They were here to celebrate Sam and Pete's Engagement as well as Sam's going away party. That's right Sam Carter was leaving the SGC. Pete had asked her to quit the SGC and teach at the local University so they could start a family and that their children would have there mom around.

Their engagement party wasn't suppose to be for another couple of weeks but as Sam's last day was today they combined to two and held it at a local hall. Sam and Pete were doing the rounds and making sure they talked to everyone there. Pete's friends and co-workers were on one side of the hall and the SGC staff were on the other.

There were a lot of people from the SGC there to wish Sam all the best. But most of all they didn't want to miss anything, they were hoping the General would stop her. With all the betting pools on Jack and Sam a lot of people are going to be out of pocket if Sam married Pete.

They were all watching him, making sure he didn't do anything stupid. Janet, Daniel and Teal'c all had been witness to the big fight between Colonel Carter and General O'Neill. Daniel had forced Jack to come even though Sam and Jack weren't even talking to one another. Jack had tried to get her to stay at the SGC but she wouldn't change her mind she was leaving and that was final. With Jack getting frustrated it turned into a full yelling match with some very nasty and hurtful things said. They hadn't spoken since then, that was three weeks ago.

"Jack she leave's tomorrow are you going to talk to her?" Daniel started

"Daniel," Jack gave a warning.

As Jack replied his cell phone started to ring. Looking at the caller i.d., he headed for the door. Janet looked at Daniel

"Stay out of it Daniel, you will only get him angry at you," Janet warned.

"But Janet they were so close and over the last year they have drifted apart, now they aren't even talking,"

"I know but he tried to get her to stay, but she doesn't want to."

"See, I don't get that either, she is the SGC, and she's finally the CO of SG-1 why now?" Daniel asked, not understanding her reasons. She was leaving her family, their family SG-1.

Jack came back in and walked past them heading straight for Sam and Pete.


"Sir?" Sam turned not really knowing what to say, the last time they spoke it turned into a yelling match.

"Pete congratulations again," Jack started.

"Thank you General," Pete said smugly.

"Carter, good luck with whatever you do," Jack was in General mode, no emotion at all that worried Sam, they had been friends and more for a long time now he gave her the cold shoulder.

"Ah thank you sir. Are you leaving already I haven't had a chance to come over and talk to you all?"

"Well duty calls so I have to go, night Carter," with that Jack walked back to the others. Sam started to follow the General after excusing herself from her fiancé.

"Jack what's going on?" Daniel questioned.

"I've been called in, so have you doc."

"Do we know what's happening?" Janet asked so she could start to prepare.

"Someone is knocking at the front door, not to sure who yet." Jack said as Sam joined them.

"What's going on?" Sam asked out of habit.

Jack looked down at his feet then turned to look Sam in the face. "Sorry Carter but as of 1700 hours today you no longer have the clearance."

Everyone was stunned at Jack's comment.

"Jack she created the dialing program!" Daniel argued.

"Daniel this hasn't come from me, it was higher up, way up," Jack stated hoping everyone understood that he was following orders.

"That's okay sir, I'll leave you to discuss what ever it is," Sam said sadly turned and headed back to Pete.

"I think I better go, see you at the base later?" He questioned.

"Yeah we will just say goodbye and be right behind you," Daniel stated for everyone.

With that Jack left the party, glad to be out of there but sad because he and Sam still weren't talking. He still was very angry, really angry that this guy could make Sam give up something that she loved so much. If he was honest to himself it probably is more to the fact that Sam gave up the SGC so easily for Pete the slim ball but didn't for Jack when they were suppose to be that much in love.

Jack had to focus. Someone kept tiring to send a message but the transmission was interrupted so they only had part of the message.

Everyone had arrived from the party and was seated around the briefing room table.

"Ok people this is what we have. Someone is sending us a message but it keeps getting cut off. So all we have is this."

"A Tok'ra operative has been captured!"

"We don't know who or where they are but we are waiting for another message to come through. Doc, I want you to get SG-1, 3 and 9 ready to go off world."

As Jack was giving the final orders the gate started to activate. They all headed to the control room.

"Sir it's Tok'ra IDC."

"Open her up Walter," Jack ordered.

Jacob walked down the ramp as Jack and the rest all entered the gate-room.

"Jacob what a surprise, great to see you," Jack greeted.


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