Author's Notes: Written for the "What's in a Name?" challenge at HA, and completely on a whim. Please forgive me for my poor attempt at Sindarin, and I will be forever indebted to the brave soul who can help me fix the translation.

Disclaimer: Oropher and Thranduil do not belong to me, though not for want of wishing.

River Flow

"Well met, Father."

"Well met... What is it they call you now? Ernil o thar ir anduil, isn't it?"

"A bit of a mouthful, I know."


"The younger ones have begun to shorten it, however."

"Really? This is a new development."




"Thar-anduil? ... I like it."

"Do you?"

"Suits you, as they say. Thar-anduil."

"Still... it's a bit long, don't you think?"

"Long? Why, then let's shorten it. Thar-anduil... Tharn -- Thran -- Thranduil."



"There's something a bit--"


"Aye, and--"




"...Perhaps. Someday."


"Thranduil. Well, I suppose."


Notes: The name "Thranduil" is sometimes hypothesized to come from the Sindarin thar ("beyond, across") + anduil ("long river" -- also an alternate form of the name Anduin): thus, Thar-anduil -- Thranduil. Ernil o thar ir anduil is my laughably bad Sindarin rendering of "prince from beyond the long river." Oropher and Thranduil are said to have been among those Sindar who traveled east from Lindon (i.e. across the River Anduin) in the early Second Age.