A/N-Not really a cliche, just so damn funny (another clip of my genius) that I had to post it. Oh yeah...This stories are NOT beta-ed. So any mistakes are, yours truly. Um, in this one, it's actually supposed to be entitled

Yet Another Reason Why Severus Snape is a Git and Wants Harry Potter to Die (but of course, the damned thing won't fit, so for now its Poor, Poor Potter)

"What the hell are you looking at?' Severus Snape grumbled, holding the hideous sight by the diaper, not even noticing the stench.

'Goo-ah!' Baby Harry giggled happily, before proceeding to spit up all over Snape's brand new (not greasy, thank Merlin) Italian shoes.

'Damn you.' Severus sneered even more angrily.

Don't be such a Mr. Grumpy-Pants!

Severus held the baby even farther away from him.

'I'm not being a Mr. Grumpy-pants, you little shit.'

Uh-uh-uh, cursing Mr. Happeldey Bubblegum!

'I'm not Mr. Happeldey Bubblegum either. Frog-spawn.' Snape extended his arm as far as it could go. 'Why the bloody hell must I be forced, I Severus Snape, the Half-Blood Prince, to look after this god-awful baby? Oh why did James Potter save my life! Why, oh why must I be indebted to him! Kill me now!'


'Oh Shit.'

Severus looked at his hand in astonishment, a sadly torn baby diaper hanging from his finger.

So much for anyone's chance of breaking the Dark Lord.

'He fucked up my shoes. The bitch had to die.' Snape said adamantly, bracing himself for James' reaction.

He hoped he wouldn't get too mad.

Merlin knows he couldn't use another Cruciatus curse.

He might have to get a new pair of shoes.

And that would suck.