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Chapter one: Where It's To Begin

Harry burst into Professor Lupins office, he had to tell him to stay, he was the best Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher they had ever had,

"Professor! Don't leave!" He yelled as he looked around the half packed up office. That's when he relised Professor Lupin wasn't in his office. Harry sighed, a brilliant entrance and no one even saw it. He collasped on the sofa, deciding he was going to wait for Lupin to come back. He thought over the over night and he couldn't help cringe and clench his fists. His Godfather was an innocent man, but certainly wasn't being treated as one. The real culprit, Peter Pedigrew had gotten away scot-free, suspected to be dead. But Harry, Hermione, Lupin, Sirius and Ron knew better. Unfortunately no ones word was respected and Sirius had to run. Luckily he got away, thanks to Harry and Hermione, Harry had to smile at this thought. Malfoy wasn't pleased when Buckbeak got a away...Beginning to feel restless, he got up and had a look around the office, Professor Lupin had a number of magical gadgets that interested Harry. Finally he came to a small table that had a number of weird looking things, but one particular object caught his eye. He picked it up it was a small gold hourglass on a fine gold chain, it shone in the firelight. Harry picked it up and put it around his neck and looked around to see if there was a mirror. There wasn't so he settled with fiddling with the hourglass, slowly he tipped the hourglass upside down and back the other way, it was rather calming. After turning the hourglass many times he heard a noise in the corridor, immediately he stopped and tried to pull the chain from around his neck. Around him the firelit office began to fade and Harry felt as though he was flying through the air at great speeds. Colors winked and shapes rushed as Harry's ears felt as though they were about to explode. Finally everything suddenly stopped and he found himself in the same office he had been in just five minutes ago,

"What the-"

"Excuse me young man, what are you doing here?"

Harry spun round to see an elderly man sitting in front of the fire, for a moment Harry didn't recognise him, that was when he relised. Albus Dumbledore was sitting before him, looking twenty years younger.

Remus Lupin walked into his office to see Harry fading.


He yelled as he ran towards him, Harry didn't appear to hear him, as he became more transparent. That's when Remus noticed the gold chain and hourglass around Harry's neck. Harry disappeared, going back to another time.