I'm ready to go to bed... How about you? Wait, you people may have not just woken up at who-knows-what time...

And, laugh at this all you want, Sesshoumaru does have instant messenger. These are his past conversations with Miroku to let you know what has happened since they became engaged...

Sesshoumaru: Legalpuppy
Miroku: YouMustThinkImAPervert

Chapter Ten: Epilogue

August 9th

LegalPuppy: Miroku, are you even online right now?

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Depends on who wants to know. Sango's not over there, is she?

LegalPuppy: Uhh... No. Why would your pregnant wife be at my house!

YouMustThinkImAPervert: I don't know. She's tempermental again, so I'm trying to hide at the office... So, what do you want?

Legal Puppy: I proposed to Kagome... Man, that's more nerve-wrecking than I thought.

YouMustThinkImAPervert:Now you know how I feel... Especially since Sango is tempermental and seems to hate me so much. I was positive she'd say no.

LegalPuppy: I'm surprised she said yes...

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Not funny

LegalPuppy: Sorry...

YouMustThinkImAPervert: So, do you two have a day for the wedding, yet?

LegalPuppy: That's for Kagome to decide. I'm not interested in the wedding details like girls are...

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Wise choice. I tried to get involved and I was baffled by the girliness involved in planning a wedding. They target that area of the market to women and women only.

LegalPuppy: Gay men, too. They think they're women...

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Right. Well, I'm leaving. Sango just said she was sorry, so I'm safe.

YouMustThinkImAPervert has just signed out.

December 25th

LegalPuppy: Hey, Miroku... What'd you get Sango for Christmas?

YouMustThinkImAPervert: I gave her more baby things... Why?

LegalPuppy: No reason. I did something stupid and Kagome thought it was cute. She took a picture of me with a bow on my head, for goodness' sake!

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Relax. I did that the first year. Sango still uses it as blackmail.

LegalPuppy: Black... mail? Shit! I'm so screwed!

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Relax... Kagome's not into blackmail as much as Sango.

LegalPuppy: But Sango can persuade her to to it.

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Kagome wouldn't.

LegalPuppy: Sango and you were cute today...

YouMustThinkImAPervert: How? We fought all the time. I'm surpsised I'm still sleeping in the room.

LegalPuppy: It was cute the way you two would fight. At it was cute when Sango pretended she was mad at you for grabbing her ass again...

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Whatever. I have to go make more of this 'Chai Tea' stuff for Sango. She's addicted as if it were cigarettes...

YouMustThinkImAPervert has just signed off.

January 15th

YouMustThinkImAPervert: So, how do you feel to be married?


YouMustThinkImAPervert: Huh!

LegalPuppy: That was the most girly wedding they could have come up with...

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Jam-packed with estrogen JUST FOR YOU, Sesshoumaru...

LegalPuppy: I wish you were lying...

YouMustThinkImAPervert: But you two are married now!

LegalPuppy: Yah, we are... Kagome has started nagging me for playing video games. She says that, being a lawyer, I should be doing something else...

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Girls need something to nag at. She doesn't have anything better...

LegalPuppy: Guess that's good. I have to pack for the cruise.

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Cruise?

LegalPuppy: Yah. That's what we're doing for our honeymoon.

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Have fun!

LegalPuppy: You sick pervert...

LegalPuppy has just signed off.

YouMustThinkImAPervert: I know you're there. You're just under stealth mode.

LegalPuppy: Damn it! Just leave! I'm trying to pack!

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Fine.

YouMustThinkImAPervert has just signed off.

Febuary 8th

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Back from your honeymoon NOW?

LegalPuppy: Yes. I am.

YouMustThinkImAPervert: How many times did you do her?

LegalPuppy: ... I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that. That way I can pretend like I'm not going to drown you in ice-cold water and beat you to a pulp.

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Was she good?

LegalPuppy: Stop talking to me. You pervert...

LegalPuppy has just signed off.

Febuary 9th (authoress' birthday!)

LegalPuppy: Guess what!

YouMustThinkImAPervert: What?

LegalPuppy: What part of guess do you not understand?

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Let's see... The "G"... All of it, I guess. What's up?

LegalPuppy: Kagome just told me she's pregnant. I can't wait for her to have the child!

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Congradulations... She must've gotten pregnant on your honeymoon.

LegalPuppy: No duh... Anyway, I'm gonna go be with her and see if she wants to do anything

YouMustThinkImAPervert: You're really psyched about this, huh?

LegalPuppy: Is it that obvious?

YouMustThinkImAPervert: You know it takes nine months for a human baby to be born, right?

LegalPuppy: But it'll be half demon... How long should it take?

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Maybe eight months. If it's a full demon, then there's a large time difference in the timing... But Kagome's not a demon - from what I'm told - so, I think you have eight months to wait... When's it due?

LegalPuppy: I think it's due on October 6th. That's a month after my birthday...

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Cool...

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Hey, you even there anymore?

YouMustThinkImAPervert: Helllllooooooo?

LegalPuppy's status is now "Idle"

There. I'm all done. So, do you all want a sequal or not! I like these conversations that I've put in. Let me know what you think about 'em...

I AM FINISHED! If you're interested in a sequal, then let me know. If you don't let me know, then you won't get one...

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