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The platform on which the female now stood was decorated with candles and the Los Illuminados insignia. She shivered, and glanced around at all of the zealots surrounding her. My master stood on the top step, and addressed us, excited about the ceremony that was soon to start.

"My friends. The time has come to welcome a new member to our community. Our lord's brilliant plan is now being realised!"

The zealots cheered and hugged each other, until my master held his hand up for silence.

"But we must press on, friends. Time is of the essence, and that tedious agent is here. So, let the ritual begin."

The monks immediately formed a circle around the girl, and began to chant. The giant plant-like Plaga that was merged onto the back wall quivered and thick ropey vines reached over towards us. The girl screamed as they wound around her body and lifted her into the air. She struggled pointlessly, and the Plaga opened its large flower like structure, eager to envelope her. She screamed again, but was thankfully cut off as the Plaga closed around her.

The monks' chanting rose in volume and we all watched impatiently as the Plaga made the parasite in the girl stronger and more enhanced. There was sudden silence for a minute, then the Plaga shuddered, and spat the girl back onto the platform. She stirred weakly in a pool of strange fluid, and two zealots rushed forward to support her.

The girl's eyes flickered open, and there were roars of approval as two red irises stared into the crowd. The monks bowed their heads in respect to the giant Plaga, and muttered "Morir es vivir" in admiration. My master stepped back onto the platform, and ordered the two monks carrying the girl to take her to the island.

"Now that the girl has been joined with us, we must take care of this American. So, let's all go and greet him, hmm?"

The monks chuckled knowingly, and flowed out of the large room. Soon, it was just me and my master. He grinned up at me, his expression one of excitement.

"Very soon we shall know true power, my friend."

I turned to him and silently agreed, although not really understanding what he meant.

Cries and groans reached us through the gateway, an ominous sign that everything was not going well for the unfortunate monks below.

My master's face darkened and he muttered to himself irately as he turned to the giant Plaga behind us.

"He murdered Bitores. He killed him in cold blood like the coward that he is-"

Sounds of gunfire, of running and shouting. A loud band echoed around the chamber, and something wet hit the floor.

"-and now he shall pay."

More footsteps, this time hurrying across the planks of the walkway. Voices were barely audible, the harsh one of the merchant contrasting with the smoother voice of the human. In a few minutes, the human was done, and rushed down the hallway towards us.

My master looked round as if just noticing the agent's presence.

"Ah, Mister Kennedy. I'm afraid the ritual is over, and you've just missed your little friend. But don't worry; she'll be quite safe on the island, in the hands of our Lord." My master smirked as he nodded at the confused agent.

"What island? What are you talking about?"

My master simply gave him a patronizing smile, and walked up to the alter, gazing with anticipation at the giant Plaga.

"I think it's time I congratulated you on your most formidable yet impressive and stubborn will. Mister Kennedy…welcome!"

As he was talking, the tendrils burst forth from the Plaga once more, and wrapped around his arms and torso. I turned to watch, but found that my arms were bound to my sides by a sneaky vine. I looked down at it, unable to flex my claws to cut it off. I didn't enjoy the feeling of betrayal that was creeping upon me, and I shrieked as we were taken into the Plaga.

This wasn't part of the deal…

I could feel my limbs being quickly, but painlessly ripped off. My body spread out, merging with my master's and the giant Plagas. There was a sudden jolt, and at that moment I could feel everything. Everything that my master felt, his excitement, his confidence. He was exhilarated at serving our Lord in this way and he was also seeking vengeance for Mendez. My head grew, and shot out of the Plaga in a surge of liquid. The alter was smashed, but I supposed it made little difference now.

I focused my new eye on the agent, and let out a snarl. The iron bars blocked his exit, but he still had witty and unnecessary comment to make.

"Monsters. Guess after this there'll be one less to worry about."

You're right, American. There will be one less to worry about. You.

"I want you to suffer just like Ashley will…" My master taunted. The human ignored me as I reared my head to strike him, and instead shot at the shield protecting my master. He stopped when he realised how foolish that was, and ducked in time as one of our tentacles protruding from the wall swiped at him. He angrily shot at it as he stood, causing it to retract back into the wall. It was full of bullets, and would take a moment to heal.

Unfortunately, once the human had realised that our vine wasn't coming back for another counter-attack, he fired at the other one, meaning that we had to withdraw it as well. I sensed my master sneer, slightly disgusted at our discovered weakness.

The human watched me closely, and I smashed my head into the place where he had been a split-second before. I shrieked furiously; why could he not stay still for a few seconds?

I felt my master creating a plan, and lowered my head beneath the platform the human was stood on. My master's shell opened, and he was visible to the human for a brief moment. The human aimed carefully at my master's exposed body, and my head came up, jaws opening wide, ready to trap him in a cage of teeth and blood.

The human ran to the side, and we missed him by inches. Our now-healed tentacle burst back out of the wall and wrapped around the struggling agent. He moaned as we squeezed tight, blood appearing at the side of his mouth. The Plaga scuttling around the lower level gathered under the human, each one trying to leap at him. One managed to get high enough to latch onto his leg, and he yelled with pain. Dropping him to the floor, we watched as the smaller Plaga converged on him.

Their spindly multiple legs were wickedly sharp, and jabbed into the human repeatedly as he tried to beat them away. He changed his gun for a faster, but less powerful one, and cut the Plaga down. He stood, spraying himself with a healing-aid. Furious, we smashed a vine into the floor, trying to catch him off guard. Chunks of rock flew into the air, but when the dust settled, no crushed human lay broken in a pool of blood.

He was swarming up a ladder, and stood boldly in front of us, gun raised. I lunged for him, but pulled up short with an eyeful of lead. I screeched, shaking my head from side to side while the human continually fired at me. More sharp white-hot bullets dug into me, and I ducked my head down for a blissful rest. My master had lowered his shield, orange eyes glinting lividly at the cocky human.

Through my master's eyes, I saw the human equip another gun, which he shouldered, and then aimed at my master. A faster, bigger bullet hit my master with destructive impact, and then another one followed. I felt my master's fury, and quickly raised my head up, staring at the human who had another gun aimed at me. This gun had high firepower at close quarters, and I was blasted over and over again. We swung at him again, but he effortlessly dodged.

Another round of bullets hit my eye, and once more, I had to bow my head to relieve myself of them. The protective shell lowered again, but the human was ready. A massive weapon was perched on his shoulder, and the human smirked as he aimed for my master's pale body.

Through my own eyes, I could see the little Plaga that the human had shot at before; some were twitching, half their bodies blown away, and some were missing legs. For the first time, I was frightened.

The missile hit my master a split-second after it was fired. I could hear his shrieks, echoing discordantly with my own, and felt the pain spread like poison. Everything felt like it was burning, and yellow liquid dripped from my ruined eye. With a last attempt to thwart the human, I swung my head up, and then brought it down as fast as I could onto the platform. The soft skin on the rest of my face was ripped apart, and my jaw was smashed. My head rested on the ruined platform, and I could hear my laboured breathing through giant, decaying lungs. My master was already dead.

Everything is so quiet now, so very quiet. I am clinging on to the spark I have left, but even that is fading fast. I can feel my lungs cave in, my breath halting as our heartbeat falters. My Lord…forgive me…



I felt my master creating a plan, and lowered my head beneath the platform the human was stood on. My master's shell opened, and he was visible to the human for a brief moment. The human aimed carefully at my master's exposed body, and my head came up, jaws opening wide, ready to trap him in a cage of teeth and blood.

I heard my master cry out in triumph as the human gaped stupidly at me, too foolish to evade my attack.

"For Bitores!"

My teeth smashed through soft flesh and brittle bones. The human's body was so squashy, so easy to destroy, and I took pleasure in doing just that. The human screamed as my teeth closed around him, but that was soon reduced to a splutter as his ribs caved effortlessly.

I threw him to the floor, spraying blood over the cold stone. My master looked over the scene with approval, taking delight in the mangled corpse that was once causing us so much trouble.

"For Bitores…"

It was over so fast, and all we could do for a few moments, was gaze around, still lost in the bloodlust. Our attention was draw to the receding spikes at the entrance, and in stepped an old man in a purple robe. Our lord.

His yellow eyes stared with disgust at the dead agent on the floor, but it was not from the manner in which we had killed him. We watched as he nudged the body with his foot, examining the ripped white skin and dead eyes.

Finally, he looked over to us. He walked to the end of the platform, footsteps loud in the otherwise silent chamber.

"Well done…"