Disclaimer: I do not own any of the WWE superstars and this is purely a work of fiction meant for entertainment purposes.

Summary: It is three years after they pledged their love to one another. Trish is pregnant with their second child..when disaster takes place. Can their love withstand this much pain?

Additional Information: Book 5 in the Love United Series..I deleted the other one off the service because of lack of ideas. With this book I plan to reopen the love Series and get back to what matters, true love.

A/N: Having tons of ideas never seems to be a problem for me, but following through with them does, so people that still love my writing, I am going back to basics here and getting into what I am best at. Let me know what you think and I promise to keep this one going as long as I can.

How was she going to break the news to her husband? Sure he loved her, and their love could get them through anything, but was he really ready for another child? Especially when their careers were as hot as they were at that moment?

They had talked about having another child, both of them agreeing that when they did, they would both take time off from the business, but with Shawn going up for another title contention, was he ready to do just that?

"Trish, are you even listening?" the voice broke through, bringing her back to the dinner table where she belonged. Was this the right time to bring it up?

"Yeah baby, you know I am."

Shawn looked at her, the puzzling look deepening on his face, and with the crunch of the eyebrows, he asked the question that gave her the opening she so desperately needed.

"So where were you just now?"

Waiting a beat before starting, she looked her husband of three years in the eye. They had been through so much already. When she had been almost killed in the accident three years ago, and Shawn had been the one to break through and bring her back, well she just knew they could brave anything that came their way..even this.

"Shawn, I dont know how to tell you this but--

He interrupted her before she could go on, thus giving her more time to really think through what this baby meant to them now.

"Are you leaving me?"

Trish looked him in the eye and almost felt like crying. It was true that he needed reassurance alot that she wasnt going to go anywhere, but could he really believe that she would break his heart while they sat there having a family dinner?

"No Shawn, I'm not leaving you. The truth is, I'm pregnant."

His jaw hit the table with such force it almost knocked her out of her seat but she kept her cool. She had seen this coming. It wasnt the right time and he was about to tell her so. The only issue was, what was she going to do about it when she didnt believe in abortion?

"You want to tell me that again because I am not sure I heard you right...Did you just tell me that instead of leaving me, you are going to have another child?"

Not trusting herself to speak, she just nodded, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Shawn jumped from his seat and gently pulled her out of hers embracing her in what felt like the world's biggest hug. Once the fear wore off, Trish realized that it didnt matter that his career was going high right now, because at that moment she had given him the news he wanted more.

"I didn't know how you were going to take it, me telling you this right when you are up for the title again. I know how much you want to be a champion again."

He didnt give her any more chances to question how he felt as he dipped her down and brought his lips to hers in the most romantic of kisses.

"This baby means more then anything to me, even the title. And so do you."

"I have to say this and you know I do. That guy is such a sucker man. I thought wrestling was his world."

Stacy looked up from what she was watching below and smiled. She knew something that obviously Matt didn't know. True love mattered more to most people then even the WWE title did. But she resisted the urge to tell him that again, seeing it as a mute point.

"Oh leave the two of them alone Matt. You are just pissed because Chris is still with Amy and you wish you were the one with her."

Matt scowled and walked away from the edge of the heavenly cloud. Little did his brother know that he had his sights set on someone new. He just knew that as an Angel, there was nothing he could do about it unless he was granted entry to earth again.

Stacy started talking again, and although she wished she was with Paul, Jeff knew that her faith in love was still as strong as ever.

"I happen to think that having another baby is one of the best things that could happen to those two. Can you believe that Trish actually fell in love with him when she was in her coma and he didn't even realize it until the end? That is real romance and you both know it."

Jeff nodded, the smile evident on his face. There was no other place that he would rather be at that moment then with his angel Stacy and his brother. He loved Beth with all his heart but given the option to do it all over again, he would have done the same thing.

"Why the scowl now Matt? Is there something happening that you haven't told us about?"

Matt looked at Stacy and she knew immediately that all things lovely were not in the plan for this family below them on Earth. But what that was, she had yet to find out.