Chapter 5: Roy's Confusion

Roy had been prepared himself for the consequences of his action. Informing Hawkeye they had been tailing her was not an easy decision but he couldn't leave her in the rain. What if something happened to her? He had been expecting a long lecture on the care ride back, endless paperwork keeping him permanently glued to his seat, a bullet causing some sort of physical pain. What he had not expected was this.

Roy released a slow breath as he sat up. He was currently sitting in a small, cushioned chair in the corner of the room. Unsure what to do after Hawkeye fell back unconscious, the three men had finally compromised to rent a hotel room. Using Roy's alchemist salary, they were able to get a room large enough to fit all four of them, though they did receive some strange looks as they carried their unconscious Lieutenant through the lobby. The room held two beds, the chair in the corner, a small TV and had a bathroom near the entrance to the room.

Roy eyes drifted onto the body lying on one of the beds. Hawkeye was staying fairly still, letting out a small sound occasionally. He frowned as he tried to piece together the puzzle of the day. It made no sense. She had randomly picked a day to take off work, drive an hour to some unknown small town, walk through the entire town, not speaking to anyone and then stopping to sit in a park for over an hour. To be the cherry on top of this sundae of confusion, she passed out with a mere hand on her shoulder. Roy let out a frustrated sigh. What is going on?

His thoughts were interrupted by footsteps outside the door. Two voices could be heard mumbling as the knob turned, revealing Havoc and Fuery. Fuery moved to sit on the second bed as Havoc deposited a couple of bags on the small table provided.

"There's not much of a selection around here. We just went to the first store we came to that sold edible food." He pulled out a sandwich and tossed it to Roy. "Eat, you look hungry."

Roy nodded and obeyed silently. He eyes fell back to Fuery who was feeling Hawkeye's forehead. The worried expression hadn't left his face since they had arrived, it had been part of the reason Roy had sent the others out for food in the first place. There was nothing they could do now and Fuery's nervous behavior was making Roy more anxious.

Fuery shook his head slowly as he sat back down on the bed, "I don't understand. She doesn't have a fever so we can rule out illness. So what if going on with her?" He didn't even bother to turn and face the other men, knowing they couldn't answer his question.

Havoc frowned and sat down at the foot of the bed to eat his own sandwich. The room stayed silent, each man wrapped up in his own thoughts. Finally uncomfortable, Havoc turned on the TV, flipping through channels until he found a slightly humorous show. It was actually more amusing how bad the actors were. Slowly, the others turned their attention to the televison, allowing themselves a temporary distraction from their thoughts.


Riza slowly felt herself being pulled into consciousness. Her eyes stayed closed as she tried to compose herself. Her mind was still scattered, only bits and pieces coming back to her. She was still lost to herself, left with the confusion of a mere teenager. Finally she was able to direct some of her thoughts. Where am I? Her eyes opened slightly, glancing around only enough to be able to tell that this was not her house.

Her body immediately went froze. Her left hand made a small movement as she felt down the side of her body. She wasn't sore and she was fully clothed. That was a good sign. Her eyes opened fully to survey the room. She moved her head slowly to look around. Her neck popped loudly and she brought her hand up to rub it instinctively. "Ow."

A breath caught in her throat the instant the sound left her lips. Her eyes flashed around as she saw three figures approaching the bed. They lips were moving but she couldn't hear a word. She could identify them as males, but their image was hazy, as though mixing with a memory. Finally one was next to her, reaching a hand out to her. She jumped back defensively. She pushed herself back until she fell off the bed.

Breathing hard and eyes jumping rapidly around, she continued moving until she found herself backed into a corner. Her body was quickly falling into panic as any sense of reasoning left her. She had to get out of here. The men were coming closer again. They were surrounding her.

Riza brought her knee's up to chest, wrapping her arms around herself in a sort of fetal position. She sought any source of protection. As a hand reached out to her, she jerked her head away, turning to face the wall. She used her knee's to shield her eyes from the strangers.

The tears had already began to fall as she began to slip into hopelessness. This feeling of vulnerability was killing her. She couldn't move, she just cried in the corner, wishing she could do anything but knowing she was just too weak. Finally her body gave out from exhaustion as her vision went dark and she slipped into unconsciousness, but not before Riza was able to get out an almost silent sentence.

"Please, not again."


The room was dead silent. Fuery's mouth was opening and closing but he seemed to be at a loss for words. Roy seemed to be in the same state of shock, unable to peel his eyes away from the motionless body in from of him. Havoc stared in disbelief, finally breaking the silence.

"What the Hell?"

He looked to the others but received no response. Roy stepped forward cautiously. He knelt down and slowly lifted Hawkeye and moved her back to the bed. He was actually amazed he was able to move himself, let alone another. His mind was just too jumbled.

With their Lieutenant once again situated on the bed, the three men sat down to try to make some sense of the situation. Roy was in the chair once again, the other two on the bed. Finally Roy looked over to Fuery, knowing he was the one who had spent the most time with Hawkeye outside of the office.

"Has she ever said anything to you? Anything that would explain this behavior."

Fuery was silent for a moment then shook his head sadly, "Nothing I can think of. She had never mentioned this town to me or anything that could explain anything that has happened today."

Havoc made a sound of irritation, "Why did she react like that? It's just us. What was she afraid of?"

Roy frowned at the question, "I don't think she knew it was us. Her eyes didn't seem to actually focus at all." Havoc's question was still rolling around in his head. What was she afraid of? He was becoming more and more frustrated by the moment. None of this made sense.

Fuery nodded his head in agreement with Roy, "She didn't seem herself." He paused as he thought back, another question forming. "What did she mean 'not again'?"

Neither of the other two were able to answer the question. All three realized that they knew almost nothing about Hawkeye's personal life, let alone her past. They fell quiet as the voices from the forgotten television filled the air.

They stayed silent as the room grew slowly darker as the daylight began to fade. Roy glanced at a clock on the table, 6:55 PM. He frowned as he realized that he was even more confused now then this morning when they had set out on their little adventure.

Roy knew it was getting late and he had to make a decision about the night. He thought about their options. Moving Hawkeye was out of the question. She was so unpredictable right now he wasn't taking any chances. He also knew he was not leaving her side until he knew what was going on. That left Fuery and Havoc to consider. Since they had no idea they would be out this late, Roy was unsure if they had plans.

He thought back on Hawkeye's reactions earlier in the day. She seemed so overwhelmed and scared. Maybe he could get through to her if they were alone. Finally decided it was for the best, he turned his attention back to the other two men. "You two should get going."

The men turned to Roy confused. Havoc remained quiet as Fuery spoke, "Go? What do you mean? We have to watch over Hawkeye."

Roy shook his head, "There's nothing you can do. Besides, we don't want make her feel like we're attacking her when she wakes up again. She will be more comfortable without all of us around. I'll stay and make sure nothing happens to her."

Fuery frowned as he thought it over. Havoc studied Roy for a moment before nodding, "He has a point Fuery. We should head back, Hawkeye wouldn't want us wasting out weekend away over her. She's going to be upset at us enough for ditching out paperwork today."

Fuery paused for a moment, seeming as though he was going to refuse but finally let out a tired sigh a nodded, "Okay, if you two think that it would be best. I'll stop by her apartment when we get back and check on Hayate. He's probably going crazy with Hawkeye being gone so long. " He looked up at Roy, "Call if anything happens okay?"

Roy nodded as he caught the key to the room Havoc tossed him, "You two will be the first to know. Now get out of here before Hawkeye wakes up and shoots you both."

Fuery and Havoc gathered their coats quickly and slipped out the door, muttering nearly silent good-bye's to Roy as they cast one final glance at Hawkeye. The door finally closed, leaving Roy alone in the room with the unconscious Lieutenant.

Roy was still for a long time before he moved from his position in the chair. He moved to the bed across from Hawkeye, sitting so he could study her. The sun had set an hour or so ago and the room was now flooded with darkness. Roy turned on the small lamp on the night-stand between the beds, allowing the light to illuminate Hawkeye while casting a shadow of her outline against the wall.

Her face scared him. She was pale as though she had seen a ghost. Her body seemed to be shaking slightly and he could see beads of perspiration beginning to appear on her forehead. Worried she had a fever, Roy laid the back of his head gently against her face. She jumped a little but did not awake. Roy removed his hand, even more worried than before.

Her fear had drained all warmth from her body, her face was chilled. Roy frowned, unsure what to do. If she was not shaking out of fever, then that meant great stress must be on her body. It was not good to leave her in this condition, but he didn't think it would be wise to wake her up after that last reaction.

Roy let out a frustrated sigh as he rested his elbows on his knees, watching the woman across from him. How was it possible that he knew almost nothing about the one person whom he felt closest too and spent most of his time with?

Roy leaned forward, gently taking one of Hawkeye's hands in his own. It was cold but he rubbed his hands along it slowly, trying to pull some warmth back into it. He laid her hand back down as he moved his eyes up to her face. Roy felt a pull in his chest, wishing he could find some way to comfort her. She looked so scared, an emotion he had never associated with his brave Lieutenant.

Roy watched her awhile longer, relieved to see she that she eventually stopped shaking. He gently ran his fingers down her cheek, noting that she was slowly gaining some warmth back. He leaned forward slowly, watching Hawkeye's eyes for any sign of consciousness. Seeing none, he lowered his head, placing a small kiss on her forehead. He pulled back a moment later, studying her face, almost afraid she would sit up and scold at him for such an action.

Roy felt his eyelids begin to fall from exhaustion. Casting a quickly glance at the clock, he was surprised to find it was only a little after eleven, an early hour for him on most nights. Releasing a deep breath, Roy gave into the strange fatigue and laid down on the bed opposite Hawkeye's.

He reached up to switch off the small light next to him, covering the room in a blanket of darkness. Roy's eyes fell to the spot where he knew Hawkeye's body was lying.

"Riza, please be okay."

His eyes slowly closed, allowing Roy to escape from his confusion in sleep.

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