Hey Y'all! Sry that I vanished for awhile but I was nowhere near a computer all week. Hope Y'all can forgive me, anyways my head has been booming with ideas for fanfics lately. I'll start writing them when I get closer to finishing Small, but here's what I'm planning on writing. My first idea is a story called One Week, a 16 year old Rin eats a demon fruit and now she only has one week to live! My idea is for Sesshomaru to confess his love her.

Last night's mishap had been forgotten and the Inu-crew were just enjoying their morning before they left the inn. "Inuyasha..." The hanyou looked up turned his head to see his brother. "Watcha want?"

"Is anyone is the bath?" Inuyasha had to think for a moment, he really didn't know but who gave a damn if Sesshomaru embarrassed himself by walking in on someone? "No, you can take a bath."

Sesshomaru started walking down the hallway, changing out of his shirt and removing his swords. When he came to the door he was completely undressed and folded his clothes into a nice neat pile outside the door. He stretched and slid it open, then froze. Inside were Kagome and Sango taking a bath! Kagome turned and screamed, "SESSHOMARU! GET OUT RIGHT NOW!"

Sango screamed too and through a bar of soap at the yokai's head. "GET OUT PERVERT! OUT, OUT, OUT!" Sesshomaru ducked and ran out of there like a bat out of hell. Down the hallway he went until he came to where Inuyasha, Rin, Miroku, Jaken and Shippo were eating.

"You bastard! You told me there was no one in there!" Inuyasha didn't respond, he just blinked. Miroku shuddered and turned away, "For God's sake." Shippo covered his eyes, "I don't think my eyes can take this kinda punishment." Jaken's mouth just dropped and Rin just sat there, completely motionless. Sesshomaru blinked, "What's wrong?"

Rin screamed so loud that everyone had to cover their ears. "EEEWWWWWWWWW! COVER UP! COVER UP!" Sesshomaru's face turned bright red with embarrassment and ran back down the hallway.


Good God I'm an idiot! Father probably would have died laughing! Sesshomaru stayed back from the others, just a little ways behind Ah-Un and Rin, his head hanging down. Rin thought she would blush now every time she looked at he master, but she couldn't help but feel sorry for him. "Sesshomaru-sama..."

"Don't talk to me Rin, not now." Rin sighed, "So everyone saw...uh...you, who cares? Just move on." Sesshomaru almost smiled, that had been the most sensible thing he'd heard all day.

Inuyasha put his hands behind his head, "Have any idea where we are Miroku?" The Monk nodded, "Yes, there is a village just up ahead we can get some supplies." Shippo beamed, "Can we get some candy? Please!"

"But of course," The monk said with a laugh. Jaken growled, "We have no time to keep stopping! May I remind you that Lord Sesshomaru needs to change back!"

Kagome turned to the Imp, "Jaken, we really need supplies. Besides we have time to spare." The Imp just snorted and kept walking. "Hey we're here," Sango said cheerfully. The others started running into the village and once inside, stopped to catch their breaths. Inuyasha put his palms together, "Okay, here's the plan. Kagome, Sango, Miroku and I will go get the supplies we need and you kids stay here and play alright?"

Sesshomaru growled and Inuyasha sighed, "You kids AND Sesshomaru, Jaken you watch them."

"I don't take orders from YOU!"

"Jaken, watch Shippo and Rin," Sesshomaru said walking away. Inuyasha blinked, "Where do you think your going?"

"I'll just rest my feet for awhile, come and find me when you're done."

Sesshomaru sat on a fence and watched Shippo and Rin play tag. The child in him wanted to play too but he still had control.

C'mon let's play!


I wanna play!

Too bad we're not playing

You're a big meanie!

Does it look like I give a damn?

How can you be like this?

Simple, I'm an adult

No you're not

Not outside, but inside...

Blah, blah, blah you talk to much

You're the one to talk


I only speak the truth

I hate you! You're boring!

Shut up you little pest!

I won't! How could you let me turn into you?

Sesshomaru fell silent and the child in his mind laughed, Nothing to say huh? All outta words maybe?

Hold your tongue you snot-nosed-

How dare you insult me! I'm you, you boring old crone!

You need a spanking

whatever, I still can't believe I grew up to be YOU! You think you're so high and mighty when you're really a loser!





If I'm a loser. you're a loser!


What do you have to say now huh?
Feh, fine I'll shut up, but I'll be ruling this body soon!

"What's your name?" Sesshomaru nearly jumped with surprise and looked down to see four nine year old girls. One with black shoulder length hair and blue eyes, one with long auburn hair and green eyes, one with black hair tied up in a bun and hazel eyes and one with long light brown hair and brown eyes. The one with the bun had asked him his name. Sesshomaru snorted, "It's none of your business."

The one with the black shoulder length hair giggled, "Hey he's a tough guy. I'm Yuna." The one with a bun giggled too, "And he's cute too, I'm her sister Sazuna." The one with Auburn hair nodded, "I'm Nyoko." The one with light brown hair blushed, "He's adorable. Hi I'm Ruri."

For God's sake, "I care because?" Yuna clapped her hands, "And he has a sweet voice to boot."

"Leave me be mortals." Nyoko blinked, "Are you a yokai?" Hai! That's it! They'll have to leave me alone after that! "Yes, a Tai-yokai to be exact."

Ruri cheered, "Kawaii! You're a puppy! Your true form must be a dog!" Sazuna looked up to Sesshomaru and pressed her palms together, "Can we see your true form. please?" Kami! When will these girls leave me alone? Then a thought clicked into his head. I'll scare them!

He jumped down from the fence and smiled, "All right, here I go." Sesshomaru's face suddenly got longer and furry, large fangs began to form in his mouth and in a ball of light he flew up into the air. When he hit the ground again, the light vanished and he stood in his true form. A puppy about the size of a large dog.

The girls blinked for a moment before shouting, "KAWAII!" And tackling him. Yuna rubbed his ears, "So soft! He's sooooo cuuute!" Sazuna buried her face into his fur, "Oooh so warm and fuzzy!" Nyoko and Ruri both scratched his belly, "Belly rub!" Than they all started kissing him and kept asking if he wanted to play fetch. The child in Sesshomaru's mind started laughing and made his leg shake. Sure! I'll play fetch with you girls anytime!


Oh C'mon! They're cute, and they love us!


I think they're cute! c'mon we've NEVER had this many girls at one time!


"Stop touching me!" Sesshomaru barked. The girls froze for a moment, then shouted, "KAWAII! HE CAN TALK IN HIS DOGGIE FORM! CHANGE BACK SO WE CAN KISS YOU SOME MORE!"

"HELL NO! LET ME GO!" But suddenly Sesshomaru's leg started to twitch and his eye blinked rapidly. SHIT! The Twitch came back again. Sweat poured down from his face and he breathed really heavily. Don't make me change!

Screw you!

Light surrounded Sesshomaru and the girls, than it disappeared and he was back in his human form. The girls cheered and started pulling down his shirt, they kissed his face and his chest and he screamed. "JAKEN!"

Jaken turned around and freaked when he saw those girls tackling his lord. He rushed up the hill waving his staff over his head, "GET OFF OF HIM!" Shippo and Rin ran up too to see what was going on. "Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin screamed as she ran.

The girls didn't even notice Jaken but when they saw Rin run up they groaned. "Awwwwww, he's taken." They all got off of him and walked away saying, "Bye, bye cutie." Sesshomaru fell back onto the grass and breathed out a sigh of relief. "Thank God."

When the three finally got to the top of the hill they all stared at him. Shippo blinked, "Are you okay? I've NEVER seen young girls act like that." Rin helped him up and laughed, "You're quite the ladies boy." Sesshomaru's shirt had been pulled down and there were kiss marks all over his face and chest. He groaned, "This, is one of the reasons I hate humans."

"M'Lord, how exactly did this happen?" Jaken asked. Sesshomaru shook his head, "I just couldn't scare them off." Rin quirked an eyebrow, "Why would you want too?"

"It shows authority Rin." Sesshomaru replied. Shippo shrugged, "Wanna see if Inuyasha and the others are finished?" Sesshomaru nodded, "You and Jaken go up ahead, Rin and I will catch up."

Jaken and Shippo both shrugged and went off, Sesshomaru turned to Rin, "Rin...do I look as threatening as I did before?" Rin laughed, "You mean with the kiss marks or without?" Sesshomaru sighed, "Seriously." Rin shrugged, "No more threatening than when you were an adult."

Wonderful. Sesshomaru growled and turned around, "Is that what you think? Well if That's what you think...than let me show you this!" He turned around sharply and snarled at her. His eyes glowing red and his mouth foaming. Rin stood there until he finished and laughed, "You have some spit on your face." Sesshomaru's arms slumped at his sides and his eyes went back to normal. Rin smiled and started running up ahead, "Race you!"

(claps) Nice one Sessho, you REALLY showed authority. LOL anyways, I apologize for not updating sooner, but yah...lol stay tuned