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"A Rainbow Connection"

Chpt. 1

It was a bright sunny day as usual in Rainbowland. The bees were buzzing and the birds were chirping, as the Sprites sent carts of color crystals down to the Color Castle. There the Color Kids sat at the console, keeping Rainbowland bright and colorful. Far in the distant sky was a diminishing rainbow, on which were Rainbow Brite, Starlight, and Twink heading to Earth.

Rainbow and her companions have made this trip many times before, and were confident that their friends could handle whatever mischief Murky Dismall could do. If Rainbow had happened to look off in the direction of The Pits at that time, she would have noticed a strange copter like vehicle circling in the sky. Even if she had, there was no way for her to know the danger it signified.

Deep within the Pits, Murky laughed as he watched the copter seed his new gloom cloud with a crystalline substance. "We'll beat that Rainbow brat for sure this time Lurky," he said to the big brown, sprite-like creature next to him. "Duh, how are we going to do that Murky?" he asked.

"Doh,' Murky grumbled, "Our friend up there comes from a sorcerer with similar plans as we do. With his magic powder, and my gloom cloud, we have created a Doom Gloom Rain Cloud. It will spread over all Rainbowland, washing away all the color. Turning it as gray and gloomy as The Pits and Rainbow Brite will be helpless against it."

"It's all ready Murky," shouted the pilot of the copter. "It won't be long before it takes effect. It should be finished by tomorrow. I'll be back then. So long." The pilot waved as the copter flew away into the horizon. Murky and Lurky watched the gloom cloud grow. The bigger it got, the darker it got. It slowly stretched its way across the sky and began to move toward Rainbowland.

Over in Rainbowland, the Spites began to gather. They watched the strange cloud that mysteriously formed in the sky. It was growing at an alarming rate and moving toward them. When it started dropping short bursts of grayish rain, they began to get worried and went to inform the Color Kids. "The Spites sound upset about something," said Canary Yellow.

"Your right," agreed Red Butler, "I wonder what's wrong?" The seven kids ran out the door to be greeted by the Sprites. "What's wrong?" asked Red. The Sprites began talking all at once and pointed into the sky. The Kids looked up to see the dark cloud spreading overhead. Seconds later, the bottom of the bucket drop out, sending torrents of rain over the entire area.

High above Rainbowland, a rainbow ribbon wound its way through the sky. Starlight galloped atop of it, carrying Rainbow and Twink on his back. "There appears to be some rough weather ahead," said Starlight.

"Do you think it's Stormy, Rainbow?" asked Twink. "You know what happens when she gets in a bad mood."

"I don't know Twink," replied Rainbow. "I've never seen a storm that covered all of Rainbowland before. I have a feeling that something is wrong, we better get down there fast."

"Hang on then," said Starlight as he picked up speed. The rainbow cut its way through the cloud as Starlight ran on. The cloud was not deterred by it much as it quickly closed in behind them. The sight that greeted them shocked them as they broke through to the other side. Patches of Rainbowland were gray and barren.

"It's awful," said Rainbow. They could see in the distance the bursts of rain and minutes after it fell the ground lost its color and plant life.

"Rainbow look!" exclaimed Starlight. In front of them was the Color Castle, gray and crumbling. The sprite's village was much the same way.

"I hope everybody is okay," said Rainbow fearfully.

They landed in front of the castle and Rainbow jumped down off Starlight. "Hello, is anybody here?" she asked. A figure stepped out of the doorway. "What do you want?" shouted a colorless Patti. Rainbow took a step back, "Patti what happened?"

"Who cares," said Patti, "Go away and leave me alone." Patti turned around and headed back inside. Rainbow touched the star on her color belt and a rainbow color light emerged, engulfing Patti. Slowly her color returned. "Rainbow? Oh Rainbow it's horrible."

"Patti, can you tell me what happened?" Rainbow asked as she comforted her friend.

"We were in the control room when we heard the Sprites sounding upset. When we went outside to ask them what was wrong, they pointed up into the sky. That was when it began raining, it happened so fast there was no time to react. We ran inside, but the damage had already been done." Patti turned her head away as she recalled the events. She remained quiet for a few minutes. "A few minutes later everybody started to lose their color, then the bad feelings started in. We were all so mean to each other."

"Do you know where the others are?"

Patti shook her head, "No, I don't. We all went our own way after we fought. We might find Stormy at the Color Caves though, I think I saw her heading in that direction earlier."

"It's a good place to start," said Rainbow. She swung herself upon Starlight's back then pulled Patti up behind her and Twink sat behind Patti. "Let's go to the Color Caves Starlight."

"Hold on," he replied and galloped of in the direction of the caves.

When they reached the Color Caves Stormy was indeed there. Tickled Pink was there too, along with several sprites that were in the caves when the rain began. "Rainbow," said Tickled Pink, "And Patti. Am I glad to see your okay. I thought for sure that you were caught in that rain when it fell on the castle and the sprite's village."

"I was, then Rainbow came back and helped me." Stormy stepped up beside Tickled Pink. "Those aren't normal rain clouds Rainbow," she said. "I can't control them like others and they interfere with my powers. I can't make any storms to blow them away."

"I know, the rainbow barely made it through them. Murky really outdid himself this time."

"What are we going to do Rainbow?" Tickled Pink asked.

"First thing we need to do is get everyone together and back to normal. Then we might be able to restore Rainbowland and stop Murky." Rainbow looked outside and across the barren landscape,

"But where do we start looking for them?" asked Starlight.

Everyone thought for a minute, then Stormy spoke up. "Hold on, when I was coming here I saw Buddy heading south of the river, and Violet was heading northeast of the castle toward the mountains there."

"That's great Stormy," said Rainbow. "Patti, you and Tickled Pink stay here in the Color Cave, you too Twink. If any of the other Color Kids come here you need to try to keep them here till I return. Stormy, you go try to find Violet and I'll go after Buddy."

"Be careful out there Rainbow."

"You too Stormy."

Rainbow touched the star on her belt creating a rainbow for Starlight to run on. Rainbow and Starlight exited the cave with Stormy and Skydancer close behind. Stormy turned toward the east in the direction she saw Violet. Rainbow headed toward the river. The rain was still falling on parts of Rainbowland so they moved quickly and watched the sky. As they approached the river Rainbow saw that it had swollen from the rain and was moving very fast. "Down there Starlight," Rainbow said, pointing to a gray figure by the river. The rainbow aimed downward and Starlight descended. They landed a few feet away and Rainbow jumped down. It was indeed Buddy they had found; he was lying on the ground right by the edge of the bank. Rainbow walked toward him and called out to him. "Buddy, are you okay? It's me Rainbow." No response came from Buddy, he didn't even move. Rainbow approached him carefully, not wanting to startle him and cause him to fall into the river. "Buddy?" she said as she reached down to touch his shoulder.

"Look out!" shouted Starlight. Buddy disappeared as hands hit hard on Rainbow's back. The blow knocked the wind out of her and she fell into the river. She gasped for air and only got water. She scrambled for the top and broke through, coughed the water out of her lungs and was pulled back under by the current. She reemerged farther down the river and caught a glimpse of Starlight being pulled down by shadows. Once again she was pulled under, coming up two more times before the cold of the water and lack of air caused her to pass out.