The events of 2 Fast 2 Furious never happened, and Brian is still running from the cops!

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Away From Myself

Chapter 1

Brian O'Connor sighed as he lay down on the bed of the fifth motel he had stayed in this month. Just as his eyes were about to close, he heard the roar of the sirens out in front of the motel, and cursed to himself. He put his clothes back in his duffle, and was halfway out the window, when he heard the door break on it's hinges.

"He's getting away!' He heard someone say behind him, and shimmied out of the window faster. Once he was on the ground, he ran for dear life. Ducking behind bushes for cover, he caught his breath, and went on running. Just as he was reaching his car, his felt a searing pain in his right shoulder, that shoved him into the car door.

There was a streak of red when he pulled away, and opened the door to his Skyline. Getting in, he turned the key, and hit the gas. He squealed out of the parking lot, and down the street. He could hear the sirens behind him, so he rounded onto a deserted road, and hit the NOS.

He drove for about an hour before the adrenaline wore off, and he could feel the pain in his shoulder as if someone were twisting a knife in the wound. He pulled off the road, and out into a ditch. For the first time, he dared look at the wound, and when he did, he knew something was really wrong.

The place that the bullet had hit shouldn't still be bleeding, he shouldn't still be losing blood. He put pressure on the wound with his hand, as he looked around the car for something to use as a bandage. Pulling an old shirt out of his bag, he wrapped it around his shoulder as tight as he could manage, and started the car again.

"Ex-officer Brian O'Conner is known to be in the state of Nevada. During the raid of a hotel, O'Conner was shot while running to his car. It is a silver Skyline..." The reporter's voice cut off as the TV shut off.

"Shit, Bri." Dominic Toretto growled, and stood. "Rome!" The big man yelled out.

Within a minute, the tall man came walking out into the room, and asked; "What do you need Dom?"

"They found Brian." Dom said, his voice quiet. Seeing the look of horror on Rome's face, he continued. "He got away, but he was shot in the process. Do you know where Jesse is?" He asked.

"Uh, yeah. He went to the Video Store to get that new racing game." Rome said, his eyes glued on Dom's.

"We got to go get him, see if he can hack the DMV database, and fin Brian's car." Rome nodded again, and they left.

Jesse put his money down on the counter, and waited while the man at the register bagged the game, and gave him his change. There was a scuffle in back of him, and he turned to see Rome and Dom in the doorway, staring at him intently. Dom gave a jerk of his head, motioning that they get out of there, and Jesse complied quickly, thanking the clerk, before walking out of the store.

"What's up man?" Jesse asked as soon as they were near their cars.

"Brian. They found him." Dom said, and when Jesse gave him the same reaction that Rome had, he sighed, and explained; "He got away, but he was wounded, so they know he can't get that far without medical attention." Dom said, and Jesse's face went from relieved to concerned again.

"What do you need me to do?" Jesse asked.

"Hack into the DMV database." Dom said, and looked at him hopefully.

"And search for what? We don't even know what he drives." Jesse said exasperatedly.

"Actually we do. They said on the news. He's driving a silver Nissan Skyline." Dom said, and when Jesse looked up at him skeptically, he sighed.

"It's not much to go on, but I can try. What state?" He asked.

"Nevada." Dom said.

"Smart man." Jesse said, and when Dom and Rome looked at him curiously, he said, "Nevada, as in near Las Vegas." He said, and when the two still didn't get it, he said; "Lots of people, lots of flashy cars, hello! What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas." Jesse said exasperatedly. "Jeez you two are thick headed!" He mumbled.

"Got something to say?" Rome said angrily.

"Yep, but you're too thickheaded to hear it so, shall we go." Jesse said, and got in his car, leaving a stunned Rome looking after him. The sound of Dom laughing at him, brought him out of his reverie, and he scowled at the big man.

They both got in their cars, and went after Jesse. As soon as they got to the house, Jesse went to the computer. Dom and Rome looked on for a while, but soon went out to work in the garage.

"Hey, when you came here, how did you know where to go?" Dom said after a few minutes. He had been wondering that question for two months.

"Brian tried to tell me about the case. He told me your name, but I wouldn't listen to any of the other messages on my machine. I was too pissed at him. Then when I heard that he let you go on the news, and that he was runnin', you were the first person I thought of to help me find him. Didn't know if you'd be mad at him or not, but it was worth a try, so I had a friend hack into records, and found out the most likely places that you would go. This was the third place that I tried. Luckily it was Mexico, and they don't extradite if it's too hard. So I jumped parole, and came here." Rome said, and Dom was impressed with the guy.

"Well I'm glad you did, we wouldn't have gotten half way through as much as we have if you hadn't shown up looking all guilty." Dom said, and laughed. Rome tried to look mad, but laughed as well.

Their laughter was soon cut off, when Jesse poked his head in the door, and said; "Found him!" They ran into the house to see what he had found.

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