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Chapter 1: Swim Shopping
"Please stop!" Tohru exclaimed as Kyo and Yuki began to argue.

Shigure sat as he sipped his tea. "If you're going to fight please don't break--" Shigure began, interrupted by the sound of a sliding door breaking as Kyo ran into it after trying to tackle Yuki, who gracefully dodged it.

It was a normal summer day in the Sohma house.

Kyo was fired up about the swimming carnival that was coming up.

"Kyoooooooo," A long drawn out higher pitched voice called out from outside where Kyo was still brushing off the sliding wooden door.

It was Momiji followed by the near opposite of him, Hatsuharu.
Momiji was a very emotional, excited, and very cheerful boy; Hatsuharu, however, showed little emotion, he was more calm and collected as opposed to not just Momiji, but most of the Sohma family.

"M-Momiji!" Tohru called out, somewhat relieved; he was very close to Tohru.

"Tohruuuu!" He called out as he ran inside through the place where the door once was.

"Momiji," Kyo grunted, annoyed already by his presence, and walked inside.

"So, why are you here, Momiji? Haru?" Shigure asked glancing at Hatsuharu's mellow face.

Momiji jumped forward into his cheering. "I need a swimsuit, and I thought Tohru would help me pick out a colour that suited me!" he said.

Tohru brightened up. "R-really? I would love to!" she said looking at Momiji.

Momiji turned back to Tohru. "Really, Tohru?" he said, even more excited than earlier.

Tohru nodded. "And Hatsuharu, do you also need a swimsuit?" She asked with a smile.

Hatsuharu looked at her, his mellow face still on, and shook his head. "I already have one," he said simply.

"So, when did you plan to get the swimsuit, Momiji?" Tohru asked, looking at the rabbit.

"Now," Hatsuharu said, butting in.

"Well… I don't have work tonight, but I still need to get some groceries for dinner; I haven't gone to shop for quite some time. I didn't mean to let it go so long but --" Tohru went on until she was interrupted by Yuki.

"It's okay, Miss Honda, you can pick them up on the way back. I'm sure you wouldn't be inconveniencing Haru or Momiji," Yuki said, glancing at his younger cousins.

"Not at all," Hatsuharu replied.

"Nope! No problem at all, Tohru!" Momiji said cheerfully as he yanked on her hand to lead her to the mall.

Tohru was pulled up and slowly drawn toward the door. "But, I still have some laundry that I need to-" Tohru continued her list of responsibilities.

"It'll be okay," Kyo said, butting in. "Just go!" he yelled.

"But I-" Tohru said, being dragged away by Momiji.

Hatsuharu looked at Yuki and walked over to him grasping his shirt. "Would you come?" he asked.

Yuki shook his head. "I've got some paperwork to do, Haru. You have a good time with Miss Honda," he said, smiling.

Hatsuharu let go and walked out of the door to walk with Momiji and Tohru.

"And so the evil Momiji and Hatsuharu have torn away the object of all our affections," Shigure joked as he acted very dramatically.

"The object of our affections?" Kyo yelled angrily.

Yuki stood up blushing. "You can nearly be as bad as Ayame when it comes to Miss Honda!" Yuki yelled, a bit more calmly, and walked out of the room, blushing and embarrassed.

"So, what do you have in mind for what your swimsuit will look like, Momiji?" Tohru asked, looking at him as he held her hand and marched, cheerfully as normal.

"Well, I haven't really thought about it," he said putting his index finger to his chin in thought. "But I know that when I see it… I will know it!" he finished cheerfully.

Tohru smiled at Momiji. "We have to pick a colour that suits you!" Tohru said cheerfully.

"Yeah!" Momiji agreed, even more cheerful then Tohru.

"Hatsuharu, it has been awhile," Tohru said, looking at Hatsuharu who merely nodded.

"Most of the Sohmas have opened up to me, Kyo, Yuki, Momiji, Ayame and even Hiro. Hatsuharu has always been so calm, but there is always something on someone's mind, so maybe I just have to wait, and I hope that he will open up to me, and we'll be even closer… I love making new friends," Tohru's thoughts whizzed through her head.

"How has… Yuki been?" Hatsuharu asked.

Tohru seemed startled. "Yuki… well, we recently harvested…the summer vegetables…and fruits… although he has been very quiet lately," Tohru explained.

"I see," Hatsuharu said thoughtfully.

"Hatsuharu… what…are you thinking about?" Tohru asked.

Hatsuharu looked at her.

Tohru waved her arms in front of her. "No, no, no! It's okay! I'm sorry if I've imposed or made you feel uncomfortable!" she said panicked.

"No… It's just… I haven't seen too much of Yuki lately…and I haven't heard from him much at all," Hatsuharu told her.

"Oh… He's been very busy with Student Council meetings," Tohru explained for Yuki.

"Ah…" Hatsuharu accepted the reason, not that he would object.

"Here it is!" he said, cheerfully pointing to a large building.

Tohru gasped looking up at it. "I have always… wanted to come here!" Tohru said excitedly.

"We can shop for lots of things!" Momiji exclaimed.

Tohru nodded. "Yeah!" she said cheerfully.

Momiji pulled Tohru along, running towards the store as Hatsuharu followed behind them, walking.

Tohru was pulled down pebble creek steps to a lowered ground which was also pebble creek, there were gardens surrounding the area and a small path walking into the two tinted sliding doors that led into the large shop.

"Come on Haru!" Momiji called out as he looked over his shoulder at the slow teen taking his time, just now reaching the bottom of the stairs.

Tohru turned and smiled at him.

The slow teen finally caught up as they all entered; a wave of cooling air washing over them.

The trio looked around as the two doors automatically closed.

"Better in here," Hatsuharu commented on the cool environment.

"Yes, the summer is quite hot… but it's a fun time to go swimming," Tohru said, smiling.

"That's why we're here!" Momiji cheered.

"Is there a pool here?" Hatsuharu asked, looking at Momiji.

"No, so I can swim tomorrow, you see," he said with a grin.

Hatsuharu nodded slowly and looked around, "Huge."

"Come on Tohru! This way!" Momiji called out, running ahead.

"M-Momiji!" Tohru called out running after him leaving Hatsuharu looking around.

Tohru caught up to the small blonde teen.

"Momiji… Please don't run off like that… it scared me… I mean… what if I lost you; you could get hurt and-" Tohru began panicking.

"I'm sorry, Tohru, I just saw the shop that Haru bought his from," Momiji said, pointing towards a surf shop; they had chains, board shorts, skateboards, surfboards; even some clothes that Tohru noticed that Hatsuharu had worn.

"Wow, Hatsuharu, do you shop there?" Tohru said, turning to look around. She ended u p staring blankly at the huge crowd of people.

"Haru?" Momiji called out.

"Oh no! Hatsuharu is missing!" Tohru began to worry again.

"Don't worry, Tohru, Haru can take care of himself; he trained with Yuki, Kyo and Kagura," Momiji said with a smile.

"But… Momiji, the longer we leave it that harder it will be to find him," Tohru replied. "And if I recall right, Yuki said he has a terrible sense of direction," she finished.

Momiji nodded. "Your right, Tohru! Let's find Haru!" he exclaimed, far too happy for the tense situation in Tohru's mind.

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