Phoe: Now for the 'grand-daddy' of them all… This one has a story behind it… OMG! We didn't tell any of the story behind it! So Vis and I were going to some volunteer thing for school and we were on a bus on seat 17. They were playing Christmas music. For fun, we decided to make up parody lyrics for some songs… yees… so now we have the previous songs… this upcoming song was made the following day. I had "Carol of the Bells" stuck in my head and I told Vis to make lyrics up to that one. It was mainly her, but I did help out.

Vis: Megan also gets credit for help in this song.

Phoe: Yees, a bunch of people should. Mainly it was Vis… followed by me… then Megan… is that all?

Vis: I think so… but don't be so modest, Phoe.

Disclaimer: - still the same –

Carol of the Prophecy (Carol of the Bells)

Everyone fear/ The Dark Lord is here/ Death to the dear/ The end now is near

(repeat higher)

Twinkling in the sky/ is the Dark Mark/ Glittering for/ all eyes to see

Everybody run away and cower/ Everybody run away and cower!

Salvation has come/ From one oh so young/ Death in his eyes/ The Dark Lord's demise

(repeat higher)

Celebrating in the streets/ Everybody thinks/ The Dark Lord's/ Gone for all time

"Have a happy, happy Halloween/ Have a happy, happy Halloween!"

Yet in the dark/ a shadow still stirs/ the Dark Lord still lives/

(slowly) The Dark Lord stirs

Thirteen years pass/ Time flies so fast/ the Dark Lord awakes/ His soul he will break

(repeat higher)

The Dark Mark will shine again/ and death will fly the streets on/ Black shadowed wings

Everybody run away and cower/ Everybody run away and cower!

Prophecy made/ Hope slowly fades/ one stands apart/ bearing the mark

(repeat higher)

Shunned and despised/ His past always haunting/ Green eyes filled with/ Hatred and rage

Green and scarlet surely clash again/ Green and scarlet surely clash again!

The ending now nears/ the prophecy's here/ hearts full of fear/ eyes filled with tears

Together we stand/ as one we will fight/ fighting the dark and shadow-filled

(slowly and long) night.

A/N: Well… that's all for now, everyone… hopefully we'll get a new song posted up soon

Phoe: Until then… everybody run away and COWER! Everybody run away and COWER!

Vis: from my vicious monkeys

Phoe: And purple rats… don't forget about them…

Vis: Yes yes...we could nevere forget preciouses... -strokes- REVIEW PEOPLE!