Seeing Red Part II: Consummation and Alliance

For Cassidy, the minutes following her last orgasm were somehow the most beautiful experience of sex. It was then urgency seamlessly melted into bliss. Her breathing finally slowed and deepened rather than wrenching out of her lungs, but her internal muscles were still spasming, her clitoris throbbing, and a deliciously relaxed warmth began to spread over her body, fed by endorphins. A few precious minutes of perfect languor and pleasure, before the pain from over-rough use of tender parts of her body began to be annoying, and the yearning to wash off the evidence of pleasure began to creep over her.

It was at the point at which is was natural to turn over and take your lover into your arms, share closeness without need, give silent thanks for shared joy. All of which was a little soppy for a certified Rocket bitch, but even a Rocket bitch is allowed a little drowsy sentimentality.

Cassidy raised herself a little on her elbow and looked at Jesse. The redhead was still breathing in choked gasps, cheeks suffused with blood, her breasts rising and falling dramatically enough to cause a last stubborn twinge of desire in the pit of Cassidy's stomach. Cassidy noticed with almost detached interest that her lovemaking had left cruel bruises on the other girl's flawless white skin. But then, she doubted she had been left unmarked herself. Neither of them had exactly been gentle...

Cassidy repressed a sigh and wondered why she couldn't just scoop her lover up and cuddle her. She had always been able to, in the dark glorious days before James and Team Rocket. Jesse had always been clinging and drowsy after sex, willing to share for a few beautiful minutes or hours a communion they never seemed to reach at other times. A few passing moments when they actually seemed like lovers, before both their guards snapped back up and they returned to point scoring and aggression-tinged lust. It was the only time Cassidy ever really felt secure that Jesse was hers. Jesse sleeping in her arms… The memory was sweet and sharp and tinged with pain. She wanted Jesse pliant and hers, for a few more hours.

Of course, the other woman on the bed was not Jesse.

Cassidy wondered when the doubts had become certain knowledge. Her mind had desperately screamed at her that this woman was Jesse, her Jesse. The finely sculpted body had been blissfully familiar to mouth and hands, had opened and responded in the familiar way burned on Cassidy's memory. She had screamed "Mine, Jesse!" as she climaxed, and the hard tinkle of laughter in response had been painfully familiar. When she drank from her body, the taste had been familiar, had been right...

But it wasn't Jesse.

Perhaps it had just been too easy. Once she had decided to play along, this girl had been accommodating and skilled enough, even passionate, and had thrown herself into the acts with commendable enthusiasm. But it had just been that... acts. The intensity Cassidy associated with Jesse had been missing.

With Jesse, every orgasm she had forced form the other girl had been a victory of sorts, every intimate act both tender and forceful, and Jesse had fought and loved back hard. Kisses had gashed war wounds as superficial and stinging much as those made by their fingernails. This girl... There had been frigidity behind her blue eyes that resisted thawing even as her body ran with hot honey. It had not, in some deep way, mattered. And Cassidy knew that even if Jesse loved James, everything she did with her one-time lover would still matter, for good or for evil.

And if it wasn't really Jesse... Jesse, whatever else she was or was not, was a fellow Team Rocket agent. Of course she had betrayed Cassidy to the cops, but then, Cassidy had tried on certain occasions to get Jesse arrested too. Such things were normal mild, almost-friendly intra-Rocket rivalries. Everyone knew Giovanni wouldn't really let you rot in prison, however much he might like to. But if this girl was a stranger…

All Cassidy's half-acknowledged fears about her partner rushed to the fore. This girl had poisoned her and tied her down and then fucked her while pretending to be someone else. Cassidy's active desire was irrelevant. This woman was a psycho. And Cassidy didn't know what had happened to Butch. Guilt, all the more excruciating because it was an emotion she was unused to, because a professional criminal wasn't meant to feel regret, gripped her.

She fought back sudden burning tears and asked, quietly, "Who are you?"

"Why, I thought you would never ask," the girl drawled, the tones she had used in their first drug-blurred conversation back in full melodic force. "Definitely improper behaviour, to make love to me without being formally introduced, although you guessed closely enough. My name is Jessibelle." She spoke her name as if she was declaring a title.

Cassidy choked on hysterical laughter through her tears. "You're kidding. Jessica and Jessibelle. That's just too sickeningly adorable... What, did you and Jesse have particularly sadistic parents?"

The lovely face beside her darkened and twisted with fury, a paler reflection of Jesse's notorious temper. "I am not that little slut's sister!"

"Of course you're not. No one would ever think such a thing of you," Cassidy soothed, still trying not to laugh. "Who exactly are you, then?"

The girl smirked, in a very Jesse-like fashion. They must be sisters, whatever she claimed.. "I told you. James' fiancée."

Cassidy shook her golden head. This was all becoming far too much to deal with. "James is engaged to a girl that looks just like his beloved Jesse?" The words, even though meant sarcastically, hurt as they left her lips. Better a Jesse clone than Jesse, of course.

"The resemblance escapes me," Jessibelle said coldly. She sat up on the bed and primly crossed her beautiful ankles. She managed somehow, despite her disarrayed hair, her nudity and the bruises on her hips and breasts, to look like a little porcelain doll, cool and pure. Jesse had the same ability to maintain dignity and beauty in the most undignified of situations. "However," the redhead continued, "from the fact that you mistook me for Jesse, and the way you… responded… I gather you have your own reasons to dislike the fact that that… harlot… has stolen James away from his friends and family." The deep blue eyes were glimmering with something like tears. "I have no idea how that witch managed to gain ascendancy over him-"

"Jesse has a bad effect on people," Cassidy admitted bitterly.

"-but I am hoping that you'll be willing to help free him from her evil spell."

Cassidy sat up herself. She was still worried about Butch, but this sounded – hopeful. "You really want to marry him?" she asked curiously. It seemed beyond belief to her, as inconceivable as Jesse's apparent devotion to the boy. She couldn't understand what appeal he would have, even to a woman who preferred men. And James was hardly a man. He was pretty but weak, effeminate and unworthy of these beautiful strong women, women who deserved equals who could match and conquer them, women who deserved – someone like Cassidy. "Jessibelle." The name felt strange on her lips. "Jessibelle,-- why do you want him so much?" She didn't bother to conceal the scorn in her voice.

Jessibelle shrugged. "My dearest James is pliable, he can be easily formed into a proper husband with correct training. Which I am fully capable of providing." Cassidy didn't doubt her for one moment. "And of course, his family is very wealthy, and well-connected."

"And that's all?" Cassidy asked, wondering what would make greedy, childish James leave a wealthy family to sleep on the ground with Jesse. Surely not fleeing this beautiful, vibrant woman… Unless he was gay. Which would mean that she was a fool to worry about Jesse… She smiled to herself.

"What is more important than money and status in determining a suitable match?" Her voice was confident, but she would not meet Cassidy's gaze. Jessibelle sighed suddenly. "And he defied me. He was mine, and she has him. I cannot allow that to happen."

Cassidy grinned suddenly. "Now you're talking my language." There was a sparkling shot of communion as sapphire eyes met amethyst. "Are you offering – an alliance? We work together, and when we find them, we both get who we want?"

Jessibelle nodded. "Precisely." She reached for Cassidy, but the blonde evaded her lunge, not without some reluctance.

"I need to know two things before we reach agreement. First, is my partner alive? You must have noticed him, black Rocket uniform, aqua hair, voice like a constipated crow."

Jessibelle shrugged, without interest. "The servants are caring for him. You will be reunited any time you choose. I spoke to you because I usually find ladies – more pliable."

"Bad call, but then I'm not precisely a lady." She wondered idly what Bitch would have made of Jessibelle. It was unlikely that he would have made as good use of the time as she had, but then, with Butch you never knew. "Alright, second question."

"Which is?"

Cassidy leaned forward and grasped Jessibelle's chin, turning her face to her. So lovely… Jesse's heart-shaped face, her clear eyes. She turned her head again, and moved her lips against Jessibelle's ear, breathing wetly into it as she whispered, "Did you only make love to me to get me to agree to your plan?" She bit her earlobe, sharply, and heard Jessibelle gasp. Jesse's gasp. "Or was there… another reason?" She swirled her tongue against the other girl's ear, probed gently, as one hand came up to grasp Jessibelle's breast again.

"It was not the only reason," Jessibelle managed, arching her back to press her breast more firmly against Cassidy's hand. "And if you are asking if this is part of the agreement… Then, yes." She pushed the blonde back on the bed suddenly, and forced her tongue into her mouth. Breathless minutes later, she raised her head. "But only until I find my darling James."

"Only until I find what I want, too…" Cassidy murmured.

Her heart was soaring. She knew, she just knew, that she and Jessibelle could find Jesse and James together. Together – with Butch, who would play along, Cassidy would make certain of that – they would be unstoppable. There was a sweet taste of revenge, too, in the thought that Jesse would have to watch her precious flower of a partner be claimed and trained by her own doppelganger. While Cassidy claimed her own prize… Ah, yes, revenge would be sweet indeed.

She ran her hands slowly up Jessibelle's perfect curves, and smiled to herself. And the road to revenge would be sweet, too. She pulled Jessibelle's mouth down to hers, to seal the compact.

Jesse and James wouldn't know what was going to hit them.