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Tears poured down Lorelai's face as she flipped through Rory's baby album. Look at my sweet innocent baby, she thought as she watched Rory smiling up at her from the pictures, Why am I overreacting so much? I like Jess, I mean he's not my first choice but he was always sweet to my baby. I can do this, I can learn to accept this, after all I am married to his uncle. And he's almost like Luke, his attitude and such. I just overreacted, like my mother would and I wouldn't want to be like my mother. As long as she's not pregnant or abused or doing this for some odd reason, then I can try and live with it. Lorelai slowly walked to the closet in her room and placed the album back on the floor. I'll just go apologize and then everything will be back to normal. Well sort of anyway. She grabbed her coat and headed to the door when her cell phone rang. "Hello, this is Lorelai," she answered. "Hey Lore, it's me Chris"

Lorelai walked through the town a lot on her mind. Her way to recent phone call with Chris had brought even more problems to her already full plate.

"Hey Lore, it's me Chris." He had said. His voice sounded calm and reassuring.

"Chris, um hi, ho-how are you?" She asked, wringing her hands. "Good, so lets get down to it. Because I know you hate foreplay. Are you there"

"Yes," she sighed.

"Did you get my joke, causeI thought it was quite funny, and everyone knows I am the defintion of funny"

"Is there a point to this Chris, because if there isn't then I really need to go"

"Ok so here is the point, i've heard about this thing between Rory and that boy, um Jess was it"

"Who did you here that from"

"My daughter, Lorelai. Or have you forgotten that I helped with"

"With what Chris! Raising her? Ha like you were ever there! Or maybe you helped with her schooling, because I'd really like to differ"

"Without me there would be no Rory! I am sick and tired of you always saying I've done nothing to contribute"

"Ok fine whatever so are you done now"

"I just wanted to know, well if you were going to help with the wedding"

"Oh I get it now Rory talked to you"

"What do you mean? What happened"

"Why do you always assume something happens? Plus if something did happen it isn't any of your business"

"Lore listen I called just to ask if you were going to be helping out, thats it, I didn't want to start anything. I found out because Rory and Jess came by the apartment before they headed your way. And before you interupt, they told me they were going to vist you. They mentioned some wedding places to me but I didn't know if, well you know, she had mentioned them all to you, it was quite a few. I thought a lot of them were pretty good, but of course where every they decide will be fine. They make such a nice couple kind of like a younger me and you"

"What, wait a second, did you just say that you like them toghter? How can you say that? Rory is-is a baby, my baby. That boy, he was always so bad to her. And you say that they remind you of us, yes a younger us, but nonetheless look at us now. Do you honestly want Rory to end up like me?" Lorelai looked at the house Luke had fixed up for her after Rory's graduation from Yale. Rory's room had been turned into a sewing room and now the house barley had any traces that once a girl named Rory lived there.

"Lore I love you please don't act like that." Chris said his voice strained into the phone.

"Yeah I love you to."Lorelai whispered into the phone before hanging up.