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Once again we see the great and powerful Lord Sesshomaru of the Western lands walking through the forest with his two companions, Rin and Jaken. Oh! And his two headed dragon yokai Ah-Un. All is normal, Rin was skipping along beside her master, and Jaken was in the back holding Ah-Un's reigns. All is peaceful.


"Yes Rin?" Sesshomaru replied, not turning his head. Rin gulped and stopped in her tracks. "I...saw something move in the bushes." Sesshomaru stopped and faced her, "Did you now?" Jaken snorted, "Don't be silly Rin, you probably saw a Rabbit, a chipmunk or-"

"Jaken shut-up." Jaken shut his beak and looked at his master, "What is it M'lord?" Sesshomaru sniffed, "I think it may be a Kitsune." Suddenly the sky went black and a swirl of light hovered above them. "Ah! Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin screamed, hiding herself behind the Tai-yokai. Sesshomaru grinned, "Rin, it's just a fox."

"Hahahaha! I knew you were the clever type, Lord Sesshomaru," said a young voice from inside the spiral. Then with a loud pop, a ten year-old Kitsune dropped to the ground and smiled, "Greatings, I am Kaoru."

Kaoru was just a little taller than Rin; he had short, curly, ginger red hair. His left eye was green and his right was blue, he had elf-like ears, fox feet and a long red tail. And he wore a white and red harori with fire ball designs all over. Sesshomaru frowned, "Do I look like a care? Now be a good little boy and move aside." Kaoru didn't seem amused by the comment, "Humph, my father mentioned you were rude," he smiled. "He also mentioned that you had a human girl travelling with you. Let me say that's she's quite cute."

Rin blushed and Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes, "What do you want?" Kaoru stood up and cracked his knuckles, "Her, hand her over peacefully and I won't have to beat you up." Jaken started laughing so hard tears came to his eyes, "Y-you...think...that...you...can...beat...the great...and powerful...Lord Sesshomaru? You're insane!"

A smirk came across Sesshomaru's lips, "I must say that I agree with my servant. Step aside boy, you have no idea who you're up against."

Kaoru growled, "I do! You're just trying to toy with my head, well it's not going to work!" He then shifted his eyes to Rin and back to Sesshomaru, with a laugh and a smirk he crossed his arms. "What?" Sesshomaru asked. Kaoru laughed, "Heh I see now. You won't give her up so easily because you love her," he sighed. "Father did say that she was your weakness."

Sesshomaru blinked and growled at the boy, "Watch your tongue boy, or else I just might rip it out." He then realized that the young Kitsune was no longer in front of him, but behind him holding Rin's hands. Kaoru turned to him, "You talk to much," then he faced Rin. "Do you truly chose this dog over me my love? Marry me and I'll make you the happiest girl in the world! You'll be with a real yokai and I'll protect you from any foe!" Rin's eyes grew gigantic and she blinked, "Wha?..."

Sesshomaru cracked his knuckles, "What-did-you-say?..." Kaoru ignored him and sighed as he pulled Rin into a hug, "I know you're confused, but love is like that sometimes." Rin laughed nervously, "Help me..."

Sesshomaru had had enough, he grabbed the Kaoru by the tail and heaved him into the air. "I've had enough of this! I'll give you one last warning boy! If you ever insult me again...you-will-die."

The Kitsune jumped back to his feet and reached into his pocket, "That sounds like a challenge to me, I'll fight for my love's heart." Rin just blinked. Sesshomaru rushed to him, "YOU-WILL-DIE!"

Kaoru jumped into the air, but Sesshomaru was to quick and grabbed his tail and slammed him toward the earth. With a large crash, Kaoru fell face first into the dirt. But quickly getting up, he reached into his pocket, pulled out a magic top and flung it at the Tai-yokai.

Before it grew larger, Sesshomaru batted it away and it came flying back at the Kitsune, bashing him across the face. Kaoru once again leaped in into the air and attempted to kick Sesshomaru's face. But instead, Sesshomaru dogged his blow and sent his fist into Kaoru's skull.

Before Kaoru could even holler in pain, Sesshomaru used his poison claws and slashed his back. The Kitsune then fell face first into the dirt, screaming.

The Tai-yokai landed gracefully on the ground and sighed, "Killing you would have been pointless, and for the record, I was going easy on you." Kaoru cringed as he slowly got up, "No...fair...damn you!" Sesshomaru smiled and walked over to him, "I can't believe you thought you could beat me. Know this, no child can beat Lord Sesshomaru."

The Kitsune turned around, "You think you're so high and mighty just because you're bigger than me," he stood up and reached into his pocket. "But that can be changed."

Jaken and Rin both looked at each other and Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow. "What nonsense are you babbling?" Kaoru laughed evilly and pulled out a tiny trinket from his pocket. "You'll see," the trinket looked like a modern-day pocket watch, only smaller, and it hung from a large gold chain.

"What is that thing?" Sesshomaru asked, Kaoru laughed and begun to swing it over his head. "As I said, you'll see."

Sesshomaru didn't even have time to blink before the trinket's chain suddenly grew longer and wrapped around him.

Kaoru yanked on the chain and it tightened around the Tai-yokai's body. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THING?" Sesshomaru barked. The Kitsune yanked harder on the chain and screamed, "Not fourteen, not thirteen, not twelve or eleven...change him back to when he was seven!" Suddenly, a bright light engulfed Sesshomaru's entire body, he tried to free himself but the chain was too tight. "DAMN YOU!" he screamed. Then in a instant, he had vanished and all that was left was his clothes, his armour, and his swords.

Kaoru called the chain back to him and it flew back into his hand. He smirked, "That'll teach him." Rin and Jaken both screamed, Rin ran over to the Kitsune and pulled his ear. "Where's Sesshomaru-sama? What did you do?" Kaoru blinked, "Don't tell me you like him?"

"Tell me!"

"Okay, okay, don't worry my love I didn't hurt him. He's still here." Rin and Jaken both looked at each other and ran to the pile of clothes. They blinked when they saw a small lump no bigger than Rin, a small voice from the clothes then piped up. "Why is everything so dark?"

Rin bent down, then pulling off the clothes she gasped. "S-Sesshomaru-sama?..." A seven year-old boy stood up and looked around, "Why is everything so big?" Jaken's mouth dropped, "Lord Sesshomaru...you're a...a...CHILD!"

Sesshomaru's eyes widened and he turned to a blushing Rin, who was looking down at the ground. "Um...Sesshomaru-sama...you might want to cover up."

Realizing he was naked Sesshomaru quickly used his shirt to tie around his waist. Then he turned to the laughing Kitsune across from him, "I don't know exactly how you did it, but you better change me back right now!"

Kaoru grinned, "How about...NO!" A small growl came from inside Sesshomaru's chest, "Change me back you little runt!"

Kaoru laughed, "Oh I'm the runt? Why don't you go look into a mirror!"

Sesshomaru rushed at the Kitsune, "CHANGE ME BACK!" Kaoru yawned and punched the young Sesshomaru in the stomach, "Do you honestly think you can beat me in this from?" Sesshomaru held his stomach and slowly got up, "Change...me...back."

The Kitsune thought for a moment and took out his trinket, "Well...if you want it back so badly...I suppose I could be nice." He tapped his chin. "But...what would I get in return? Let's see...hmmm...Oh! We'll do a trade, you give me Rin, and I'll give you the trinket."

Rin gasped and Sesshomaru growled as loud as he could, "No!" Kaoru grinned evilly, "All right then, if you don't want to trade..." he raised the trinket in the air, "Than I suppose you can go FIND IT!" Kaoru's hand glew bright purple and he tossed the trinket far across Japan.

Sesshomaru's mouth dropped and he slowly turned to the Kitsune, "You...bastard..." Kaoru laughed menacingly and he jumped into the air, "Serves you right! And by the way...you have even more things to worry about than just finding my trinket."

Sesshomaru looked up, "What?" Kaoru smiled, "Even though you still have your adult mind, it will change. The longer you stay in your child form, the more your mind will revert back to a child's. And when that happens, my trinket won't be able to change you back, you'll have to WAIT to grow up!" With a horrible laugh and a puff of smoke he was gone.

Sesshomaru Jaken and Rin all stared at one another. Jaken coughed, "Well...what should we do M'lord?" Sesshomaru clenched his fists, "Jaken, gather up my things and put them on Ah-Un. Then, we start our search for that trinket."

Jaken nodded, "Of course master." Sesshomaru started walking up ahead, "Let's move, but first, I'll need some clothes."

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