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Summary: It is three years after they pledged their love to one another. Trish is pregnant with their second child..when disaster takes place. Can their love withstand this much pain?

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"Trish, I just can't believe that you hid this from me all these months!" Amy said hugging her friend as they stood behind the curtain watching their husbands wrestling one another. Amy had just had their first child so she understood just how much having this baby meant to Trish. She also knew how much having this be Shawn's last match for a few months meant as well, Chris had gone and done the same thing.

"I didn't mean to hide it from you, I just took time away from the business, gave away my title. I didn't think I would be back in this locker room for a long time. Besides, with your new baby taking up most of your time, when was I going to have time to talk to you?"

Amy laughing and again enveloped her best friend in a hug. They certainly had been through a lot in the last few years, and they had the scars to prove it. Amy had almost died for it. Thank goodness Chris had been there to save her life. Shawn had done the same for Trish and Amy had to wonder if she hadn't done the same for Shawn.

As the two women separated, Trish grabbed her stomach suddenly, feeling the sharpest pain she had ever felt in her life go through her body. Amy immediately saw the look of concern on her friends face, and grabbed her by the arm, leading her to the nearest seat in the back.

"What's going on Trish? Walk me through it so I can help you."

"Pain...I can't handle it." As she spoke the words, she looked down at her feet and noticed the blood trickling down. When she had gone through the birth of their first child, she had never felt anything like this and knew immediately that something was wrong. As suddenly as she saw the blood, she also saw the water flow to the floor.

"Amy, you have to get them to end the match, the baby is coming and it's coming now!"

Amy immediately left her friends side and went to find the nearest paramedic. It was well known that in the WWE they had the best on care staff that money could buy. Grabbing someone by the hand, she explained what was happening at the other end of the hall and the two of them went running back to Trish. When they reached her, they saw the pain etched in her face, and Amy noticed the fearful tears streaming down her friends cheeks.

"Don't worry Trish, we are going to get you through this."

As she nodded, she looked Amy in the eye and let the words seep out of her mouth. One's that put the fear of God into her heart. "It's too early Ames, I am only six months pregnant."

The referees came running to ring then, all heading for Shawn even though to the fans in the crowd there was no one injured and the match was being ended for some unknown reason.

They reached Shawn and immediately pulled him off Chris, telling him what was happening behind the scenes with his wife. He immediately did the only thing he could think of to make the match end, and he laid on the mat, waiting for Chris to pin him for the three count.

When the match ended, he made a beeline for the back, hoping all the while that there was nothing wrong with the baby or the wife he had come to care more about then his own life.

When he reached the back he saw that she was now being loaded into the ambulance. He immediately jumped aboard and knelt down by his wife as the paramedics worked on what seemed like a non stop flow of blood and amniotic fluid.

"Baby, I am here. What happened?"

Trish pointed to her stomach and immediately moaned in pain as they put her on the IV. "Something is wrong with the baby Shawn, he isn't supposed to be coming now."

Shawn held her hand as tightly as he could, but when she said the words, he didn't miss them. He had been on the road so much that it came as a shock that she knew the sex of the baby and hadn't told him. "He?"

"Yeah, I found out this morning at the doctor that it was a boy. I came here tonight to tell you the news but didn't have the chance."

"Don't worry baby, we are going to get to the hospital and find out everything is fine. He just wants to come a little bit early is all. Can't really blame him for wanting to make a fun entrance."

She passed out then, and as Shawn held her hand, he prayed with all his might to the mighty Lord above him that he wouldn't let anything happen to his little boy, and the mother that had wanted him more then anything.

"No Trish you can't do this!" he screamed, so loudly that in the process he allowed himself to wake up. He stared around the darkened room, knowing instantly that something was different. The room still held all of the pictures, and the flowers that his wife had loved so much. He could have sworn he had gone through the motions of getting rid of all of that after the funeral.

It was then that the form in the bed next to him stirred and when he looked down, he fell from the bed onto the floor in shock. Banging his tail bone as he hit the floor harder then he had expected.

"Why Shawn Michaels, if I didn't know any better I would say you look like you've seen a ghost." The woman said, bringing Shawn back to the figure in his bed and just what the hell was going on around him. Sure she belonged there but he was so sure that the dream he had just had had been real and she was indeed gone from his life. But here she was, live and in color.

He stood from the floor, rubbing his back methodically as he did, not taking his eyes off his wife for one second. Why did this feel so strange? She had been in his bed now for more then three years as his wife. So why was he having dreams that seemed that real? He thought for sure at the end of it he had lost his wife and his baby boy.

"Are you really here?" he choked out, knowing instantly by the look on her face that he was starting to worry her. Something like this had never happened to them before and now here he was acting like a crazy man.

"Of course I'm here Shawn. I have been home for two days now."

Where had the time gone? Two days and he was only now taking notice of her? Just who in their right mind when married to an angel did that?

"Two days?"

"Yes, I went and had our son remember? You were right the entire time he just wanted to come early and make an entrance. Just like his father." she paused then, a worried expression coming over her features. She was indeed concerned about him and she was trying to understand where to go next. "Shawn whats going on?"

He cuddled her into his arms on the bed and looked to the ceiling above him. He knew inside what had happened but his mind was not willing to believe it. He just knew that he had a lot of thanking to do when he got the chance and only hoped that what he was feeling in his heart at that moment was enough.

"Nothing is wrong but I think I have had the worst dream of my life. It's taken a little getting used to is all."

"What was it about?"

"I lost you and I lost our son and I had to do this all alone. Trish, just in case I never get another chance to tell you let me tell you now. The day we married, all of the stuff we went through in the past, well it means the world to me and I never want to live having to do it without you. So don't ever leave me because I promise you now and every day from now that I will never leave you."

The tear slipped down her cheeks and she slowly wiped it away, focusing all of her sight on her husband who was opening his soul up before her. He really had gone through a great deal with this dream and she wrapped her arms around him then, making him feel what she felt in her heart, the sense of home.

"I will never leave you."

"How did you come to figure this out Matt? How did you know just the right way to make everything right again?" Jeff asked as they all stood watching the love story keep unfolding below them. He had almost caused it not to happen and for that he would always feel pained. But in the end, she had won out and told him what he needed to hear and now things again were right with the world. Even if they weren't right in his heart. That would come with time.

"What better way to make it work out then to make it all seem like it never happened at all?" Matt asked as Stacy laughed beside him, her arms wrapped around the back of him. They had indeed figured it out in the last minutes of time they had before Jeff had almost been taken from them and he was glad for it.

Stacy had come through just as she said she would and now the time had come for her to make her own descent back to Earth and to her one true love, Paul Levesque. She could finally leave knowing that she had made things right again and that with Matt's help she would leave with a clear heart.

They had pulled it off magically. Sure Shawn knew that it wasn't just a dream and that his wife had died but he didn't know how they had brought her back to him, only that they had. Matt had figured out that if Shawn fell asleep, then he would assume all of what had happened was a dream when he woke and found his wife there and it had worked wonderfully.

It hadn't all been a dream and no one knew that better then the Angels in that moment but they all knew, all three of them, that they had done the right thing and Trish was finally where she needed to be and that was home with her husband, making a whole new life again.

Giving her son back to her had been another blessing. Surely to come back to her body and have to deal with that loss all over again would surely not have changed a thing, but at least this way, they had the baby, who was affectionately called Nero and he would forever be tied to the love of the Michaels family and that of the Angels in Heaven as well.

He was a child of God, sent by the angels to make the world right again and Matt only hoped that as he grew and became his own man, that he could watch over him as well and when the time came, tell him just where he had come from. A True place of love.

He walked away from the edge of the clouds then, a tear slipping down his cheeks. The time had come to say goodbye to Stacy and as he looked at her walked alongside him, he knew it was going to be one of the hardest things he had ever done.