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"Hey, Granger!" Hermione turned and started walking away from the quickly approaching Draco Malfoy. "Snape wants to see you. He says it's urgent."

She groaned loudly but dragged herself down to the dungeons and his office. She entered without bothering to knock and plopped in the chair opposite him.

"What is it, sir?" she inquired tiredly.

He held out a gaudily colored Christmas tree ornament for her to look at. Her eyes went wide at the moving picture on it: She was standing under mistletoe with Snape. He smirked at her and bent down to kiss her.

"Who . . .how . . .what?" was all she could spit out in her anger.

"I can assume you have nothing to do with this then," he said, throwing the offending object into the fireplace. It crackled briefly before settling into a normal glow.

"I'll kill him!"

He cocked his head and raised an eyebrow. "And who would you be referring to?"

She left him without a name. Grabbing some floo powder, he tossed it on the hot embers and barked "Malfoy, my office, now!" Unwittingly, she had led him straight to the cause of the problem. Snape wasn't about to let this stunt go unpunished.