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Chapter 2-Where am I...oh.

"Whoever said 'nothings impossible' never tried to nail jell-o to a tree" - Lisa Bryant

Pain was the only thing Taylor could feel. She opened her eyes slightly but then closed them because even that hurt.

She opened her eyes again and still in pain but Taylor tired to ignore it so she could get a look at where she was. She was looking into a blue sky with fluffy white clouds and out of the corners of her eyes she saw trees.

'A forest? How the hell did I get into a forest? Ah well,I'll figure that out later.'

Taylor closed her eyes and let herself rest. She didn't care if someone found her or not,she just wanted to sleep. And with pain coursing through her body! 'Damnt,you would think of having four years of PMS pains/cramps I would be used to being in pain.' And with a sigh Taylor decided not to rest and try to stand up instead. She started to sit up and once she was sitting she let a sigh out. ' Thank God that didn't hurt a lot.' Now she started to stand up. Half way...half way...and "AH,SHIT DAMN!" she got pained. 'Must keep going'

And finally after 5 minutes, Taylor was standing up. 'Great, now all I have to do is walk.'

Taylor took small baby steps which didn't hurt that much. She then started humming the song from that Santa Clause movie where he sings the song One Foot in front of the Other(1) and once she started doing that she took huge steps and skipped a bit,forgetting about the pain. And you know what they, Pain is just something the mind makes up. It's not real...or something like that.

Taylor didn't know how long she had been humming or walking but she had noticed she had reached a village.

"I know this line is overused but Oh well. Toto, I don't think were in East Longmeadow,Massachusetts in New England of the US of A in the Western Hemisphere on the Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy anymore." She then blinked "Don't know why I said all of that...ah well."

Taylor walked through the gate which she was standing right next to.

She looked around and saw some villagers walking around,Kids playing in the street and cabbage seller kissing his cabbages. 'Riiiiight...onward then.' Taylor walked to a nice looking clothing tent.

She looked around and saw beautiful clothes and jewelry too. "Hello? Anyone in here?" No answer.

'Must be on coffee break.' Taylor thought. She looked around the small tent with much interest. Normally she would not care about jewelery and clothes that much but this stuff was very beautiful and she just had to look.

Taylor stood dead cold,as she felt someone touch her shoulder. "Can I help you with something,Deary?" said a voice. Taylor turned around to see little old lady who had white hair up in a bun and as wearing a green kimono. "Would you like to but anything?"

"Huh? Uh..I'm just looking around...I don't have any money with me." The old women just smiled. "Well if you find something you like just say something" Taylor just gave a sigh. 'Old hag must not hear that well.' So,Taylor looked around some more and saw a beautiful black and blue necklace. It had a charm that was a blue and was shaped as a little fox head and Taylor LOVED foxes. The old lady saw Taylor look at it with wonder and smiled. "Would you like to have that?" she asked Taylor. Taylor looked at her and nodded but said "I would like to buy it but I don't have any money with me." The old lady smiled again. "Who said anything about money and buying?" Taylor looked at with question.

"You seem like a nice young women. I'm getting very old and soon I wont need the money I will get. So you just go on and take it .And besides,it will match the blue in your hair.

Taylor looked at the old lady and then to the necklace and picked it up. "Are you sure?" "Of course I am. Oh, and do you need some clothes too?" Taylor remembered she was still in her pajamas and she had been walking barefoot the whole time. 'Hate to see what my feet look like' " No it's all right...but maybe some shoes?" Taylor had said with a small grin.

"Of course."

The old lady had gotten her some long tight blue socks and some blue shoes. "To match it with your clothes dreary."

So,after that Taylor headed on her way to the other side of the village where another gait would be..or said the old lady. She was happily strolling along with her new comfortable shoes and her new necklace around her neck,that is until she heard someone who said something very familiar.

"Where is the Avatar?"

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