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I know marriage law stories have been written before but I wanted to write one that included Werewolves. I think I have a crush on Remus.



The Daily Prophet

Marriage – Law - 5,456 Unions !

The Ministry has released a statement concerning the new Marriage Law. The statement read to reporters outside the Ministry of Magic is as follows.

The slump in the population brought about by the recent war has unfortunately left the survival of the Magical world in danger. According to a recent population census, a minimum of 5,456 unions must take place to guarantee the survival of England's next Wizarding generation.

After a much-heated debate, the Ministry approved the new Marriage Law by a 54 percent approval. The law is effective immediately making it possible for the Ministry to arrange as it sees fit the union between any unmarried full-blooded wizard and witch to any muggle born witch or wizard that is of age.

In addition, in hopes of showing the world that England's Wizarding Community is taking steps towards uniting all Wizards; our brothers and sisters who suffer lycanthropy have been included into the law. The ministry asks everyone's cooperation, disregard of the new law by anyone will result in that citizen's imprisonment in Azkaban and the loss of his or her powers. The Ministry will oversee all the unions personally to guarantee the law's effectiveness.

To insure that all unions have an optimum possibility of procreation the Ministry will magically monitor couples to insure that those involved are doing everything possible to bring about the next generation. The Ministry will dissolve any union that has not produced offspring within eighteen months and will form another, all unions must have at least one magical child. If any Wizard or Witch tries to make him or herself exempt from the law by bringing about their sterility, he or she will not only lose their powers but will also be imprisoned in Azkaban and their family's wealth will be forfeit to the Ministry.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The Statement was given by Percy Weasley, Assistant spoke person to the Minister of Magic. The Minister was unavailable for comment how very unsurprising!

A list of those to be married as well as their spouses appears on pages 2 through 534. No one on the list is exempt.

Rita Skeeter.