Sonic stood on the dark classic theater stage looking at the camera. "S'up, people," Sonic, greeted strangely solemn. "Lotta things have changed since this thing got written huh? Sega hadn't even BECOME third party yet when this thing got slapped on here. And the guy who wrote the original 'Sonic vs. Mario' fight on the NintendoLand web site said and I do quote 'the only hope Sega and Sony could have of beating Nintendo is joining forces' well, we kinda know how wrong that turned out to be, Sony and Microsoft are eatin' Nintendo, the last first party gaming consol alive… Or that's how the author sees it. But seriously folks. You're all gotta be wonderin' what the heck this is all about. I mean, what's with another chapter to his thing that should never have been?"

"What it's all about." Sally answered joining Sonic on the stage. "Is the author's personal apology at his knee jerk writing of this story."

"Originally he was plannin' on having me stuck in a VR machine and have me and Mario team up and take down Microsoft. But he realized that would just be a repeat of the immature junk that got this story written in the first place. And we all have to move on in life soon and later, and the days of this author's time in fanfiction is drawing to a close."

"Don't ya worr'!" Mario joined in from behind the pair. "He's gonna finish what he's started first before this. All those a' stories without da 'complete'ta sign will be completed."

"Well, nothing to worry about for those who liked his stuff to begin with." Sonic shrugged.

"Well, " repeated Sally, "Since myself and Mario are alive, you can bet your other video game favorites are alive too. Sorry to the Team Rocket fans who liked seeing pokemon's mascot dying."

"Look buds." Sonic explained walking across the stage at a strained slow pace for himself. "We all make mistakes, but sometimes we need reminders of them or we'll just keep makin'em. So that's why this deep scar is going to remain up for the time being."

"I know that's not the best news for everyone here." Sally continued, "But the author feels it's for the best… and … robotized girls are the hottest ever! Hey! Whose being screwing with the teleprompter?" Sally yelled at unseen stage management.

"I think some people from the transformation lists sneaked back stage while we were rehearsing." Sonic thought.

'Ah com'on, it'a not that bad." Mario tried to pacify his rival.

Sally restarted reading. "… in second only to 'dragon reborn' princesses in pink dresses?"

"That'a it!" Mario ran behind the curtain that lay on the back of the stage, Sally and Sonic heard a long line of Stomping sound effects and Italian battle cries. They didn't know there was such a thing as Italian battle cries. A minute later a couple of anthropomorphic crosses between a fox and a dragon, having been stomped into the shape of pancakes, waddled from below the curtain and left the stage mutter 'ow, ow, ow.'

"That'a one problem solved." Mario dusted his hands off looking pleased with himself.

"True." Sally had to admit.

"Well, I think that wraps things up." Sonic said. "I have some snowboarding to do, so I'd better-

"Mario! Help me!" The plumper and hedgehog looked up to see King Bowser in his Clown-copter, holding a kicking and wiggling Princess Peach from the back of her dress by the length of his huge arm.

"Hey! You'a kidnapped her already this week ya deadbeat lizard!" Mario shouted.

Bowser for once didn't react violently to Mario's taunts. "Yea yea, but this time I have a business partner."

"Huh? You what he's talking about Sal'? … Sal?" Sonic realized Sally wasn't standing next to him.

"LET ME GO YOU ROTTIN EGG!" Sally snarled, kicking and screaming as Eggman Robotnik held the princess over the edge of his Egg-O-Matic hovercraft.

"Taking tips from this guy is gonna just bring ya a lot of hurt egg face!" Sonic snarled.

"Oh I'm not so sure about that rodent." Robotnik said confidently. "If you want them, come and get them!"

"Bring it on!" Sonic and Mario, together, both rose to the challenge,

But that is a story written by someone else (indeed it has already been written), this tale, is at

The End.