to the point where they were almost white.

When the transformation was completed, Riku stretched out his wings a little, preparing them for what was to come. "So...You ready Sora?" he asked, almost innocently, taking his battle stance.

'As ready as I'll ever be," Sora answered, echoing Riku's innocent tone. He also took his fighting pose, flexing out his dark seraph wings. "But just to let you know, this ain't anything personal. Even thought we're gonna fight each other, we're still friends, right?"

Riku shrugged, smiling just a little. "If you mean by still being friends that we don't absolutely hate each other's guts, then yeah, I guess so."

"Well, lets get this over with then," Sora announced. And with that he pointed his

Keyblade at Riku.

For an instant time had become frozen, like this little scene was nothing more of a crude drawing on that cave wall.

But, of course, that could never last.


An orb of maroon-colored flame shot out at Riku, several tongues of fire whipping behind it. Riku evaded it with ease, and the fireball made a huge crater in the wall instead. "C'mon, that's the best you can do?" Riku taunted, flying up above Sora. "Firaga!"

Riku's fireball was white with some red at the very edges of the flames. Sora also dodged the fireball effortlessly, darting away to the left. Then, using his onyx seraph wings, he propelled himself straight into Riku. The sheer force behind the attack slammed Riku into the ceiling. But it seemed that light and darkness were not supposed to touch, as Sora was thrown back onto the floor with equal force.

"Heh...' Riku chuckled. He whacked Sora with the blunt end of his keyblade, then yelled "Blizzaga!"

A bluish-white ice blast erupted from the tip of Riku's Keyblade and scored a direct hit on Sora, sending him straight through the wall. Now he was drifting through the open sky that blanketed the castle.

Sora regained control of his flight and straightened up, shaking off some ice crystals that had formed on him. "Fine if that's how you want to play. There's more room out here anyway." And with that he let a Blizzaga spell burst from his Keyblade in all its dark glory.

Riku deflected it away with his Keyblade, but it struck one of the pipes just outside the opening. The spell had cracked it and steam began to bleed out, obscuring the view.

Sora dived down to escape the feverish mist. 'Thundaga!" he screamed. Summoned black lightning dropped down from nowhere, though it seemed all of them make paid careful attention to make sure he didn't strike Sora. All that power carefully avoided him, as if he was shielded by an unseen power.

Riku wasn't so blessed, as Sora heard him cry out somewhere in the hot fog above. A few moments of silence passed, then the steam parted way for Riku as he swooped down and tackled Sora. Much like before, Sora ended up crashing into the wall of Hollow Bastion, but Riku was also sent high into the air spinning, having completely lost control of his flight.

As Sora got ready to charge headfirst into the fray again, several wyverns materialized beside him.

Let us help you, Your Majesty. Let us help you fight The Master of Light.

Sora shook his head. "No, guys, I gotta do this on my own," he told them. Besides, even if he wanted them around they would be of no help. Riku didn't even have to swing his Keyblade to eradicate them. Hell, he didn't even have to touch a Heartless to exterminate it; simply being near it was enough. And that was when he was in his normal form.

"Hey, c'mon, you aren't giving up yet are you?" Riku teased from somewhere high above, where Sora couldn't quite tell.

Sora grinned. 'Of course not!" And with that he rocketed up through the sky, 'Riku, I haven't even gotten started yet!"

A white thunderbolt fell down from the sky, scoring a direct hit on Sora.

Riku swooped down from the clouds above, ready to slice Sora in half with his Keyblade. Sora recovered in time to block the blow with his own Keyblade.

"Blizzaga!" Sora exclaimed, striking Riku at point-blank range. He was sent sailing into the wall, right above The Grand Crest. "Graviga!" Sora yelled, and an invisible force slammed Riku down on the ledge.

Riku quickly got up and shook himself off. 'Aeroga!" he shouted, and a sphere of wind surrounded him. Sora did the same.

Riku tossed his Keyblade at Sora. Halfway on its way to Sora it caught fire.

"Firega Raid, huh?" Sora spoke, mowing just a little out of the way to dodge it. "Ha!" It took Sora a few moments to realize that it was coming back. "Whoa!" he quickly evaded it.

But Sora had had his eye on the keyblade and not Riku, who quickly took advantage of the opportunity by striking Sora with Graviga.

Sora felt the weight of the spell getting ready to pull him down, immediately recognizing the attack. "Ah crap...' Nothing was underneath him but the clouds, meaning it was going to be a loooooooong way down...

Then as if he had been yanked by a strong rope, he found himself falling faster and faster, unable to disobey gravity. It wasn't long until the Rising falls were in sight. He prepared to help soften the impact somewhat by crossing his arms in front of his face defensively. 'Man...this is gonna hurt..."

He crashed into the largest platform below, scaring up plenty of dust from the newly created crater. After the dust had settled some, Sora got up and rubbed his head a little. 'Ow..." Then he cast Curaga on himself. A forest green mist swirled around him, helping ease some of the pain.

Then Riku pummeled out of nowhere, slashing down and sinking his Keyblade into Sora's shoulder.

Sora sucked air between his teeth as some blood ran down his shoulder. "Nice shot,' he stated.

He did a low sweeping kick, knocking Riku off his feet. Then he swiped down with his Keyblade, but Riku managed to roll out of the way, receiving only a small cut on his arm. But as he sprang back up Sora sliced into his leg, leaving a nice large gash in it.

It was Riku's turn to suck air between his teeth. As blood flowed out of his leg, he flew up and started to cast Curega.

But Sora struck him with Strike Raid as he prepared to cast the spell, this time striking his arm, leaving a considerable cut on it.

'Heh. Not bad...' Riku grumbled as he hastily wrapped his leg in piece of curtain that he'd obtained a little bit before the fight. Riku then fired several Blizzaga spells at Sora. Sora dodged most of them with ease, each one that missed him froze and shattered any platform they happened to land on. A couple of them did meet their target, though, and on top of that they managed to freeze him solid. It was only for a couple of seconds, but that was more than enough time for Riku to cast Curega on himself.

The second Sora broke free of the ice's grasp he shot three Firega spells at Riku. All missed Riku, but they went sailing past him to Hollow Bastion, where three explosions could be heard in the distance.

Sora tried to slice at Riku's throat, but Riku avoided it and tried to chop off Sora's arm instead. Sora dodged the attack, flew around the Master of Light, and gave him a hard kick in the back.

"Hey, Sora! You done fooling around yet?" Riku teased as he rubbed his back a little.

"Yeah, pretty much," Sora responded.

Then they lunged at each other, neither one the slight bit interested in losing this match.

The two of them collided with the force of meteors, sending white and black jolts of energy all over, shattering any platform they struck. Riku went hurling into the largest platform, destroying what was left of it. Sora slammed straight into his gummi ship, wrecking it beyond repair.

He got up and looked at it for a bit. "Oh well." Then he noticed three Firega spells heading his way. He evaded them in the nick of time.

BOOM! There went the remains of Sora's gummi ship.

BOOM! There went Riku's gummi ship.

BOOM! There went the cave wall that was right above the gummi ships, crumbling down on anything that might've survived the previous blasts.

"Nice work Riku," Sora teased.

"Meh," Riku replied, shrugging "You won't be needing a Gummi Ship where you're going."

He swooped down to Sora and sliced him in the arm, splattering blood over the cave ruins. Sora answered with a slash across Riku's chest. If Riku hadn't pulled back, Sora would've cut him clean in half. Sora was struck by several lightning bolts before Riku kicked him in the stomach. Then Riku found himself on the receiving end of two Firegas, followed up by a dark-altered version of Ragnarok. Riku countered by flying around Sora and kicking him in the back, then tackling him once more.

Sora was knocked all the way back to Hollow Bastion. As he saw Riku soon close in on him again, he charged at him and slashed him in the shoulder with his Keyblade before Riku could strike him.

From there it was an intense and brutal dancing of the Keyblades and their masters as they blocked, parried and evaded the other's moves. They twirled through the air, not noticing the clouds pass or the aura and sparks radiating off their bodies. They created mass destruction wherever they happened to land and didn't notice the many cuts the Aeroga barriers were causing with their sharp winds. They only noticed each other, as the Keyblades screamed through the air when they made their vicious swipes at one another. As their wings suffered injury as well, a storm of red down rained over the castle like snow and flower petals. There was no time to heal; if one paused for only a moment, the other would've gladly cut their heart out.

Hollow Bastion moaned as it suffered hit after hit. The walls cracked, the ledges crumbled, the pipes broke into many shards, as all this extra debris fell down from the castle and into the white abyss of the clouds. Blood splashed over the weakening surface in random spots. No Heartless were in sight, as they were all hiding away in the deepest reaches of the former palace of Ansem. They may not have been that intelligent, but they had enough common sense to flee when an epic battle that threatened to eradicate any being foolish enough to go near its combatants, or to be out in the open.

They rose above the Grand Crest, above the location of the Church Chapel, and even above the palace's highest tower, surpassing the height of Hollow Bastion, barely aware of just how high up they were. Then again, they didn't have time to admire the scenery. After all, they were trying to make sure they didn't get killed, and that's a rather good reason for them not to be concerned about their surroundings.

Then Sora and Riku separated from each other. It seemed they had enough of their jousting match.

Sora's Ultima Weapon began to glow black and crimson and Sora let it float out of his grasp. Sora held his hands out straight in front of him, and the Keyblade drifted into position right between them.

Riku's Angel's Whisper began to shine a soft blue and white. Using the Keyblade much like a fine-plumed pen, he drew an intricate symbol in the air, the light emitting from his Keyblade serving as the ink.

An unworldly sound echoed from Sora's Keyblade as an orb of onyx-hued energy began to form at the tip. The Keyblade shook as if it itself feared the attack, but Sora showed no fear, only determination as he kept his eyes locked on Riku.

Riku was the same case. As he finished painting the emblem in the air, the symbol let out a high-pitched sound as it began to glow several hues. The noise got louder and louder as the symbol began to pulsate more and more frantically.

The sphere at the end of Sora's Keyblade began to grow in quick, sudden bursts.

The symbol Riku had created began to warp and twist erratically, like something was trying to rip it in two.

Both attacks commenced simultaneously.

A black, serpent-like dragon hatched from Sora's sphere, with gleaming ruby eyes and a smoky body that seemed to swallow the sky around it.

A phoenix with pale blue feathers and many long, wispy tail feathers erupted from the warping emblem, its eyes more blue than any ocean.

Both of these creatures were well over Riku's and Sora's size. In fact, they may have been about half the size of Hollow Bastion.

These beings of energy did not stay long, but they didn't need to. Instantly the creatures rushed to their targets. The dragon slammed into Riku, and the phoenix rammed into Sora. Almost immediately after their impact with their victims, they exploded giving off a colossal burst of power, easily capturing their targets in the massive blast. All of this happened in less than a couple of seconds.

As the mystic smoke still hung in the air from the eruption, two figures could be seen pummeling from the sky. One crashed into the tallest peak of Hollow Bastion, breaking the roof with ease, the other one dropped straight through the ceiling of the area just below the tallest peak.

And after that, silence...

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