This is the poetry form of Kish's literature to Ichigo originally. Here's the second idea.

Kish's love

'Bored… bored bored bored bored bored…'

A young cyniclon wandered around the corridors of their unused warehouse. This was their hideout; just as the mew mews had their café. Lately there was nothing to do other than planning to spring their next attack on the mews. Then deciding how to take over the planet afterwards blah blah Deep Blue's orders blah to save their blah. It did get tiresome and every human on earth was busy shopping for his or her "Christmas" unaware of what was going on in a particular spot on earth-

Probably going to blow up the planet with that too.

Tart walked up to Kish' headquarters. On the ground appeared to be plans and diagrams littered around the floor. Many were crumpled and clogged up the small trash bin in the corner.

'Wow, wonder what Kish is up to?'

Besides all the mess, there was one single piece of paper that lay neatly on the square desk. Being the little nosy squirt Tart is, reached forward to peek at Kish's plans. What he saw had no relation to fusing people at all. In fact, it was enormously different to what Kish had been expecting. Tart read the introduction:

"To my love."

Tart's bright yellow headlights lit up. This was way better than planning battles for domination.

I have watched you from afar

And my heart has jumped for joy

For Christmas, I could 'borrow' a car

But be unable to take this toy

My ambitions, my missions, they all disappear

Whenever your sweet face is in view

There is no one around that makes me feel queerer

Other than being with you…

At this point Tart was bursting with maniacal laughter. He kept quiet, fearing Kish would return from wherever he was and tie him up to a 17- foot tree.

Of course I cannot lie

Than to see you with Masaya

I'd rather die

MY soul aches with burning desire

(I swear I must be on fire)

Who would deserve you, dear Ich-

He couldn't help it. It was just too funny. Tart stopped in mid- sentence and began rolling on the ground unable to keep his laughter under control in two paragraphs. It wasn't long before-


The youngest cyniclon looked up into two dangerously glowing yellow eyes. He gulped.

"What…" the other cyniclon's voice was alarmingly low. "…Are you… doing with my private…stuff?"

Tart who was just a minute ago laughing so joyously began to stammer.

"I uh…b- bo-bored…and I came up…du-decided on…uhm…hmm…" He was silent for a moment.

Kish just stared at him. His temper was beginning to simmer down.


Tart stared back at him silently. Then…


He ducked around Kish and began sprinting out the door. Good timing too, because Kish's temper was undoubtedly flaring up again.


He began sprinting after him ten times faster. I wish I could say that the squirt was smart and hid from Kish in the water faucet, but it didn't end that way.

Unfortunately for Tart, he was caught and hung on a 34-foot tree.

This was the second version. Hope you enjoyed it. Now go buy your Christmas tree's eh? If you find a poor boy hanging onto one, kindly let him down. ;)