In a strange sort of way he misses it. Which is completely absurd since one shouldn't really miss it. Roy is almost certain that he shouldn't miss it but he does.

In an odd way he misses Full Metal and everything that make him who he is. Especially the automail because Full Metal can't be Full Metal without his automail. After all that was the main reason his second name was Full Metal.

He misses the chill of the automail.

Edward's automail was never warm, in fact it was practically the same temperature year round. Except in the winter months, Roy imagined the automail got quite cold then.

Perhaps he had been slightly spoiled but he was used to having the automail pressed against him. It should have bothered him but he felt this odd sense of yearning. Yearning to have Full Metal's automail pressed against him. Perhaps it was because he knew if the automail was there, then Edward would be there too and perhaps he knew subconsciously that there would be a time where Edward would not be here with him.