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Riza was sitting at her desk as the clock up on the wall hit 10:00 pm. It was empty now that the work day had ended hours ago. Well not completely empty. A string of almost silent curses came from across the room. Roy Mustang was still at his desk, scribbling away furiously. They were always the last two there, Roy's procrastination when it came to paperwork being the cause. She didn't have to stay, didn't have to give up her free time to sit here and babysit her commanding officer. Riza didn't mind though, she knew he wouldn't work unless she was there to push him into it. It was practically tradition now, Roy avoided work, Riza fired warning shots, Roy worked. She would usually help him finish up if it got this late but today her mind was elsewhere.

Riza sighed silently and looked down at the small book she held in her hands. It was a organizer she had bought the beginning of the year. She looked at her schedule for the week until she reached it, February 12th, this Friday. Nothing was written by the day but there was no need. She would never forget that day. She was slowly becoming lost in her thoughts until she heard movement across the room. Roy was leaning back in his chair, letting his hair fall to cover his eyes. For a minute she just wanted to reach out and brush the hair away. No Riza, he's your superior, nothing more...he can't be anything more. Pushing all thoughts from her head she spoke up. "Did you finish your paperwork Sir?"

Roy nodded and stood up stretching his stiff limbs. I swear, sitting behind that desk all day is going to kill me. He cast a look at the clock, Hmm 10:30, I still have time for a few drinks at the bar. He pulled on his military jacket and looked up to see Riza standing in front of the door, not moving. "Hawkeye, do you need something?" Riza nodded but did not turn around. "Sir may I have permission to have Friday off?" Her voice was usually soft.

Roy was surprised by her request. She had never once asked for a day off, or even missed a day in the 10 months she had been under his command. He walked slowly over to her until he was on her side. "May I ask why?" Riza felt Roy's gaze on her but she continued to look at the ground. "I'm going out of town...for personal reasons."

The last three words threw Roy. He gently pulled on her chin until she was finally facing him, meeting his eyes, "And those reasons are?"

A very faint pink tinge rose on Riza's cheeks from the Roy's touch. She though about his question, hating to keep it a secret. But she couldn't talk about it, she never thought she would be ready. It was just to painful.

Roy was shocked by the flash of sadness and hurt that flickered across her eyes before she dropped his gaze. "I'd rather not say Sir."Roy nodded and moved his hand to the doorknob, "That's fine Hawkeye, you're excused on Friday." He opened the door and began walking down the hallway.

Riza stood still for a moment, regaining her composure before she stepped out into the hall. Noticing Mustang by the outer door she called out one last time. "Sir." Roy turned to face her. "Don't stay out to late at the bar, we have work tomorrow." With that Riza turned and stepped back into the office to get her coat.

Roy smirked as he pushed open the door and walked out into the night air. That woman knows me too well.

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