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Chapter One: Eye of the Storm

The Yevonite stared intensely at the paper before him; scratching his arm as he re-read the paper again. "You got to be joking." he murmured to himself as turned his dark eyes toward the door. Someone's footsteps pattered softly toward his door, his mind now pushing the request on the paper before him away. A knock reverberated through the room, making the Yevonite flinch slightly before clearing his throat.

"Come in." he spoke out as the door quickly slammed shut. Wincing again as the window behind him shook violently; he stared sternly at the dark-haired man before him. "Can I help you, Isaaru?" the Yevonite countinued as he noticed the shocked and worried expression etched on the ex-summoner's face.

Isaaru rubbed his hands together nervously as he averted his eyes to the crimson-carpeted floor. "Praetor Baralai…um…we have guests," Isaaru replied softly but still audible for the praetor to catch. Isaaru took a step closer and countinued, "Nooj," Isaaru murmured sourly. Placing a lock of hair behind his ear, Baralai got up slowly with a calm expression still on his face.

Grabbing his weapon he silently headed toward the door and paused before the dark-navy door. "Why is it the city is not on high alert," he spoke out sternly as he realized how quite it was for his enemy to be in the city. Silence begin to lapse on as Baralai waited for a reply. Frowning in irritation the silver-haired man turned around slowly to gaze at what was Isaaru. What was now standing before him was a dark shadowy figure, pyreflies danced around lazily.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, he examined the figure before him as he realized this was never Isaaru in the first place. How could I be so blind? Gripping his weapon tightly he cursed softly. The shadows in the room seemed to grow and form pictures of wild creatures on the wall. The pyreflies were now a deep purple as a crackling chuckle emitted out of the figure.

"How long do you plan to stay locked up in your office and hide like a coward, praetor? You need to pay off a certain debt…and I came to collect," the figure spoke viciously and to Baralai the voice sounded very blurred between a man's and a woman's voice. Baralai's frown deepened slightly as he heard this abnormal statement. Rubbing the back of his head he quietly began to form a lightening spell.

Light flashed through the room followed by the sound of singing pyreflies that danced before Baralai's eyes. Slamming his eyes shut he waited a few seconds until the blinding light ceased down to reveal his warmly lit office. Pyreflies were quickly disappearing through the ceiling but before the last one drifted away a soft voice echoed through the room.

"Life is a precious thing…if you won't come quietly then I will have to force these secrets out of you. Also-" the voice was abruptly cut off as the pyreflies' singing ceased as they finally left. Realizing that he was holding his breath, Baralai exhaled and wondered if he was now going into exile because of this creature.

Looking at his hands he replayed the creature's final words through his mind. Secrets…about what? Hmm…why in the form of Isaaru unless- "Dead," he whispered hoarsely as he spun around and opened the door. Still gripping his weapon he dashed through the hallways and searched around in a wild frenzy until a stubborn yell found his way to his ears.

"I want to talk to him…now!" the stubborn voice countinued as the voice began to come near Baralai.

"Now Pacce, let's try to be logical about this whole thing," a soothing voice replied as Baralai recognized the voice immediately: Isaaru. There voices were now around the corner and the praetor waited patiently for them.

"NO! I WILL NOT BE LOGICAL! I AM ALREADY BEING LOGICAL! I WANT TO- YOU!" Pacce shouted fiercely but stopped and pointed at the silent Baralai with anger boiling in his face. "Well…tell me, oh great Praetor of New Yevon, what says you!" Pacce countinued as he still pointed an accusing finger at Baralai.

The dark-skinned man watched Isaaru's shocked face and Baralai was grateful for the high collar on his jacket that hid his smirk. "The 'great Praetor of New Yevon' says that using the monkeys as spies will not work." Baralai chuckled softly as his dark orbs watched Pacce's face turn a bright red.

"But they could sneak up on the Youth League!" the young boy protested as he took a step forward, dropping his hand in the process.

"How would we be able to communicate or receive information from these animals?" the praetor countered swiftly as he watched the young boy open and close his mouth for an answer. But as usual, the praetor won and was wearing a soft smile that told Pacce this.

Shaking a fist and stamping his feet, Pacce glared at Baralai with disgust. "You will regret this! The Kinderguardians will take you down!" he growled before dashing off with disgust. Isaaru gave an apologetic look at Baralai before being motioned to follow the Praetor back into his office.

"Take a seat, Isaaru. We have much to talk about." Baralai mused through the past events thoughtfully as they finally reached his office. Isaaru hesitantly took a seat on a blood-red, cushioned chair with fear running through his mind. The silver-haired man took his seat behind the desk before noticing the scorch mark on the floor.


"I apologize for Pacce's rude behavior, sir." Isaaru spoke out softly his eyes averted to his hands. Baralai raised an elegant eyebrow as he heard the term 'sir' being used. He must be really flustered… Waving a hand to silence the now blabbering ex-summoner, Baralai gave a small smile to reassure the man.

"I know it isn't your fault, if that is what you are trying to say. Pacce is a boy whose ideas are wild and absurd. But I believe they will change our world for better or for worse in the future. But moving on, I have something important to tell you…I had a special guest visit me today. A messenger, I believe, that wanted to pry away some secret or secrets that I hold. To tell you the truth…I'm not sure what this creature means," Baralai spoke in a calm and unshaken voice as his chocolate eyes watched Isaaru's surprised expression.

"I'm telling you this because I know you will keep this silent. I am thinking we should create a barrier…maybe to block the pyreflies or something along the lines. But I cannot do it alone…it would take more than us," Baralai finished in a brooding voice. "What do you think of this all?" he asked after a moment of silence.

Isaaru rubbed his chin thoughtfully before getting up slowly with the need to escape and hide under the covers of his bed. With Pacce, Baralai's story and this 'barrier' it all seemed like a day he wished he could sit down and rest. "That sounds like the best choice for now. Be careful with Pacce and his group…they know how to sneak rotten vegetables into people's food. May I be dismissed…please?" Isaaru spoke out pleadingly and watched as Baralai nodded his head. Baralai noticed how eager Isaaru was to leave, slacker…didn't even look at me in the eye when we were talking.

By nowthe door was partly opened, Isaaru cleared his throat and stared carefully at the door. "Pyreflies are the life force or energy that flows though us. But those that are unsent live with us in memories and thoughts…it could be a sign from the spirits, from the Farplane, that live without rest. Only Yevon would know why they are after such a great soul like you." Isaaru spoke out in a soft voice before leaving silently.

Baralai stared at the now closed door before turning to the paper before him. "Interesting advice." Baralai muttered sarcastically as he felt his mood turn sour at how his day turned out. Pacce's request…I really am going to regret this. Placing the paper in the 'decline' pile he turned to the next sheet of paper. "The High Summoner asks for my assistance? They are coming tomorrow in the morning. Now why does she need my help? Last time I remember seeing her was in the Farplane…or was it when – never mind." he murmured to himself as he read the paper before him with amusement.

Running his fingers through his silver hair, he leaned back against his chair heavily with curiosity prodding his mind. Crossing his arms behind his head he rested his eyes and breathed out softly. Today was just another odd day but the words of Shuyin, or what he heard his name was, when he was in the Farplane echoed through his tired mind.

'I wanted to rest forever, but the pyreflies make me relive that moment…again and again and again.' Maybe those words actually mean something more than the obvious facts…maybe they now relate to this odd creature. Is this Shuyin's doing…is he still hopelessly after that blasted machine? I'm free from there…that is all that matters for now. (1)

Yevon…what have I done to deserve this?

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