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Glinda stopped in front of a frilly dress shop and pointed out a pair of shoes to Elphaba. "Aren't they pretty." They had been in the city for almost five days now and had finally gotten an audience with the Wizard.

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "Come on Galinda we have to keep going. The palace is still another seven blocks away and our appointment is in fifteen minutes I should have never let you drag me into that dress store." Elphaba remarked pulling the blond forward by the arm.

Glinda sighed and smoothed down her skirt while struggling to keep up "I guess you're right...sorry." She smiled a little and looked up at Elphie causing her to almost run into a Lamb selling watches

Elphaba turned back to look when Glinda stumbled. "Wh- Oh sweet Oz." She mumbled pulling the blond to her feet. Her arms locked around her waist. "Are you alright?"

Galinda blushed profusely; only partly from embarrassment, "Yes, yes I"m fine" she backed away quietly and apologized to the vendor

The green girl looped an arm through Glinda's. "Perhaps we should slow down huh?"

Glinda just waved goodbye to the vendor, who snorted at her, and watched her feet walk along the path, "What are you going to say to him?"

"Oh I don't know...what does one say to a Wizard." She pondered for a moment. "I will appeal to him about the way the Animals are being treated in Oz. I was surprised to see that Lamb, most are in hiding." She glanced down at Glinda who had fallen silent.

"Everything alright?"

She looked up at Elphie, "Yes, just a little nervous, glad to be here though. I wouldn't want to be here alone..." She trailed off and stared back at the ground.

"Thank you..." Elphaba whispered, her gaze also falling to her feet. "For coming"

Galinda felt her face begin to burn again, but smiled her bright smile and laughed a little, "I guess neither of us would be here without the other one hm? I'm glad to be your friend Elphie," she squeezed her friends arm a little and made sure she was listening, "Really."

"Me too Glin." Elphaba said stopping to look at her friend. When she gazed into her eyes she felt something stir within her, a feeling she never felt before. "Um..." She muttered a dark green flush took to her face. "Here we are." She said pointing to the large gates. "The Wizards palace."

"Wow that went fast," She swallowed a little harder then she would've liked and scooted closer to Elphaba, "Well I guess we're expected...aren't we?"

"Ummm..." Elphaba glanced around, a guard walked towards them. "Looks that way." She removed her arm from Glinda's and gently replaced her palm in the small of her back.

Glinda smiled a little nervously and bit her lip, letting Elphaba guide her into the large structure. The Palace was furnished in green and blues with gold trim the lavish entry way looked sterile even though the furniture was made of the best materials in all of Oz. The doors slammed behind them. "You will be questioned and have your identities checked before you meet your Ozness."

The guard separated Glinda and Elphaba and both where interrogated before rejoining each other in a sterile waiting room. "His Ozness will send for you soon." The guard said before leaving them alone.

Glinda sighed heavily and looked at her companion, "That was...interesting"

"Umm hum." Elphaba said offhandedly nervously fiddling with her hands. "I do hope we won't be waiting long." She said staring out the small window.

The blonde placed a hand on her friends shoulder, "I'm sure everything will go okay Elphie, don't worry you're a strong woman," She grinned, "We can handle it."

Elphaba smiled and pulled the blond to her. She felt her self tremble, whether it was from nerves or the smell of Glinda's hair she wasn't sure. She pushed her away as if she had been burned, suddenly the door flew open. "His Ozness will see you now." A guard bellowed. Elphaba began forward entering a dark hall.

Glinda stood for a second, confused before scurrying off after Elphaba, she followed along through corridor after corridor until the pair were left alone in a long hallway, "Elphie are you okay?" She whispered.

"Fine." Was the sharp reply, she wiped the wetness off of her palms and took a ragged breath. "I guess we just keep walking but I can't see a damn thing."

Glinda jumped at the reply and frowned, not liking the direction this was going but choosing to say nothing, "I could try to make some light," she took a few steps forward, "Though I don't want to burn the palace down..." she mumbled under her breath

"And Oz knows you will if you try." She snapped venturing farther into the darkness leaving Glinda behind.

The remark stung and tears chanced an escape down her pale cheeks but she wiped them away and followed through the black silently.

Suddenly a large head appeared out of no where. Elphaba shrieked jumping back. "WHO GOES THERE!" It demanded nodding as fire spitted from the chair under its chin.

"Sweet Oz!" Elphaba exclaimed.

Glinda took a few tentative steps forward, glanced at Elphaba and spoke. "Your...your Greatness, I'm Miss Glinda Auduenna of the Upper Uplands, and this is Elphaba Thropp, the Thropp Third Descending" she curtsied graciously and then took two steps back, as was taught in her younger schooling days

Elphaba stood shaking a few feet away from Glinda. "Oh Elphaba I didn't know that it was you." The head disengaged itself and went limp. A short balding man came out from behind the mask. "Did I scare you?"

Elphaba just stared.

Glinda was forced to remind herself that it was improper to gawk and closed her mouth quickly, " know her?"

"I know of her of course! Madame Morrible wrote me. But you...she didn't mention you." He said eyeing Glinda. "Anyway, Elphaba I have been told you have some amazing powers."

"Yes your Ozness." Elphaba said quickly snapping out of it. "It is such a pleasure to meet you." She took his extended hand and curtsied.

"Now I would like to see for myself just how powerful you are, if you don't mind." He pulled a book out of his bag.

Elphaba stepped back. "Is that the Grimmerie?" She gasped.

"Yes my dear. about a levitation spell for my monkey servant, chistery."

Elphaba nodded kneeling on the floor with the book. As soon as her eyes lay on the paper the squiggles danced and became legible. She began reading in a quite voice suddenly the monkey began screaming. "What! What is it?"

"Oh Elphaba it worked. My dear you are indeed the one."

"The One what? What do you mean? Why is he hurting? How can I stop it?" Suddenly the monkey sprung wings.

"You can't! You can't stop a spell. Oh Chistiry! Oh how wonderful." He exclaimed.

Glinda gasped and rushed to Elphaba's side clinging to her arm.

"NO!" Elphaba yelled grabbing the book. "Your the Wizard of Oz. Reverse this."

"I can't...sadly I don't have the power...but my dear have the world at your feet."

"NO! NO!" She screamed holding the book firmly to her chest she darted past the Wizard and began running as fast as she could for the exit.

Glinda chanced a look at the Wizard with tears in her eyes before taking off after her friend.

Elphaba burst through a side door out into a narrow street. She glanced behind her and saw Glinda struggling to keep up. "Come on! We have to go."

The blond stopped to pull off her shoes and tucked them under her arm before catching up to her friend fully and following her through the crowded streets.

Elphaba could hear the guards clamoring behind them but they had heavy armor and were no match for the two girls. They had put almost a mile between the palace before Elphaba slowed to a walk. She looked behind her. No guards. "We have to get to the hotel to get our things."

"Elphaba, this is going to sound unlike me but forget it, unless there's a real reason to get them then we're fine without them. As long as you- as long as we're safe."

"True very un-Glinda thing to say." She said looking around. "I have no idea where we are." She said. She looked at Glinda, her hair a mess, make up smeared. "You're crying."

"Oh," she wiped her eyes, "I guess I am," and she broke down throwing herself into Elphaba's arms and sobbing into her sleeve, trying not to burn her.

Elphaba pulled Glinda close burying her face in the blond curls. "What's wrong darling?" She whispered into her ear.

"He hurt you," she sobbed, "He hurt you I could see it and he didn't even care it just makes me so...angry."

"Glin I'm right here I'm not hurt." She pulled back a bit so she could see the blonds face. She gently wiped away a tear with her thumb not caring about the pain.

Glinda shut her eyes and pressed her face against Elphaba's hand, "I'm still glad I came, more then ever." She kissed Elphaba's wrist softly and smiled, wiping her tears on her own sleeve.

Elphaba's heart quickened at the soft contact of her lips she stuffed the feeling down deep. "Come on." She took Galinda's hand that is when she noticed her shoes. "Oh you are bare foot?"

Glinda laughed softly, "Yes I move faster, and I won't trip this way."

"But your feet? You didn't step on anything did you?" Elphaba asked concerned

Glinda noticed that concern and a tiny smile graced her lips, " I didn't."

"Good. You can put your shoes on, I think we are done running for now."

She nodded and slipped the shoes back onto her feet, "What do we do now?"

"Umm...I..." She didn't know and that scared her. Where would they go? They would be looking for them at the train stations, and Shiz, could they even go back there?"

"I'm not sure Glin."

The blonde thought for a moment, "Do mortuaries offer rooms?"

Elphaba cut her a glance. "Maybe we could wait a few days...when the pressure is off we can leave."

Glinda nodded and looped her arm in Elphaba's. " Inn or the Streets...or do they offer rooms?"

"First hotel we find." Elphaba pulled the hood up on her cape and gloved her hands. "There should be one close."

Glinda pointed straight ahead of them, "How about that one?" She smiled up at Elphaba.

"Perfect." She handed Glinda the bag with the money it in. "You'll have to get the room. No one can see my completion."

Glinda nodded and led the way into the small Inn, a young man stood behind the counter,

"Good evening how can I help you?"

"We just...need a room...for a few days," She smiled slightly and handed him some money in exchange for the key to a room.

"Just upstairs and to the right, it's all we have open," He flashed another grin at the blonde before she scurried over to Elphaba and led her up the stairs.

"Thank you." Elphaba said once they got into the room. It was dank to say the least one small bed with a ratty blanket. "I know it's early but I'm ready for bed." The green girl said removing her cloak and setting the book down on the chair.

Glinda nodded silently and removed her own cloak, lying on top of Elphie's, "It has been a long day," She murmured and sat on the bed yawning.

Elphaba sat next to her. She gently ran her hand through Glinda's mussed locks. The late afternoon sun was filtering thought the window playing on Glinda's golden locks. "You have to be the most beautiful thing I ever laid eyes on. Perfect hair, skin, eyes... everything I can see why Fiyero loves you so much."

Glinda cringed at the sound of the name but forced a smile and a laugh, "Yeah I guess so, I just wish that wasn't the only reason."

"What does that mean?" Elphaba asked.

"He thinks I'm pretty and that's about it," She sighed and shook her head, "He doesn't know me at all; he saw the face and that was about it. Probably thinks there's nothing behind my smile."

"Glin that's not true." Elphaba said playing with the hem of her dress.

"What that, there's nothing behind my smile or that that's what he thinks?" Glinda frowned in confusion and looked at Elphaba.

"Both. Fiyero loves you not just because of what you look like. I know he knows how smart you are." Elphaba said. "In that blissful blond head of yours there is an amazing mind." She said tapping Glinda's forehead.

Glinda couldn't help but laugh, "Thanks Elphie. I just don't know I feel like, with Fiyero, I mean he's sweet and charming and everything I could hope for but I just feel like I'm settling," She stood and walked to the only window they had and looked out into the street.

"Then don't settle." Elphaba said stretching out on the now vacated bed. "Keep looking until you meet the one."

"It's not that easy," Tears pricked at her eyes again and she looked down at her feet.

Elphaba stared up at the cracked ceiling. She wasn't good at this; just talking to Glinda was new to her. They had only been friends for about a month and a half now and it was still so new. "I guess I just see everything in black and white."

"Sorry, it's just that I think I've already found the one. But I'm scared because of it." She sat on the bed with her back to Elphaba and messed with her hair.

"Found the one?" Elphaba frowned. "I thought you just said that Fiyero wasn't it."

"He's not," she said and bit her lip. She took a deep breath to steady herself, "You are."