So, I heard the Professor had this monster vision 'bout the future. I heard the X-Geeks were still out bein' boy scouts an' stuff, and we're still gonna be the bad guys. I gotta say, I ain't surprised. I'm happy.

No matter what mutants do ta make the normals like us, they ain't gonna. We're always gonna be the freaks ta them. The X-Geeks act like they gotta change themselves ta be like everyone else. It's nice ta know that the Brotherhood will always keep it real.

That's another thing we got goin' for us. Those guys are the X-Men. Professor X's Men. No matter who we work for, or what we do, though, we're always gonna be the Brotherhood. We look out for ourselves, an' so we'll always be able to trust each other more than those wusses out to save all mankind or somethin'.

Here's what I see when I think about our future. If we're still together, that'll mean Pietro finally had a chance to talk to Wanda, and they're okay. Lance ain't chasin' Kitty no more, 'cause he don't need her. He'll be his own man. Freddy'll be able to walk down the street, an' won't care what anybody says about him, 'cause he could crush 'em inta the pavement if he wanted ta. An' me? Well, maybe I ain't gonna be datin' Wanda. Maybe I'll never be the kinda person an X-Geek would respect. I'm can live with that. My brothers respect me, and as long as I'm Todd ta them, I don't care if ta everyone else, I'm just the Toad.