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Guardians of the Dragons

Chapter 1

"Where are we?" uttered Hay Lin grabbing Irma's arm.

"Well one thing for sure we are no longer in Meridian," voiced Cornelia looking around.

"Well, tell us something we don't know," said Irma crossing her arms.

"Guys," said Will looking around, "I think we are on earth."

"What do you mean Will?" it was Taranee, "This can't be earth."

"We can ask someone," suggested Hay Lin.

"Not like this we can't," said Will looking down at her guardian attire and with that the girls changed back into their everyday clothes.

"Excuse me," Hay Lin said to a man walking on the street "but do you know where we are? You see me and my friends are kinda lost."

The man looked at Hay Lin and then at the rest of the girls. And asked, "Who are you? What are you?" Then he ran.

"What was that all about?" Irma asked standing beside Hay Lin, "He looked at us like we are FREAKS!"

"That's because we are guys," Will said, "Did you see his clothes they're not what people where in our time."

"Or any other we know of" Taranee added.

"Your not saying we landed in the future?" Cornelia asked.

Will nodded and said "It seems that way, and until we find a way home we are stuck here."