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Chapter One: Just One

"Come on, Taisho!" The woman nags me. I look at her, deciding if she's worth my time or not. After a long time, I shake my head.

"I told you already, Rin... I'm not dating, and I don't intend to. Please leave my office. Both of us know that a relationship between coworkers would ruin our jobs." I reply emotionlessly. She makes a sound, apparently trying to fake a cry. If I didn't have demon hearing, then I'd have thought she was crying. But she wasn't. After a while of me ignoring her, she leaves my office.

"Sorry about that, Patrick..." I tell my friend. He works for me as the investigator for all the trials I deal with. He communicates the information to my clients as well.

I don't understand why the woman loves me. I'm nothing special. Okay, so demons aren't common these days, but that's hardly a reason to want to date me. I'm around six feet tall, I guess. I have silver eyes and elf ears. There are two purple stripes on each side of my face. I have claws, and that's all that's worth telling. I guess you want my name too. Sesshoumaru Taisho.

"Don't be sorry about it... Hey, I have a question." He says. I look up at my demon friend, awaiting his chatter. Even though I'm rarely interested in what he has to say, it'll distract me from my work.

I'm a lawyer. Now, I know that most lawyers are said to be snakes and cheat you out of your money. That's not my intention. My father ran a law firm of his own. I began to work at it once I got my degree for this sort of thing. Then he just vanished and I became the head for the firm. Even though I don't have to continue in doing my own cases, I prefer to. Distracts me from everything else in my life. Mainly my idiot of a brother.

My brother has a reputation for harming the women he claims to love. A long time ago - I can't remember exactly how long - he was dating a woman. I forget her name, still... Ka... Ka... Something beginning with that. Anyway, he then met his current girlfriend. Kikyou. She's an American-speaking slut. I don't intend to insult Americans, but because she spoke their language, my brother left his girlfriend.

Unfortunately for me, my brother will be graduating school soon. Then he'll work for my law firm and I'll have to babysit him all the time. Father shouldn't have opened up a job position to him.

"What's your question, Patrick?" I inquire as I look at my computer screen. Even though I don't want to do anything right now, I have to have these things ready.

"Why don't you have a girlfriend? That Rin girl. She's adorable. I don't know why you turn her down every time she comes and asks you to go out with her... And you could have any girl that you want, even the models. Why don't you want any of them?" He says. I look at him, deciding on what to say next. No way will I answer something like that.

"Was there a question in there?" I question. He grows quiet, and his face clouds over in deep thought. Then he brightens up and straitens out his demeanor.

"Wanna go out for a beer tonight?" He asks. I glare at him, trying my best to pry it from him. He's planning something and I want to know what it is. After enough of my staring down, he gives in.

"I'm not planning something. Relax. It's just a beer..." He says. Well, that didn't help. I know he's going to do something, but he didn't tell me what. Since I don't know what he's going to do, there's no way I will be going.

"I'll go." I say as I return to my work on the computer. Why did I just say that? I don't want to go for two reasons. One: I know he's up to something and I don't want to be a part of it. Two: I have a low tolerance. Yah, laugh all you want. I may be a demon, and I may look intimidating, but I don't handle my alcohol well.

"Great! How late are you working tonight?" He asks me. I refuse looking at him, staring at my screen as if I care for what I'm typing. How late am I working tonight? I'm working clear until tomorrow morning, so I don't think I can go.

"Five." I tell him bitterly. Why... Let me rephrase that. What is wrong with me that causes me to answer what I don't want to answer? I glare at the computer screen, allowing my emotion to be displayed on my face for once. Patrick jumps back, startling me and causing me to jump back.

"What?" I ask as I regain my emotionless composure. Patrick just shakes his head and shrugs.

"You let your mask slide off and the face you had was..." He trails off. I look at him, an eyebrow raised in question. He looks around, trying to avoid finishing his sentence.

"Patrick." I growl. He sighs then looks at the ground.

"You were scary." He says. I shake my head then go back to typing on my computer.

"You're not going to beat me?" He asks. He sounds stunned. Do I intimidate him and the others at the firm that much?

"No. Not yet." I reply. I hear the door open then close. Then I can't smell Patrick's scent. He must have left to avoid my wrath as long as he could. It's almost amusing to watch people be afraid of me. It's not always fun though...


I came home from work and the store, a few groceries in each of my hands. As I walked in, I smelt something. It wasn'tthe scent that my girlfriend naturally carried. It wasdifferent. It was extremelydepressing. My girlfriend was always the bubbly and happy type. Makes me wonder how we got along sometimes. I walked to the kitchen and set the groceries down.

My girlfriend was sobbing on the couch, sounding as if she was hyperventilating. In fact, I was pretty sure she was. I walked over to her, seeing her shoulders shake from the crying. I sat down next to her, and she moved away from me.

"Get away from me." She hissed. She could probably tell that I had gotten food for her, because she looked up. She was a demon as well.

"What's wrong, Kiri?" I asked her. She glared at me then hit me with her hand. Her claws raked along the side of my face, temporarily shocking me too much to move.

"Don't call me Kiri anymore! You bastard!" She growled. I stood up, slipping on my emotionless mask. Even though I had every reason to be upset, I didn't grow angry with her. I loved her and I wouldn't let her see how much pain I was in from her words and claws.

"What did I do?" I asked, my voice growing more and more void with every word I spoke to her. She stood up and walking in front of me, as if ready to fight.

"You know what you did! When I got mugged last week. When I was almost raped. The man is a friend of yours. You know him. Alex. You sent your friend to rape me so I wouldn't trust men so I would leave you! Just because your tough-guy routine didn't work!" She snapped. I looked at her for a long time before looking at the door.

"So, you must hate me." I mused as I looked back at her. She looked down then shook her head.

"I love you, but we're over..." She said. I felt my heart shatter in two pieces right there. If she hadn't heard it, then I'd be shocked. I turned on my heel and began to leave, before her voice stopped me.

"Maybe we can be friends...?" She suggested. I kept on walking.

:End Flashback:

'Maybe we can be friends...?' Those are the last words you want to say in a break up. You're shattering someone's heart to a million pieces for reasons they don't understand. Then you offer to be friends, you offer to act like nothing ever happened. I glare at my computer screen.

I hadn't even realized that it was nearly time for me to be done with work. I hadn't even gotten any work done. Then again, I can just have that obsessed secretary take care of it. As I save the document, the obsessed secretary comes in.

"I already said no, Rin." I say, not even looking at her. She drops a folder on my desk.

"It's a new client. State appointed you to work for her since the public defenders won't even look at it..." She says. I look at the name for a moment before looking back up at Rin.

"Will you finish my work for me? You'll be paid two times your normal pay for staying late." I tell her. She nods then sits down at my desk and begins clicking away on the keyboard. I grab the file then nod to her.

"I'll look over the client tonight. Have a nice weekend, Rin." I say. I leave the room, sighing. That girl was still upset over me saying no? Perhaps I should let her go and hire someone else for the position... Someone who won't be attracted to me. Yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea.

As I walk to my car, Patrick catches me. Damn, I thought I'd get to my car without him seeing. We go to the bar, and I attempt to find an excuse not to drink. Patrick doesn't know I can't handle more than a few drinks, and I'd rather keep it that way.

It's no use though. Because, as soon as we're there, he has a beer in my hand. Within five minutes, I've managed to down half of it. I sit down so he doesn't see me growing tipsy, and he sits in front of me.

"So, Sesshoumaru... You can have any girl you want. Why won't you take any of them?" He asks. I knew this was a setup, and now I don't think I can hold my secret in. Even though I'm about to answer him, I don't want to.

"Because I only want one." I tell him sloppily.

"One?" He asks.

"One... The perfect one." I tell him, finishing my beer. Perhaps he's realized one thing by now. I DO NOT mix with any form of alcohol.

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