Hiding The Scars

based on the character Dallas Winston

from S.E. Hinton's "The Outsiders"

When I was ten years old,

I went to jail

I grew up in a jail cell, that was dirty and cold

I changed in those years, and not in a good way

I hated everyone, and forgot

How to love or care

I only fought

People looked at me strangely

As they feared me

I didn't do anything to them

They didn't see

The good inside

So I only showed the bad

Instead of any good

I only had

A few friends left

But I went home to a place where I made friends

They feared me

I wish that fear would end

I'm not that bad

Not as bad as people think

Though I'm a rough hood

Who likes to drink

It's just my way

Of hiding the scars

The scars that I got

From years behind bars

It was there that I forgot how to feel

So why am I feeling so hated?

I just want to be loved

Not exiled and jaded

But that will never happen

It will never be

Because I'm tough and mean because of experiences

And who that is is me