RandomMindGirl- I always wanted to make an Avatar story.

Disclaimer- I don't own Avatar.

Chapter 1-Friday Morning

Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else.-Will Rogers

School was canceled thanks to the snowstorm on Friday the 9th of December. So that means all kids, young and old, could sleep in and get the rest they needed. But one teenager,a 14 year old, had to wake up at 5:00 AM because it was of the noise in her house.

The girls name was Taylor. Well...Taylor-Ann actually,but no one really called her that.

For about an hour Taylor was just staring at the ceiling listening to her Mom and Dad talk. She heard her sister leave upstairs. Her sister had just came back from Los Vegas and was one of the reasons Taylor was up. Her sister had came back on a plain and because of the storm Taylor was a bit nervous for her 21 year old sister. Her Father also was a reason she was awake. He made to much noise in the morning. But anyway once her Father had left for work,he was a mailman, Taylor got out of bed a stretched a bit. She looked at her mirror which was in front of her bed and looked at her reflection. Her brown eyes were still a bit heavy with sleep and her brown hair was all messed up. Bed Hair. She was wearing a blue shirt and blue pants. They were baggy and comfy.

Taylor went over to her mirror and took her hairbrush of the desk and brushed her hair so it would be it's usual straight self that went down to her breasts. Once her hair was brushed you could see the blue highlights on her hair.

Finally Taylor left her room and entered the 'game room'. She sat down on an orange sofa and turned on her flat screen wall TV. She flipped through the channels and landed on Edd Ed n Eddy. That means it was around 7:00.

Taylor gave a yawn and got up and walked to her kitchen wear she made herself a bowl of coco puffs.

She returned to the 'game room' and turned the TV off and went back to her room. On her own TV that was an ok size, she put her taped copy of Avatar-The last Airbender in. This tape had four episodes on it. She began it with 'The Fortune Teller' She just loved seeing Sokka hurt himself in stupid ways. As she was watching she heard her brother come down the stairs. Taylor paused the tape and went to her door and listened carefully.' 3,2,1

"WHO THE HELL ATE ALL THE COCO PUFFS AND DRANK ALL THE MILK?" Taylor started to laugh slightly. She turned Avatar back on and jumped on her bed and lied down.


Taylor laughed at that. Sokka was so cool. And the guy who did his voice ,Jack De Sena, was awesome on All That.

Taylor then fast foreword to The Siege of the North part one.

Taylor just loved Zuko. She had a thing for guys with bad pasts. As the show progressed Taylor started to drift to sleep.


Taylor woke up to the noise. BANG What was making that sound.


Ah..it was just Trevor,her brother, banging on her door.

"It's not your cereal! It's EVERYONES!" Taylor yelled at her annoying 15 year old brother.

"Yeah, well still! What am I going to eat now? AND WILL YOU OPEN YOUR DOOR?"

"First,you can eat the OTHER box of Co Co puffs and Second,No."

"Well what do I use for milk? Do ya have a suggestion for that? Huh?"

"Yeah. Drink the Skim Milk."

She heard her brother grumble about how he hates skim milk then heard his footsteps go to the kitchen.

Taylor finally noticed that her Avatar episodes were over with and now was onto a CSI Los Vegas episode she had taped awhile back.

She decided to turn her TV off and go on her computer so she could work on her Yu Yu Hakusho FanFic called To be mad or glad?

So,Taylor turned her computer on and clicked on her OpenOffice Writer so she could start typing her fic. Then her computer shut down. "What the hell?" she said to herself. Taylor looked at her digital clock. It was still on so the power was not off.

Taylor sighed. She got off her chair and went under her desk so she could get to the plugs.

The computer plug was out of it's socket. She took the plug and plugged it back into the socket and just then she was electrocuted. Taylor's body was under the desk not moving with the plug still,that was still in her hand, slightly in the socket.

RandomMindGirl-That is chapter one. I hope you all liked it!