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Chapter 3: Decision of Swimsuits
So Mum, our journey to find Hatsuharu continues. It worries me but… Momiji is so positive, it is really helpful to have him here. But I can't help but feel guilty about Hatsuharu being lost. I shouldn't have run off…

"This boy" Tohru said pointing to the picture as the man shook his head.

Many attempts flashed by as the shop was around closing time.

Momiji and Tohru were sitting on a seat on the first floor.

Tohru sat her bangs from her hair covering her face.

"Tohru?" Momiji asked looking to her.

"Hatsuharu is missing..." She said looking at Momiji with tears in her eyes.

Momiji grinned. "But Tohru, he has to be in ere, and if not… he might be outside just waiting for us!" Momiji said cheerfully.

Tohru nodded and jumped up; her fist clenched with determination. "Let's check outside then!" She said cheerfully.

Momiji nodded with a grin on his face.

The two walked for the exit and saw a flash of white and black.

"Hatsuharu!" Tohru squealed as she turned quickly.

She saw the fifteen year old looking at a jacket in the shop he had been in all this time.

He nodded and picked it up and bought the items he had been holding.

He walked out of it putting the chain on.

"Hatsuharu!" Tohru said with excitement as she ran over to him. "I thought… I had lost you…" She said softly.

Momiji jumped into the air hugging Hatsuharu.
Hatsuharu looked to Momiji his bored expression seemingly painted onto his face as he looked at him.

Tohru stared at Hatsuharu. "Hatsuharu, are you okay, I mean nothing bad happened?" Tohru asked worryingly.

He shook his head. "I'm fine, I was just in there" He said pointing at a wrong shop, he slowly turned around then located the shop he was in then pointed to it.

"…I'm so relieved…" Tohru said softly.

Momiji grabbed Tohru's hand again and pulled Hatsuharu along by his black shirt.
"Back in we go!" Momiji cheered.

Mum! I'm so relieved. We recovered Hatsuharu safe and well. He bought a few new things as well and he seems… as he always is. So something good has come out of it, and I'm glad he didn't worry himself, although he doesn't seem like the type of person to worry himself too much.

Momiji stood looking at the variations of swimsuits.

"Tohru, what colour do you think will suit me best?" Momiji said looking at Tohru his bright eyes shining on her.

Tohru looked at Momiji. "I think you can suit many colours, Momiji. Anything bright" Tohru said with a smile.

Momiji cheered. "That means I have more choice!" He said with a grin.

Tohru smiled at him noticing him look at the many board shorts and slowly frown.

"What's the matter, Momiji?" Tohru asked.

Momiji looked at her. "There are no nice ones" He replied.

Tohru looked at him. "I'm sure you can find one that suits you" She replied looking at him.

Momiji nodded and looked around. "I found them!" He yelled cheerfully running away from Tohru.

Tohru followed glancing back to make sure Hatsuharu was still in the shop; she walked up to Momiji and saw him looking at one piece swimmers. They were short pants connected to a short sleeved t-shirt.

Momiji looked through the swimmers excitedly picking out many that he liked handing them to Tohru for them to pass the final choice, He finished his skimming then decided to compare all his favourites and choose which he thought was the best.

Momiji put back one that had a Mango on it; it was mostly black with the orange, red mango on the front. Momiji put them back one by one till he was left with two.

One had a rabbit on the front of it, a little life ring around its belly and the other one had, blue bubbles floating around the creature on the black background.

The other had red outline of flower pedals and a yellow core of the flower. There were a few of the flowers over the swimsuit itself.

Momiji smiled at Tohru. "Tohru, you choose for me!" He said with a smile.

Tohru shook her head. "It should be your choice, after all it would be too much of me to force a swimsuit onto you for as long till you get a new one and it was already too nice of you to offer me to come out with you and --" Tohru began until interrupted by Momijo.

"No trouble at all! I want you to choose, that's why you were invited especially Tohru!" Momiji said cheerfully.

Tohru smiled. "I think this one would look best on you, Momiji" She said smiling pointing to the one with the rabbit.

Momiji laughed then ran up to Tohru stretching on his tippy-toes and whispered into her ear. "I would have chosen that one for me too" He said and skipped towards the counter, Momiji looked at the counter then walked back. "Tohru, I just wanna see something first…" He said with a grin.

"Oh, what is it?" Tohru asked politely.

"I wanna try it on!" Momiji replied happily.

Tohru nodded. "Offcourse! It'll look great on you, Momiji" She said smiling.

"Thanks, Tohru" Momiji replied then something caught his eye from outside the store. "Tohru…" Momiji said softly then pulling out money from his pocket. "Could you go buy Haru and me a lassi" He said pointing to an Indian Shop. "And you one too" He added.

Tohru nodded. "I will pay for you both" She said smiling.

Momiji nodded. "Yay! Well! See ya when you get back! And I'll keep an eye on Haru!" He said running towards the change rooms pulling Hatsuharu with him.

Momiji changed as Hatsuharu waited outside the change room.

"Haru…" Momiji said from behind the curtain.
"Mmm?" Hatsuharu replied in his version of yeah? Or what?

"We have to buy Tohru something for being so nice" Momiji explained as he came out in his new swimmers he was about to buy.

"Do I look good, do I? Do I?" Momiji asked persistently.

Hatsuharu nodded. "Yeah" He said simply.

"Yay!" Momiji cheered. "Now let's find Tohru something and give it to her as a surprise!" He said with a smile on his face.

Hatsuharu nodded. "What do you have in mind?" He asked.

"Something bright and pink!" Momiji replied.

Hatsuharu nodded.

"Pink suits Tohru" Momiji said with a smile.

"Yeah" Hatsuharu replied.
The two walked around through the store.

Tohru walked back to Momiji.

"Momiji, there are three flavours; Plain, Rose or Mango. Which would you prefer?" Tohru asked him then glancing around to find Hatsuharu to ask him also.

"Rose!" He replied with a grin.

Tohru nodded smiling. "I'll just go ask Hatsuharu and then I'll get them" She said smiling.

"Thank you so much, Tohru!" Momiji replied. "So… Do I look good? Do I? Do I, Tohru?" He said clearly very excited.

"Ofcourse you do, Momiji!" Tohru replied just as excited. "You look so cute!" She said with a grin.

"Yay!" Momiji cheered. "I'm gonna change out and pay for it now" He said running off towards the change rooms again.

Tohru walked over to Hatsuharu who was looking at a few pink bracelets.
"Um, Hatsuharu?" Tohru asked politely Hatsuharu turning around to look at her.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Momiji asked me to go get you two a lassi, Momiji and I are both getting rose flavoured, it is a type of Indian sweet drink; I was wondering what flavour you would like, there is Rose, Mango and Plain, so which flavour do you wish for?"
Hatsuharu stood quietly for a moment. "Mango" He replied.

"Okay, I'll bring it to you and Momiji in a moment" Tohru said with a smile and turned.

"I'll help" Hatsuharu said walking with her.

"Oh no, I can handle it, its okay Hatsuharu" She said looking back at him.

Hatsuharu shook his head. "You only have two hands for three drinks… I'll help" He said with a slight smile.

"I will be fine, Hatsuharu. Thank you for caring. Please just wait one moment" Tohru said hurrying off to get in the small queue. The food court was upstairs and that's where the main store was thus why it was a small queue.

"I would like two rose lassis, and one mango lassi, Please" Tohru asked politely.

The lady quickly grabbed the order of sweet drinks and handed it to Tohru.

"Here" Tohru said handing the right amount of money.

"Thank you very much" Tohru said clumsily trying to hold the three, one in each hand, the last one being held up by the two others she was pushing together to hope there was enough grip to hold it.

Tohru turned around to run straight into Hatsuharu's chest.

"Oh, oh, oh" Tohru squealed as the drinks began to shake and she fall with them.

Tohru felt an arm catch her and pull her up.

Hatsuharu tried to catch the three drinks but missed one which Tohru quickly caught after recovering from the dilemma.

"…I'm so sorry" Tohru said softly as Hatsuharu stepped back before they were basically hugging.

Hatsuharu looked at his drink which was the one she caught.

"Oh, Here" Tohru said smiling as the two swapped their drinks.

"Thank you so much for all your help, Hatsuharu" She said looking at him.

Hatsuharu smiled. "Its okay, Yuki did mention you were a little clumsy" Hatsuharu said walking ahead of her.

"Clumsy?" Tohru asked quite clueless.

Tohru held the two rose lassis in her hand and walked quickly to catch up to Hatsuharu who took a sip.
"How does it taste?" She asked.

"It's really sweet… it's nice, Thanks Tohru" Hatsuharu smiled.

"Oh no, I'm not the one you should thank, you should thank yourself. I mean; without you the floor over there would be sticky with the scent of rose and mango" Tohru said quickly.

Hatsuharu smiled. "Want to try it?" He asked putting forward his drink.

"Oh no, That is yours and after all, a lot of germs travel through saliva not that I'm saying your dirty or unhygienic, actually you are very hygienic, not that I care about peoples hygiene, I mean benefit of the doubt mum always said and --" Tohru burst out quickly.

"It's okay" Hatsuharu said trying to calm her down. "How's the rose one taste?" He asked.

"I haven't tried mine yet" Tohru replied.

He just stared at her waiting for her to try, she took a sip then a smile came to her face.

"It's delicious!" She said cheerfully.

"Tohru!" Momiji called out waving as he ran from the shop.

"Here Momiji, it's very sweet" Tohru said smiling giving him the one she hadn't sipped.

Momiji sipped his then grinned. "It's yum!" He cheered.

Tohru nodded. "It is delicious" She said again.

"Best get back to the Main House then, Momiji" Hatsuharu looked at Momiji.

"We have to walk Tohru home first!" Momiji said cheerfully.

Hatsuharu nodded. "Yeah, I know." He replied.

"You two can go straight home, I'll be fine!" Tohru said smiling. "I wouldn't want you to be late and it's not dark" She continued.

"Its okay, Tohru. I want to walk you and I'm sure Haru does too" Momiji said smiling.

Hatsuharu looked at Tohru. "Come on, then" He said.

Tohru nodded and sped up to walk with them, Momiji as usual grabbing her hand then telling her a story about what happened in school one day that he hadn't yet told her about.

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