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Draco sat in his favorite chair by the fireplace and waited patiently for his mother to come.

Hades, his pet owl, arrived a moment ago with his mother's reply and he'd like nothing more than to hear her side of the story.

Still preoccupied with thoughts about his mother, he failed to notice a sudden movement behind him. Something creeping up behind his favorite chair, stealthily crouching low.

It was attempting to capture its prey, patiently waiting for an opportunity to strike. Then, it saw the perfect time. It pounced right behind the blonde's head and sank its claws on soft, flaxen hair, startling its prey into screams.

"OW! GOD DAMMIT! ALTAIR, YOU MISERABLE, FILTHY, FREE-LOADING FLEA BAG!" the blonde shrieked in pain, reaching up to rip the offending black mass on top of his head. "WAIT TILL I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, I'LL SHAVE YOUR FUR OFF, DO YOU HEAR ME! GET OFF OF ME!"

And that was how his mother saw him.

"DRACO LUCIEN MALFOY! What in heaven's name are you doing with that cat!" she mock scolded, trying not to laugh at her son's undignified situation.

Said fleabag was still anchored on Draco's head, purring madly as it rubbed its face on his hair like it was catnip.


"Now, Draco, it is against our breeding for you to swear", Narcissa chided, stifling her giggles behind her delicate, pale hand. But she sobered almost instantly. "I guess you have some questions that are in need of answering?"

Before Draco could answer, a series of footsteps echoed throughout the Common Room and four heads poked from the staircase in the corner. They all looked weary and quite in dishabille, hair sticking up in all places and robes crumpled in various areas.

"What's going on, Dray? Why are you so noisy?" Pansy whined, rubbing her sleepy eyes with the back of her hand.

They seemed to have not noticed Narcissa as they began complaining all at once, whining at the late hour and how Draco's screams could wake the dead.

"Not as much as Pans could, really", Blaise added sleepily, earning a sharp jab at his toes. "OWW!" Talk about a wake up call…, he thought, grudgingly.

"I am afraid you children should go back to sleep", said Narcissa gently at the group who were everything but children, except in her eyes. "Draco and I have much to discuss. Privately."

Realization dawned on the group and they straightened up, sleep entirely gone from their eyes.

"Everything you say, mother, needs to be said here in this room, with my friends", said Draco. "They've been with me ever since this thing started to happen and I think it would be unfair if I shut them out. They are a part of this as much as you and I are."

Narcissa thought to protest but the beseeching look of her son and the determined looks on the others was her undoing. She sighed in defeat and the Slytherins smiled at each other.

They sat all over the Common Room and used a Silencing Spell as well as the spell Severus used to converse with them without any threat that they would be heard. (A/N: check HBP. I forgot the spell.)

Once they were settled in, Draco came right to the point of his curiosity.

"What am I, mother?"

Narcissa sighed again, but this time, it was sad. She didn't want to answer but she knew she should.

"Tell me what you have found out since the first time Draco changed", she requested, earning questioning glances.

They were uncertain of what it would lead into but they decided to answer her question.

"The first time Draco changed was when his hearing became too sensitive to the point that his ears almost bled at any sudden noise", Pansy started. "We had to use a Deafening Charm to lower that problem."

"What did you think when this happened?" Narcissa asked.
"Well, we thought he was being cursed, at first, until later that week, he said that his eyesight was much stronger than before. In fact, he could readily see in the dark, given a little time to adjust", Pansy answered. "In the next few days, he began to feel cold and he almost burned his own bed."

Narcissa looked at her son in alarm. "You never mentioned that to me."

"I didn't want you to worry, mother," Draco shrugged. "Besides, we had help from Severus, though he was just as curious as we are."

"Right you are, Draco," interrupted a silky drawl from the door.

Leaning against the doorframe in all his black finery, stood Severus Snape, whose arms were crossed in front of his chest.

"Don't you think I would know how to remove my own spell?" he asked, crossing the room to sit on one of the empty chairs.

"How did you know I was here, Severus?" Narcissa asked.

"I am the Head of House. Naturally, any midnight visits are said to me", he drawled. "Now, Cissy, I want to know exactly what is going on with my godson."

"I'll get there, I promise", said Narcissa with an apologetic smile. "Now, where were we?"

"Well, we researched about it and no known illnesses held any symptoms like that", said Pansy.

"Then, I remembered something in the Monster Book of Monsters –what? Well, it was interesting, alright, so sue me!" said Blaise as he was greeted by disbelieving looks. No one really expected him to like Care of Magical Creatures. "Anyway, I remembered a creature like that and well, I consulted the book and found out that the symptoms led to the maturation of the Fyrfelinus. It's a creature resembling a cat but with a special affinity with fire. It lives mostly in volcanoes or where there is an abundance of geothermal energy."

"That's when Dray was trying to burn himself on the fireplace when we left him alone for about five minutes", said Vincent. "But when we concluded that, the next day, something totally different happened."

"All symptoms vanished all at once then replaced by another set," Gregory started. " He lost his voice, then he began to feel too hot that he wanted to take a swim at the lake in the middle of the night and then his voice returned."

"Don't you think that it could have been a sore throat?" Narcissa asked though she knew the answer.

Vincent shook his head as she expected and said, "It couldn't have been that because before he lost his voice, Dray couldn't sing. He couldn't tell one note from the other—"

"Gee, thanks a lot, Vince", Draco drawled sarcastically, but his friend continued as if he didn't hear him.

"—but when his voice came back, it was different and everyone who hears him follows him around for a whole day, trying to jump him or get him alone somewhere and won't remember anything the day after", Vincent finished.

"These are the symptoms of the maturation of a siren", Severus supplied after a moment of silence. "I think I already know what this is about but I am not going to tell you", he said, holding up his hand at his curious students. "Narcissa owes this explanation and it wouldn't be fair if I take it from her."

The students looked up at Narcissa expectantly, waiting for her to explain.

"Severus is correct. I do owe you all an explanation, especially you, Draco. But know that I only intended to protect you and give you a normal life," she started, taking a deep breath. She turned her bright, blue eyes to those of her son's silver orbs and said, "you, my son, are a chimera."

There was a moment of tensed silence as everyone in the room tried to comprehend what had just been said.

"I'm a… what?" Draco whispered, finally breaking the trance that seemed to engulf the little group.

"A… chimera…but isn't that a creature made from different parts of various creatures brought to life by dark magic?" Gregory ventured cautiously, seeing Draco's mother shake her elegant head. "I once read that they were bloodthirsty creatures which cannot be controlled by their creators."

By this time, everyone's attention had focused on her, even the imperturbable potions master.

"That is not true… The Ministry prohibited the creation of chimeras after the first war. In order to suppress it, they used that definition to scare the people", she paused for a moment to look at the fire and continued, looking at them with eyes filled with hatred. "Chimeras were made from both magic and muggle means. They are 'born' by fusing the genes of a human and a magical creature closely related to humans."

"Like the Fyrfelinus, the siren, the veela, the faery, the sylph, and the merfolk", Vincent interjected.

"Chimeras are not evil creatures. From most cases, they develop rather slowly and act more as puppets than violent, bloodthirsty beasts. In fact, humans pose more danger to them because they risk being abused and taken advantage of due to their exceptional abilities.

"For many centuries, many wizards tried to create the perfect chimera, since all the chimeras seemed to end up the same way: like puppets. They tried giving the chimera its own mind, its own soul but they were not successful. Too many things occupied the chimera's mind like its different instincts and behaviors derived from all the creatures used to create it that eventually, its brain suffered and broke down from too much information.

"During the first war when science and technology was developing at an alarming rate, a wizard tried to use this muggle science called genetics to study about how to create a more humane chimera. And to everyone's astonishment, he succeeded. He used his daughter as the final test subject and if he were not successful, the price would have been her death. But as I said, he succeeded.

"Unfortunately, when the Ministry tried to get his cooperation, they found out that he was fighting with the Dark Lord. His daughter became a valuable ally and they started on a project to make more chimeras. But when Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord for the first time, the laboratory was seized and every creature inside, even the growing fetuses were burned to ashes. The only survivor of all the chimeras was his daughter but she, too, died soon after a public execution."

"Hey, I read that!" Pansy exclaimed. "I knew her name, too. It was Emily! Emily Rozencraft!"

"So I'm made from recycled body parts?" Draco asked incredulously. "How did that happen?"

Narcissa sighed again. "You were born very weak. When you were a baby, you would always contract diseases that were highly unusual and almost untreatable because of your low immunity. What was even stranger is that the diseases you catch are related to other magical creatures. You were also born with a weak heart, almost to the point that you turn too pale and unable to breathe because of the lack of blood passed all over your body.

"Because of these problems, and the fact that St. Mungo's can't offer much for your treatment or vouch for your recovery that I desperately sought someone's help. And that's none other than Silver Rozencraft, Emily's father. Needless to say, he agreed to help me and after altering your genes a little bit, you started to make an almost miraculous recovery.

"And now, here you are. All grown up and still strong."

"So where is he now?" asked Draco.

That is what I am afraid of, Narcissa thought sadly. "I haven't heard of him from the past ten years, I'm afraid."

Draco and the others accepted this without protest which made Narcissa sigh in relief. A small yawn was drawn from Pansy as sleep began to take over her and the rest of the group.

"I think I have taken much of your time. It's time for you to get to bed", said the elegant blonde woman as she each gave them a kiss on the forehead. "You have classes in the morning."

She lingered lovingly at her son, holding him as tightly as she could and kissed him hard on the forehead.

"Good night, my angel", she whispered.

"Good night, mother," Draco replied before parting from her.

She watched as he ascended the stairs to his dormitory and turned to Severus who was regarding her calmly but intently.

"There is something you are still hiding from him, Cissy."

It was not a question but a statement and Narcissa was shocked that Severus could sense even something she tried so hard to conceal.

She looked at him warily before turning to the fireplace and said, "I do not know what you are talking about, Severus."

"Yes, you do. Take my advice, Cissy, and tell him everything. Otherwise it would cost you dearly. Good night", he said and left without another word.

She had thought about it, she really did. But where was the sense of worrying her son over someone who was most likely dead?

"He is my masterpiece", that monster had written. "And I am going to have him. Not even his own mind and soul can stop me."

She shuddered. No, she did not want Draco to know about him. Not until she was sure what she was up against.


The morning was bright and sunny and there were plenty of things to look forward to during the day but Harry was in no mood to think about it. He was, as of last night, officially pissed off.

After his meeting with Malfoy, he had been cornered by Ginny, then by Ron and Hermione, then the rest of Gryffindor house. He did not know what the big deal was about arriving a few minutes after Malfoy's group did and it drove him nuts to think how they can ask him those questions over and over again like he was a retard!

"Alright, Harry Potter, calm down. You've been through worse things."

He was just glad they all decided to go to Hogsmeade after they cornered him time and time again, asking him if he wanted to go with them.

"Talking to yourself, Potter? I thought you were done with that", said a deep voice behind him.

He turned around and found himself face to face with none other than Malfoy.

"Being an arse, Malfoy? I thought you were done with that", Harry countered, not the least bit amused at the knowing grin on Malfoy's face.

"I am. Just keeping up with appearances", he said. "Can't have my reputation ruined, you know."

He sat down on the grass and looked around at Harry's favorite place.

"I never knew you liked being by the lake. Surprising how we could be the same", he whispered softly. "This is also one of my hiding places when I need to think."

They were both sitting by the lake, hidden from prying eyes by a ledge above their heads. Their feet touched the water sending ripples throughout the expanse of the lake.

"You mean, you like being near the lake, too?" Harry asked as he sat down beside the blonde.

"The water relaxes me and the giant squid makes me laugh when it tries to pull a first year into the water," the blonde answered with a sideways glance at him.

Harry laughed. "How… Slytherin."

The blonde rolled his silver eyes at him. "You can do better than that, Potter. Anyway, what was it you were so pissed off about?"

The Gryffindor raised an eyebrow at him. "Why would you want to know?"

"Just curious. Maybe I could help, who knows?" the blonde replied cheekily, his smile widening.

Now, it was Harry's turn to roll his eyes at him.

"Come on, Potter. I know you need a shoulder to cry on," the smaller boy said suggestively.

Actually, what Harry thought he needed was an ice pack because he was feeling a little too hot for comfort. He was absently staring at Malfoy's mouth, watching the way it moved when he spoke softly with his light, caressing voice. His gaze went down to the graceful neck, with its alabaster skin waiting to be ravished then to the small expanse of skin that lead to an equally white chest revealed when the Slytherin was leaning forward toward him.

"Hey, Potter, you still in there?" Draco asked uncertainly as he began to lean back, moving away from the predatory look Harry gave him.

The Gryffindor broke out of his trance and blinked. "W-what?"

"You were looking at me like you did on the train before you, um, did that…", he trailed off, turning away to hide the adorable light blush on his cheeks.

Harry found himself blushing as well as he turned his gaze to his shoes. It wasn't much to look at but it distracted him from looking at Draco.

"Why did you do that anyway?"

Ah, the question of the century.

"You really don't have to answer that," Draco amended quickly, but the Gryffindor already chose to answer.

"I didn't know why I did it. When I saw you there, I thought you were, well, pretty—"

"No, you didn't. If you thought I was just pretty, you wouldn't have stayed there that long," Draco pointed out. "Admit it, you thought I was beautiful."

Harry shook his head at the blonde's jibe, smiling despite himself as he saw the arrogant smirk that the blonde was known for.

"Yeah, yeah. Well, I thought you were a different person until you went all jerky on me. You've always been a git every time I see you", said Harry, chuckling at the look in the blonde's face. "Well, anyway, it all happened so fast and I think, at that moment, the only thing I can do to shut you up was to kiss you… Can't say I didn't enjoy it though."

"You're a pervert," the blonde announced, chuckling. "I didn't know the great Harry Potter liked kissing people just to get them to shut up. Whatever happened to the naïve boy who I used to tease a lot?"

"What you did wasn't called teasing. It was called harassing. And who are you calling naïve? I happened to have more experience than you in that area, remember?"

Blushing, Draco gave him a mock glare. "Just because I haven't done it yet, doesn't mean I'm uninformed, you know." Then, he started and looked at Harry. "I've been meaning to ask you this for a while now… are you gay?"

Harry's eyes widened and he choked a bit at the sudden question. "What makes you think that I am?" he asked uncertainly.

"Well, you knew I was a guy but you kissed me anyway— I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked you that. That was rude of me."

"Yes, I am", Harry answered blankly, suddenly he wanted to know what the blonde's reaction would be if he admitted to being a homosexual. He half-expected rejection already when the blonde smiled.

"That's fine. I'm one, too", Draco replied.

"If you're telling me that just to make me feel better, I'd appreciate it if you'd just stop", Harry said coldly.

The blonde looked at him, offended. "Why would I lie about something like that, Potter? If I weren't gay, I wouldn't have let you kiss me."

"You couldn't have stopped me even if you tried", Harry pointed out.

Anger flared at the blonde's silver eyes. "Oh, really? Why don't you try me right now? Back then, I admit, I was vulnerable because— umph!"

Harry captured the blonde's lips in an earth-shattering kiss, pinning him under his much stronger body. He parted the blonde's lips with his tongue, tasting a faint trace of maple syrup from breakfast.

Gods, he is so sweet, Harry thought deliriously as he ravaged the soft mouth, his hands moving of their own volition as they slithered underneath the blonde's shirt.

He broke the kiss the moment he felt the smaller boy shudder and moan against him.

They sat up, both breathing hard and fast, looking at anything besides each other.

"I'm sorry about that", Harry started though he wasn't the least bit sorry. Guilty for taking advantage of him, yes, but definitely not sorry.

Definitely disappointed, Draco remained on the grass, trying to calm his labored breathing and his heart's painful pounding. He felt incredibly tight down there as the throbbing increased on his crotch.

The blonde stood up and fixed his rumpled clothes. "I-it's okay", he said breathlessly. "I think I should go now." He turned to go when the Gryffindor caught his arm and turned him around.

"I don't want you to go just yet", said Harry.

The heart he tried so hard to still began to pound again as he let Harry lead him out of the lake and into the castle.

"Where are we going?" he asked, a thrill rising as they ran across the halls. Good thing the whole population was at the Great Hall and at Hogsmeade. No one was there to look at the former rivals running hand in hand.

"Gryffindor Tower."



"We'll get caught. Let's go to my bedroom. In the Head Boy's room."

Back at the lake, a group of teenagers scrambled out of their little hiding place behind the ledge.

"Man, that was hot", said Pansy as she fanned herself. "Who knew gays making out would be so much fun to look at?"

Her friends turned to her abruptly, looking at her as if she had grown two more heads.

"You were watching them?" Blaise asked incredulously, the other two boys looking at her expectantly.

"Well, yeah. Weren't you?" she asked, seeing the boys shake their heads at her. "Well, I feel sorry for you. It was so hot! I mean, didn't you see Potter— oh, yeah, you didn't look. Anyway, you should have seen him! He was kissing Dray like mad and he was rubbing his groin against Dray's hips, though I doubt he knew what he was doing, and then, Dray was moaning! You heard him, didn't you? I didn't know Dray was noisy in bed!"

"PANSY PARKINSON!" Vincent yelled, stopping Pansy from her raving. "I don't think any of us feel comfortable talking about Dray's make-out session. Please, quiet down before anyone else hears you."

"That's right, Pansy. And I don't think Dray would appreciate knowing you saw everything they did", Gregory added, patting her on the shoulder.

"Well, I think it was payment. If it weren't for us, he wouldn't know where Potter hangs out and they wouldn't get together in the first place", she reasoned. "Anyway, now I want to see them in action. Blaise, you know the password to Dray's room, right?"



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