It had been four months since Brian had been released from the hospital. Brian and Dom were getting closer and Mia and Sean had been going out for three and a half of the four months, and everything had been going too good for the Team for the first two months and they had known that something bad was bound to happen with everything going good for so long.

Roman Pearce had been in an accident at the end of the second month and it had almost destroyed Brian and Sean when they had learned that the man they had thought of as family for most of their lives was dead. Brian would have completely withdrawn if it hadn't been for Dom, and that was one of the reasons that it surprised Sean and Mia to hear the almost giddy voice of Brian carrying through the kitchen as he padded after her.

"Mia please?" Brian begged, puppy eyes showing and his lower lip jutting outward.

"Sean, please?" Dom asked, trying to pull of the same look Brian had on his face, but failing miserably.

"Fine," Both of their younger siblings agreed, trying hard not to laugh at the look on Dom's face. Brian and Dom looked at them as if they were Santa and Mrs. Claus and after thanking both of them, Brian and Dom took off towards Brian's newly bought Nissan Skyline. Dom had gotten it from a police auction, after the police had finally released the car from evidence.

Sean and Mia had been adamant that the two of them not drive the car until Brian was well enough to be able to drive it back home if something happened. They knew the two men were adrenaline junkies and if they saw a race, there was a good chance that the two of them would stop, and if they raced they would win, and if they won they would party…

…And if they partied, it was a definite possibility that both of them would get drunk… After what had happened only two months before, it scared both Sean and Mia to death that something bad would happen to Brian and Dom.

To see the smiles on the faces of Brian and Dom was enough to make Sean and Mia cave under the pressure of their brothers. They both grinned as they watched the two of them fight over who was going to drive and who was going to ride shotgun.

Everything was going back to normal, or as normal as it could be.


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