Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Booster or W.I.T.C.H. If I did I probably be rich. Chapter 13

"Are you five coming?" yelled Artha to the Guardians; "The race is going to start soon!"

"Just go on with out us," said Taranee poking her head out the stable door, "We'll catch up with you later were just going to wait for Cornelia and Irma to wake up."

"Okay," said Artha, "Are you sure you guys know were way there? I'm sure Lance can stay behind to show you the way."

"Hey," said Lance putting his fists to his hips.

"That's okay," said Taranee, "We pretty much know the way and if we get lost we'll just ask someone for directions."

"Are you guy's sure?" Parmon asked, "Dragon City is pretty big."

"Ya we know," Taranee answered, "and so was Meridian and we found our way around their okay. Trust me will be fine."

"Well if you're sure," said Artha, "I guess we'll see you later."

The Penn crew then mounted their dragons and headed to the race.

"Okay," said Taranee, "they're gone."

"Right," said Will nodding, "Let's go. Fire! Water! Earth! Air! Guardians Unite!"

The girls then changed into their guardian forms but their dragons remained unchanged.

"Hey," cried Irma, "why didn't our dragons change?"

"I'm not sure," said Will walking up to her dragon, "Hey Chi why didn't you guys transform to? Did I do something wrong?"

The dragon then shook his head and projected in to Will's mind his voice.

"No, little one," said a silky, male voice, "We chose if we wish to transform or not. Right know it would be best if we stayed like this. Also you need your jackets. We must go down to the tunnels to get them."

"Jackets?" questioned Will, "Why do we need jackets?"

"To hide your wings Will," Chi said with a chuckle.

"I think Will has lost it," Irma commented.

"No she hasn't," a bubbly boyish voice said in Irma's head.

"Taranee that's not funny!" Irma said to the fire girl.

Taranee looked shocked. "What did I do?"

"You spoke in my head, but you changed your voice."

"No, she didn't," the voice said in her head, "I did."

"Who are you?" Irma thought, "Look behind you."

Irma turned her head to see her dragon. "The only think there is my dragon."

Her dragon then let out a dragon like laugh, "Earth to Irma, I'm Dax your dragon."

"No way," said Irma, "That is so cool! Guys we can talk to our dragons telepathically!"

"We know that," Cornelia snapped, "While you were conversing with your dragon we were doing the same with our own."

"Guys there is no need to fight," said Hay Lin, "Right know we need to get the jackets to hide our wings."

"What?" said Irma then turning to her dragon said, "Why didn't you tell me this?"

"Because I was busy trying to get you to believe me."

"Come on guys lets go," said Will.

The ten companions then walked towards the lift and went down to he dragon temple.

"Guys," said Will, "We need to be quiet we don't want to draw the attention of Mortis."

The girls nodded and slowly made their way to the five tunnels. When they finally reached the caves Chi spoke to Will again.

"We need to split up here. Since we can only go into our own respective tunnels."

"What do you mean Chi?" thought Will.

"I mean that Water can only enter the Water Cavern, Fire the Fire Cavern, and so on."

"Okay," Will thought before turning to the girls. "Guys," she said, "We have to split up here we can only go in to our own cavern. That means Irma and Dax with go into the Water tunnel, Taranee and Ea will go in to the Fire one, Cornelia and Elan the Earth one, Hay Lin and Veata will go in to their tunnel, and me and Chi into the Energy one."

The girls then nodded. Then they turned and entered their tunnels.