Paper X

Right, I've had this idea in my head for a while now and I got so annoyed thinking about it that I had to write something down and see if any of you lot out there thought it was any good. Obviously I don't own these people, Marvel do. If you feel the urge to sue someone then sue them not me as I have no money.

Paper X

Part 1

As he reached the top floor of the building. Bobby Drake walked out of the lift and was suddenly thrust into the frantic pace of a busy newspaper. The office was a hive of activity, everywhere you looked one could see people shouting at each other and dashing around, trying desperately to put the finishing touches to stories in an attempt to achieve the reporters dream of front page news. Telephone's were perpetually ringing as the intended recipient refused to budge from their train of thought and risk the distraction.

The headquarters of 'The Dream' newspaper was situated in the heart of Westchester, occupying the top four floors and basement of what the employees had endearingly nicknamed 'The Mansion'. It was an old building, the architecture reminiscent of the 18th Century and, even with the interior having been turned into an modern office environment, it still held that air of tradition and nostalgia. The open plan layout, except for a few closed areas for the senior employees, afforded the maximum possible room but even so you couldn't stand still for very long without getting bumped into by someone or another in the frantic rush to get the next edition out.

Dressed in his best suit, as all new employees do, and eager to find out what the hell he was supposed to be doing there, Bobby tried to grab the attention of one of the many people rushing past him.

"Um, excuse me? I wonder…."

"No time."

"Could you help?…."

"Get outta my face kid."

Dammit, he thought, annoyed at being ignored, be forceful like Mum said, he told himself as another person approached. "Hey!" Bobby almost shouted at the woman, startling her so much that she dropped the reams of files that she had only just managed to get to balance on her arms.

"Jesus! What the hell did you do that for?" She said in an angry British accent, bending down to pick up the loose papers.

"Oh god I'm sorry," Bobby replied sheepishly, "Here, let me help you."

"Ow!" They both cried as Bobby crouched down only to bang heads with the woman as she went to get up.

"Bloody hell, do you have a ability for annoying people or what?"

"It's one of my most endearing qualities." He mumbled, hoping to ease the tension between them.

"Look, what do you want?" She said tersely, rubbing the front of her head. Any patience having run out about the same time she starting seeing stars in front of her eyes.

"Um, I'm the new intern, I was told to meet the editor on this floor but I don't know where exactly, I was hoping you could tell me."

"So you're Bobby Drake." She replied with a mischievous glint in her eyes, "Well I'm Elizabeth Braddock, Current Affairs Editor. One of your new bosses. I'm sure I'll find plenty for you to get your teeth into once Mr 'High and Mighty' is finished with you."

Aw shit, way to go Bobster. "Oh cool, can't wait." He mumbled sarcastically but quietly enough so that she didn't hear, he hoped.

"And just for that you can carry all these to my office before I take you to him." She said, grinning evilly at the boy.

Bobby simply sighed in defeat, picked up the mountain of paper and trudged behind his new-found 'friend'.


"Look Forge I don't want to hear excuses," Scott Summers shouted angrily down the phone, "Just make sure that the printers get up and running as soon as possible or I'm going to come down there and sort it out myself."

He slammed the phone down, inwardly cursing himself for giving that man the job. No matter what references he said he had, he was just no good with technology. As he sat in his office, contemplating how he was going to explain to his boss why the next day's edition was going to be late, again, Scott heard someone knock quietly and slowly open the door.

"Yes what?" He said a little more harshly than intended.

"Um, sorry to disturb you," The boy said, nervously fidgeting about as he entered the room. "My names Bobby Drake, I'm the new Intern?"

"Ah yes," Scott replied, thank god for that, he thought as he stood up, almost crushing the smaller man's hand in a firm handshake. "Good to meet you, I'm Scott Summers, Editor-in-Chief of this newspaper. I'll take you round to meet the people you'll be working under from now on although your ultimate boss will be me."

"Right, cool, fair enough, lets go." Bobby stammered out, cradling his hand in the other, eyes darting nervously about in a bid to not have to make eye contact with the bigger man.

Scott grinned at the young man and opened the door, letting the sights and sounds of the office filter in and barrage their senses.

"Welcome to 'The Dream' Bobby."

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