Title: Turning Points

Author: BatmanWolverine
Fandom(s): DC, JLU
Genre: Romance, Drama
Pairing/Characters: BMWW, Others (Including SMLL, HGGL, VXGL, FL)
Summary: Changes in a relationship. Old endings and new beginnings. (Summary may change)
Warnings (and Spoilers): Various JLA/JLU Episodes

Disclaimer: Don't own Batman, Wonder Woman or any Justice League Unlimited character. All owned and copy righted by DC.

01. The Date

Spoilers: Justice League Unlimited (S5, E4 - To Another Shore)

He should have seen it coming. He was supposed to be the world's best detective; he should have spotted it a mile away.

Alfred knew about it, and given his childlike burst…in his eyes at least, so did at least half of the league.

Her words still rang in his mind. The fact that they were playing in a loop on the bat-computer, did not help matters.

"King has asked me out for dinner."



He had been in the cave and just like always, he was monitoring the Watchtower monitoring system while carrying on his usual Gotham City duties.

A whistle and a comment from Green Arrow drew his attention to the screen.

"Looking good Diana. Another conference?" The Emerald Archer commented with his patent leer. Even though Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance, the Black Canary were officially a couple….even in the league, it didn't stop the blonde Casanova Queen from commenting on his teammates, his female teammates, or any female in general. That being said, he was faithful to Canary….for now.

"Not tonight Oliver," Diana smiled as she checked her knee length, spaghetti strapped white and blue dress; her jacket conveniently draped over one arm. "Tonight it's a private commitment, dinner and a movie."

"Dinner and a movie?" Flash piped up from the control console. Ever since J'onn had taken a leave of absence from the league, the other members, especially the executive council members, were pitching in to balance the workload. "Diana's got a date. With whom? Someone we knew?"

Flash hinted towards a name that none of them was ready to speak out aloud. For all they knew, he might be watching, which he was.

"No Flash, I don't think so," Diana made it a point to use her teammate's codenames, especially of those whose identity was still a secret, chief among them being Flash, Superman and of course, Batman. "Although, you might have heard of him. King Faraday."

"King Faraday, King Faraday," Flash ran through his internal roster within half a second. "No, nope, don't think so. Who is he?"

"Isn't that the guy from that boat saving mission we had, on the Artic or Antarctic or wherever," Green Arrow concluded correctly. "That secret agent."

"Yes," Diana nodded, plugging in her codes to check out from the tower. Ever since the CADMUS affair and the tower breaches, the security system had been overhauled, making it impossible for anyone to get on or off the tower without entering the proper access codes…both ways. "The same."

"You are going out with that guy," Flash exclaimed in surprise. 'Under Bats' nose,' he wanted to add, but remained silent…mostly for his own good. Hey, if it didn't work for them, even though he was rooting that it would, who was he to interfere.


Back in the cave,

Batman was shocked into silence at what he was observing on the view screen. He couldn't believe his eyes and ears. He knew that the possibility existed that Diana might move on, he knew that it could happen. What did he expect, that she would continue pining after him, a man who kept on pushing her away…..every time.

So, she was leaving him alone for good, and try her luck elsewhere. Wasn't that what he wanted? Wasn't that what he had trying to get her to do…all this time?

So why did it feel as if he had been shot through the heart and skewered at the same time…with a hot poker?

Pulling on his mask, he walked to the cave teleporter and brought up the watchtower co-ordinates. Seconds later, he entered the cylindrical tube and was turned into energy particles, which were then sent through space to the Justice League Watchtower, orbiting high above the earth.

Reaching the watchtower, he made his way to where he knew the others, namely Diana, Wally and Oliver were, the control room. He knew that he wouldn't have to give any reason for his sudden appearance, no one would dare ask him for a reason….no one except her, and she didn't care any longer…did she?


"So where are you…." Flash stopped mid-sentence at the dark shadow that appeared in the doorway. "Hey Batman's here!" His exclamation drawing the other's attention towards the Dark Knight, his grey and black clad body absolutely sculpture still, except for the gently billowing cape, which the artificially circulated air was waving at the edges.

Giving the room his usual once over, so as not to attract any undue attention, he walked to one of the control panels and began doing one of the many redundant checks he had built into the watchtower system for such a purpose. When people think that you are busy and not listening, they tend to say to do things that they normally wouldn't do….and that is the time when a good detective keeps his/her eyes and ears open, and who is a better detective than the Batman? No one.

His super-fast and therefore super-short attention having done with the Caped Crusader, resumed its focus on the out-of-uniform Wonder Woman. Except for her world famous face and the ever present bracelets adorning her wrists and forearms, Diana looked just like any other normal human woman, and not like an Amazon and probably the strongest woman on Earth.

"So, as I was asking," Flash rattled off again, slowing down when he noticed the way Diana's eyes bored into Batman's back. "Where are you guys going?" He ended a little louder than usual, drawing Diana's attention back to him. Looking around, he smirked. Green Arrow had slipped away. He and Batman, those two didn't fit too well. Maybe it was because they were too much like each other, yet different. Both were industrialist, although Wayne Enterprises and its subsidiaries were much larger than Queen Industries was, or maybe it was because both were human, or maybe because both were vigilantes in their cities…who knew.

"I don't know as yet," Diana managed a weak smile. "It's a surprise. King said," she deliberately took her date's name, hoping against hope that it would have some affect on Batman's stoic form, but to no avail. He stayed the way he was, his fingers just as nimble on the keyboard as they had been a second ago. "He said, its small place, nothing that would attract attention of the paparazzi."

"Hmm," Flash nodded in confirmation. Having a secret identity allowed him the luxury of moving around like a normal person, something that publicly open superheroes like Wonder Woman didn't have. "Good thinking."

"Well, when you want to find a way, you can," although Diana replied to Flash, her words were meant for the third entity in the room. "Especially for me."

"Yeah, I guess so," Flash nodded vigorously, slurping from the super-duper-extra-large Flash size pop he was gulping down. "That's why I keep a secret identity. Helps a lot in situations like these."

"Oh, that's not what I meant," Flash had unwittingly given Diana the perfect opportunity for her answer. "What I meant was, King is human, while me, I am from an island of immortal amazons."

"I get it now," another series of nods from the Speedster.

"Besides I am just thankful he was able to overcome any issues he might have had," that was another jab at the rich kid with issues comment from the Dark Knight. Batman remained silent. He knew that both previous answers had been for him, to show him that, if one…if he wanted he could have; no, not now…he could have had the same thing. Now, now, it was too late.

"Well I guess, I better get going," Diana stood up and straightened to her almost six feet height. "I don't want to be…." She stopped at the sudden movement from Batman's side. 'Say something Bruce,' she urged silently. 'Anything. Even your usual speech about dating will do.' She knew that she wouldn't stop tonight. She had made a commitment and was going to honor it….but just a few words, even a single word from the man now walking out the door would help…have helped. 'Just show me for once that you care,' she thought too late. Batman had already left the room.


"You better get going Di," Flash reminded her as he turned back to his monitor duty. "Don't want to keep your date waiting, do you?"

"No, I guess not," Diana smiled at the younger male, who over the last few years had become a sort of brother to her. "Goodnight Wally," as no one was within hearing distance, she used his real name.

"Goodnight Di," Flash smiled back at her, adding mischievous wink for encouragement. "Go paint the town red."

Shaking her head at the red comment, Diana started towards the teleporters, stopping short when she neared it. Standing not ten feet from her, manning the control panels was the last person she wanted to she right now….Batman. From the looks of it, he was running yet another set of tests on it.

"Are the teleporters working?" She didn't ask Batman but to the half scared technician standing next to him.

"Yes," the bespectacled man nodded vigorously, his mental status bordering on full freak mode at the presence of the two league giants. "Just running a few tests," he jerked his head towards the silently working Batman. "It will done soo….."

"Done," Batman ended that line of conversation. "Please step on it," he lifted a gloved hand, gesturing to Diana to climb onto the raised platform.

"New York city, Themiscyrian Embassy," Diana stated her destination, the embassy's coordinates already in the teleporter database.

Even though he showed no emotions, Diana knew that his lens-covered eyes were following her every move.

Stepping onto the platform, she turned around and looked straight ahead, her clenched jaw relaxing at the exact time the teleportation started, her ruby red lips uttering just one word.


This is a different (and longer) take on the 'To Another Shore' episode of JLU. The first one was a sort of a PWP oneshot between Bats' and Wondy, and was straightforward. This one is not going to be like that.

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