Ch.3 Continued…

-----------------------------(I) Now (K)----------------------------------

I was kissing him. He was kissing me.

That was all that was going through my head as I entangled my fingers into his long hair and felt my own come swinging over my back.

I let my tongue explore the unknown mouth and relished the sweet flavor. A lump rose in my throat when I felt him slip his hands over my rear, pulling on the fur around my waist. I shivered and parted my mouth from his and started trailing kisses on his cheek toward where his ears would be—if he were human. When I reached that point I pulled my head up and kissed the fuzzy little ear at the top of his head.

I heard him gasp and I nibbled lightly on the tip as I took Inuyasha and started easing him to the ground. After a while I slipped and he dropped, I on top of him.

I sat up and realized that I was straddling him; with a blush I bent and began kissing down his neck once more as my hair fell in ripples over my shoulders.

When I reached the turn in his neck I kissed there gently, then ran my tongue down the crevice of his collarbone and kissed the small dip. I felt him shudder beneath me and the burn in my abdomen rekindled, only with greater intensity.

I couldn't refrain from it any longer. My fangs lunged at the base of his neck. I heard myself moan as the thick, sticky liquid poured out into my mouth. I heard Inuyasha cry out, startled. Then my own eyes snapped wide as I felt a sharp pain at the base of my neck and heard Inuyasha's muffled moan.

My eyes flickered towards where the dog demon's head had just been. His head was gone and his mouth was enclosed on the base of my neck.

I licked the puncture wound, lapping up the sweet, tangy—but not quite bitter, blood. He copied my actions. I sat up and looked down at him as he settled his head back down, I bent and rested my head on his chest. I could feel his soft, gentle hands petting my tail.

"Are you…are you…sure?" I whispered. I felt his hand lift off my tail; it rested again on my shoulder.

"If I wasn't positive…why would I have bitten you back?" I heard him whisper gently, "Koga…I love you, I want to…" That was enough for me.

That was all I wanted to hear. Sharply, cutting off anything he might have to say, I pressed my lips up, onto his. I inhaled his very breath as he gasped into my mouth.

I shuddered as I felt his hands pulling down on the fur wrapped around my waist. I helped him and as the furring slipped to my ankles I flung it away.

I felt him untying the fur on my shoulders, loosening my armor as the furs glided down my arms. I felt his fingers clutch the rim of my armor on my shoulder blades, near the center of my back. He pulled on it and it caressed over my hips then collided to the ground over my legs.

I broke the kiss and looked down into his golden eye. His eyes were glazed over, filled with passion. My eyes wetted with the same passion at him as he smiled and reached up to my forehead and began pulling off my headband, letting his hands glide through my hair he pushed out the ponytail as well. I felt my hair fall freely over my back, as it hadn't in so long.

He ran his hands in my hair and it fell over my forehead, onto his chest. I flinched as he tugged out a knot.

"Don't you ever comb your hair?" He teased me as I looked up to see him nibbling on the ends of my hair, "Or at least run your fingers through it?"

I frowned in annoyance, "Fine. If my hair offends you, I'll leave." I motioned to get up and felt him grab my hands.

"No…I'm sorry…" I dropped back down as he spoke.

"I knew you were kidding! So was I." He looked up at me suspiciously as I spoke, "Besides…I wouldn't want to leave you unsatisfied…"

I watched as he curved his neck sexily and looked up at me with heated eyes. I snickered as the burning in my abdomen swelled even hotter. I could feel his fleshy cock rub against my own and it caused me to shudder.

I bent and began kissing down his neck, heading southward, my hands trailing over his body. I kissed to the left and took his nipple supply into my mouth.

I heard him gasp and felt his body stiffen below me. I grinned and continued my kisses southward.

When I reached his groin I licked my lips hungrily as I looked upon his stiffened member. I opened my mouth in the shape of an "O" and then wrapped my mouth over his cock, engulfing it into my mouth as my ears tweaked at hearing him moan.

"Koga…what…aah…"his moan not only made the member in my mouth harden, but my own did as well. "Koga…I'm going to…cu…"I heard his own groan cut him off as I felt a hot, wet substance seep into my mouth. I lapped it up, wrapping my tongued around the stiff head in my mouth.

I loved the flavor.


'What's he doing to me!' I screamed in my head as I threw my hips into him.

I couldn't believe the things I'd said and done up to this point, but I didn't care. All I cared about was the black-haired man in front of me.

"Koga!" I couldn't stop myself from moaning as I came a little in his mouth. I gasped as I felt the intense pleasure of his mouth around 'me' leave my loins. I could here myself whimper as he rolled me onto my stomach.

"Koga…what…?" I was curious to know what he had planned for me.

I almost choked on my breath as I felt his fingers press inside of me. I heard my voice squeak as another finger was added to the trio. I stifled a moan as my body quaked and almost fell, but I remained on my knees.

I (somehow) managed to push my hands under me and prop myself up on them. Just as I felt his fingers leave me, I felt 'him' press inside of me.

I cried out, "KOGAA!" as a swelling sensation built up inside of me. I shivered as he gently coaxed me with his words.

I managed to calm myself a bit as I felt his hands work their way around me. One holding my chest tenderly, the other gripping my tender cock and slowly beginning to work it back and forth in repetition.

I moaned hungrily as my eyelids eased shut in pleasure. '-.-

My eyes snapped as wide as golf balls (O.O) as I felt the member inside of me begin to move in the same rhythm as his gentle hand on my own shaft. I gritted my fangs together as my claws dug into the soil.

I could smell my own blood a little above the overwhelming smell of arousal. I couldn't help but yelp, as the searing pain from my rear grew tighter.

"Inuko…"I shuttered at hearing his moaned words enter my soft ears.

'He called me his puppy…' I whispered in my mind as, in reality, I groaned his name as he sped up inside of me. I wobbled slightly as his hips rammed inside of me and his hand slid faster and faster along my, now oozing, member.

"KOGA!" I screamed as I felt him climax inside of me and the tip hit my prostate.

In strange alliance, I climaxed at the exact same moment, spraying sticky, white liquid onto the grass and on my own chest.

I finally collapsed to the forest floor, and lay, unmoving in the cool grass. I inhaled the warm scent of my lover as he pulled out of me and lay beside me.

"That…was…amazing…" I heard him whisper as he reached out his hand to me and gently caressed my cheek. I smiled gently in return. "How are we going to explain this?"

I sighed when he spoke with such concern, I was glad as well, because I knew the concern was for me, "We'll think about that later…But, for now…" I spoke as I wrapped my arms around him and rested my head on his chest, then rolled a bit so I could gaze up at the beautiful stars, "I…Just want to lay like this…forever…"

"Until the stars fall down?" I heard him ask and I looked at him, blinking curiously, then, smiled warmly.

"Until the stars fall down." I agreed with a nod.

I didn't know why. I didn't know how,

But, it was at that moment that I realized that

I would never be the same again.

Nor would my entire lifestyle.

But…that was okay with me.

I didn't need anyone in my life but him.

And he'd always be with me…

Until the Stars Fall Down.

End Ch.3….

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