Of Rich Girls and Poor Boys

by Tenshi noyo ryu taiga

disclaimer- don't own it.

Chapter One: The Rich Army Brat

Kagome was walking down the street, minding her own business. It was Thursday and school had just let out. She was about to cross the street when she heard a motorcycle coming her way. She stopped just in time. The cycle was so close, she could have sworn she felt the cool metal on her skin. The guy stopped the next block up, did an illegal U-turn and came back to her. He stopped just in front of her and took off his helmet.

"Hey, sorry about that. I didn't see you there," The mystery guy said.

"That's okay. I just about had a heart attack, though," Kagome answered back.

"Heh. My name is Miroku"


"Well, Kagome, to make it up to you, let me give you a ride home, okay?" Miroku offered.

"Errr, well, you aren't one of those creepy kidnappers, are you?" Kagome asked looking him in the face, very seriously.

Miroku was shocked, "Not the last time I checked, no"

"Okay then!" Kagome answered perkily.

Miroku handed her his spare red helmet and she climbed on.

"Where to?" Miroku asked a block down.

"Four more blocks up, two blocks left, the big white house. It's hard to miss!" Kagome shouted, in order to be heard over the rush of the wind.

Miroku did as she instructed and stopped in front of a gigantic three story house.

"Holy F-ing Shit! You live here!" Miroku swore.

"Yeah," Kagome said, a little embarassed," Do you wanna come in?"

"Do the words Hell Yeah work for you!" Miroku said taking off his helmet.

They walked inside where a butler came to meet them.

"May I take your things, Mistress Kagome?" He asked

"Yes, thank you, Jenkins" Kagome said primly.

"Holy Crapsicles! You have a butler, too!" Miroku practically shouted.

" Six butlers, four maids, five cooks, three servers, and two task masters, Sir," the butler answered for Kagome.

"Dang! You're rich!" Miroku shouted

"Very," the butler answered again before walking left to put their coats away.

"My dad is kind of really, really rich. I think it's weird, but hey, whatever, right? It's better than before," Kagome laughed

"Before?" Miroku asked while following Kagome up the Master Stairs.

"Yeah. I'm an Army Brat. My dad is American, that's where we used to live, New York City, but then he signed up to get stationed and we started moving everywhere. At first we stayed in the country, Chicago, L.A. but then we got moved to London and then so on and so. I had to learn all the languages and make friends, only to get moved again. Eventually my mom got pregnant with my little brother Souta and we were stationed here in Japan at the time so we stayed. Then, when Souta turned three we started up again. Finally we just got sick of it and Mom, Souta and I just begged to stay in one place. Dad broke down and well, mom was born and raised here and Souta was born here too, so it just felt like home. Plus, it helped that Souta already knew the language..." Kagome sort of trailed off," Here we are. This is my room."

They had stopped at a dark mahogany door that had a gold plate with the words 'Kagome I. Higurashi' imprinted on it.

"Cool!" Miroku remarked, "why does it have your name? I thought there was only four of you?"

"Yeah, but I have a lot of friends, or I did, everytime I moved. My friends usually stay with me a lot so we got a big enough house to give honourary rooms to my friends. Want one?"

"Hell yeah! If it's not a problem" Miroku added on a bit hesitantly.

"Nah, the whole West wing is mine."


Kagome entered her room with Miroku right behind. What Miroku saw made his jaw touch the floor. Her room had dark green walls with the words for Honour, Truth, Valor, Strength, Intelligence, Bravery, Loyalty, and Cunning in Chinese and in silver on three of her walls. The last wall was the one right across from him, with the head of Kagome's giant fluffy king sized bed on it. It had the phrases like 'Piss Me Off and Die. Your Village Called, They Want Their Idiot Back. Serpentine Plots are my Specialty, Sarcastic Quips are my Pleasure. Yeah, it's all falling into place. Of course that place is no where near this place. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. Romeo and Juliet : Guy meets girl, Girl meets guy, They all die, Cry, cry, cry. Eh bien, tu peux faire un baiser ma petite derriere! Have you ever worn a mask? So people can't see the real you? Afraid if you let them in, They'll only hiss and boo. I wear a mask each day, Even if you don't know me..., Because I'm only broken glass inside. Nothing, anyone would want to see.' and other things like that written on it in silver also. Her ceiling was a dark blue with silver stars and a moon. There was a strip of black about half a foot thick going around the border of her room and the black strip had two strips on it too. One on the bottom and one on top. The thin strip was gold, making the whole room come together nicely.

"WOW!" Miroku gaped, "I barely know you! And I'm in your AMAZING room," suddenly Miroku had a smirk and a glint in his eyes, "Hey, baby. How you doin'?"

Kagome and Miroku burst out laughing together.

"I know. I do barely know you but, let's just say, I'm an excellent judge of character," Kagome said after she got her giggles under control.

"Hey, this is cool and all, but do you wanna meet my friends?"

"Sure, just let me change out of my school uniform" Kagome made a face before opening the door to her HUGE closet. She came out wearing baggy black pants and a tight dark blue racer back sports shirt. She grabbed a black leather jacket and they left on his bike.

Miroku drove them to an apartment building on the other side of the city. Room 216, meaning floor two and the sixteenth room down, as Miroku explained.

Miroku pulled out a key and opened the door to reveal a small kid, about thirteen.

Souta's age, Kagome mentally noted.

She looked arouns some more to find a tall girl with dark hair and a tall boy with silver hair and cute little dog ears on top.

In a blink of an eye, Kagome went from by the door to across the room, getting herself right in front of the dog eared boy.

"Hi, my name is- GAH!" the silver haired boy yelled. Kagome was lightly tugging his ears.

"My God, are these real?" Kagome started inspecting and tugging them from all angles and sides.

Inuyasha glared at the other two when he heard their muffled laughter,"This is SO not funny guys!" Inuyasha picked Kagome up bride style before ceremoniasly dumping her in Miroku's lap,"And stay there!"

Whne Miroku finally calmed down, he introduced everyone," Shippo, Sango, Inuyasha. This is Kagome. Kagome meet...well, you heard. Kagome's RICH!"

Kagome started to blush, "Hi. I'm not that rich, he's just exagerating."

"Not that rich, she says. Yeah, you only have, what? Five butlers, four maids, two cooks and two servers." Miroku said sarcastically

" Six butlers, four maids, five cooks, three servers, and two task masters," Kagome said automatically, before realizing what she said and looked down at her very interesting shoes, while turning a lovely shade of tomato.

"And a partridge in a pear tree," Shippo chimed in.

Everyone started giggling when they heard that.

Then since it was a long day and it was already close to midnight, Kagome phoned her parents and told them she was staying at her friend's house for the night before going to sleep in Sango's room. Lullaby, and good night. Go to sleep little priestess. Close your eyes and good night. And there are some words I don't know. Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to...