The Untold Stories of Tumnus and Lucy

Part One: A Cold Worthy Of Spare Oom

Summary: Tumnus gets a cold.

Author's Notes: I own nothing. This is my trial at a few short drabbles concerning the friendship of Tumnus and Lucy. Please review!

Tumnus's nose exploded again, or, as Lucy called it, he had 'sneezed'. Gratefully taking her handkerchief in hand, he wiped his nose, "Do you suffer from these-" He concentrated, but failed to come up with the word.

"Colds?" Lucy prompted quietly, taking his umbrella from his arm and shaking the snow from it.

"Yes, colds, in War Drobe?"

"Mostly everyone gets a cold in winter," she replied, taking him by the hand and leading him to his chair in front of the fire, "I can't believe that you've only just had one!"

Tumnus gave a weak smile and sniffed, "It won't last long, will it?"

She laughed, "You're not going to be like this forever. Just a few days." Draping his muffler better around his shoulders, she caught his eye and shook her head at the pitiful look upon his face. "Mr. Tumnus, you'll be just fine."

Sneezing again, he merely nodded, "A horrible thing, these freeze-"


"-are." Sneezing again, he suddenly look to her in alarm, "Aren't you going to get it from me?"

Shrugging, Lucy poured him a cup of tea, "If I do, I don't mind." Her eyes lit up, as she handed him the cup, "We can sneeze and drink tea and talk all day long then!"

He frowned, "But you would be sick on my account." His ears dropped a little at the thought of making her as sick as he was.

"I wouldn't! Having you as a friend would make it all the better." Nodding to him, she pulled her own chair next to his and began to answer all his questions concerning Spare Oom.

Tumnus smiled, placing his hand over hers, while listening to her talk and thinking that colds weren't so bad after all.