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Glinda pressed past her adoring fan club and ran up the stairs to her room as fast as possible. She shut the door behind her and locked it, slumping down against the wood as she had done all those years ago. "You're back late." Chuffrey's deep voice said coming from the room over. He appeared in the door drink in hand. A muscular six feet he towered over Glinda. His dark hair was still damn from a shower. He was popular with everyone, nice on the outside but was a bit of a snob on the inside. He always got what he wanted.

She thought quickly, "I met an old friend of mine in the city today, we started talking and before we knew it it was night."

He nodded moving towards her and pinning her up against the wall. His mouth was on hers quickly. "I missed you today." He said his hands undoing her dress.

"I take it the meeting went well," Glinda muttered a little more snobilly then she meant to. She blushed and hoped he hadn't noticed.

He pushed harder against her almost cutting off his breathing. "It always goes well." He pulled back and flung her onto the bed. Quickly dropping his towel and working Glinda out of her many corsets. She nuzzled his neck with her face. He pulled back and noticed something red on her neck.

"What's that?" He demanded.

"I must've burned myself with the curler," She touched the mark gently as her heart beat quickened.

"That's odd. You never have before." He looked closer at it. "It almost looks someone has been necking with you."

"What are you talking about?" The blonde replied laughing nervously and brushing the hair from her face, "Why would anyone be necking with me?"

"You're a beautiful woman. You have hordes of people following you everywhere. How do I know that you didn't decide to just get friendly with one of them?" He asked raising his voice. "And what about this 'friend'?"

"Oh please," Glinda sat up and grinned, "What more could I want?" She put on the most convincing face possible, but her mind wandered to her meeting with Elphaba and her eyes betrayed her for a moment.

"You're not going anywhere tomorrow." He said. "We are going on a tour of the city, together."

"I already have plans!" She pulled herself out from under him and went into the bathroom, leaving the door open. "Cancel them." He said entering behind her. He pulled her half naked body against his and began kissing down her neck and shoulder.

She groaned and pulled away from him, turning to the mirror to fix her hair, "I can't, I already bought myself a ticket."

"Ticket?" He questioned turning her.

"I'm going to see Wiz-o-Mania. Sold out you know," Glinda may have been blonde but she was good at thinking on her feet, "Check my purse if you don't believe me that fifty dollars you gave me this morning is gone, spent, never to be seen again."

"Your going alone?" He asked

"Of course not, my friend Shenshen is going with me. She's the one I was with today."

He pulled off her corset. "But I want to spend the day with YOU tomorrow." He repeated his hands going to her breasts. "Stop," She moved past him and into the bedroom to look for a nightgown. Finding her pink one hanging in the closet she slipped it on and sat in an armchair to do her nails. He grabbed the nail file and threw it over his shoulder. "Take that off." He said indicating to the night gown

Glinda just stared at him, "I'm really not in the mood right now."

"Well I am." He pulled her to her feet. "Take it off."

That struck a nerve; she knew she didn't deserve to be ordered around, "No!"

"Damn it Glinda." He ripped the nightgown picking the blond up he tossed her onto the bed and straddled her. "You're my wife. You do as you're told." He crushed his mouth to hers.

Her heart raced as she struggled to push her husband off of her, she had to get out of there, "Get off!" She screamed and kicked him hard in the gut; short legs do have their advantages.

He completely lay on top of her. "Stop!" He yelled back-handing her. She laid still. "You're my wife." He said again entering her. "You do as I say." Tears sprang to her eyes as he moved above her and she bit her lip to keep from screaming, "Please, please don't do this to me," She whispered.

"I can do with ever I want with you." He shuttered.

"I deserve so much better then you," Glinda hissed defiantly and glared up at him tears still trickling down her face.

He finished and collapsed on top of her. "I know that you where with a man to day." He said. "I can smell it."

"I was not with a man," She sputtered and managed to shove him off of her. She dug around for a new nightgown and pulled it on.

"Come to bed." He said laying on his back.

Glinda shook her head, "No. And if you come near me I'll make you explode," She warned.

He laughed at this. "Glinda you have a hard time moving a pen across the room."

"Oh really?" She snapped her fingers causing the candle next to him to spontaneously combust, "Try me."

"A candle." He stood and advanced towards her picking her up under one arm. "I don't know what has gotten into you but it is really annoying. You used to be sweet and now you turned into a viper."

"Yes well you used to be a gentleman," She licked her finger and pressed it to his skin, burning him and ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

"Damn it Glinda!" He said going to the ice bucket to nurse his wound. "Why don't they build windows in bathrooms!" The blonde muttered to herself.
Figuring that his wife would spend at least an hour in the bathroom and then come to bed he laid down

He was wrong. Glinda pulled the towels from the cupboards and made erself a bed in the tub. She blew out the candles and slipped into her makeshift bed and sighed, "This is sad," She muttered as she turned over and shut her eyes to sleep.


The blonde woke early and listened at the door, her husband was snoring loudly. She sighed and slipped from the bathroom to quickly change into one of her gowns, she chose the green one with pink flowers stitched around the bottom. Grabbing her purse and quietly exiting the room she decided to head straight to the park.

Elphaba had been up before the sun she had talked to a few Animal activists and found out when the meetings were. Finding that she had nothing pressing to do that day she slipped off to the park sitting under a tree in an out of the way place where one would have to come over and speak directly to Elphaba to see who she was.

Glinda spotted her friend almost immediately and made her way over quickly. She sat down next to her and smiled, "Good morning!"

Elphaba jumped but recognizing the blonde's voice she turn. "Morni- oh my Oz! Your face." Elphaba reached out and touched the large ugly bruise. "What happened?"

"Rough night, guess I didn't even realize the damage until now," She sighed and leaned against the tree.

Elphaba kneeled next of her. "Rough night?"

"I just didn't feel like I needed to comfort him last night and he didn't like that," Glinda touched her cheek and flinched, "But he's my husband, what can I do?"

"He hit you?" She saw the blond nod. "I'll kill him." She said standing.

"No! No you won't!" Glinda stood and grabbed Elphaba's arm, "You can't Elphie, you're already wanted!"

"He hurt you." She said touching her face. "I can only imagine what else he did." She whispered sinking next to Glinda. "Oh darling I'm so sorry."

"Don't apologize it's not your fault," The blonde sat again and looked over at the woman, "Besides I burned him, so it's not like I didn't stand up for myself."

Elphaba opened her arms. "I'll never let him hurt you ever again." She said holding Glinda as tightly as she could.

"Are you going to kidnap me?" She asked softly and smiled.

"Would that be so bad?" Elphaba asked pulling the girl into her lap.

"It would be greatly appreciated," Glinda smiled and shut her eyes.

"Come on." She helped the blond up and pulled her cloak tighter.

She frowned slightly, "Where are we going?"

"Home, if that's okay with you." Elphaba asked slowing her step.

The blonde's face brightened at this, "Of course."

When they reached the street door Elphaba turned to her. "I used the money you gave me and made some adjustments."

"Okay," Glinda smiled slightly, not sure what to think and followed Elphaba inside.

Elphaba opened her bedroom door. The dab room now had a thick pink down comforter on it and a new shelf was next to the bed holding all of Elphaba's books. "Like?"

"Love," Glinda squealed, "Oh Elphie I'm so happy to be here!" She threw her arms around Elphaba's waist and hugged her tight.


Anytime you need a place to stay my door is always open, even though it's against my better judgment."

"Well in that case you now have a roommate, for a while at least," Glinda smiled up at Elphaba.

"Just like old times." Elphaba said picking the blond completely up from the floor and gently placing her on the bed. "Can I?" She asked indicating to the many buttons on Glinda's dress.

"Absolutely," She whispered.

It took about ten minutes for the green girl to reduce Glinda to just her panties. "Lurline I swear you got more beautiful." She said her mouth coming down on Glinda's breast.

The blonde moaned, "I never thought this would happen again."

"I would have found you." Elphaba said her mouth going lower. "I don't think I could have held out much longer."

"I don't think I could've either," She shuddered and closed her eyes.

Elphaba pulled back and stepped out of her own dress. She blushed trying to cover her body. She had acquired quite a few new scares over the years, especially the large one in her shoulder. The afternoon sun was streaming in the window making everything visible.

"What in Oz has happened to you?" Glinda cried, she could barely keep tears back at the sight of the scars.

Elphaba pulled her cloak back on. "Things haven't been easy." She said sitting with her back to Glinda.

Glinda paled and scooted up to Elphaba's side, "Obviously not."

"They don't hurt anymore at least not as bad." She saw Glinda's questioning expression. "The one time the guards shot at me, they had good reason though I guess; I was trying to kill the wizard." Elphaba laughed. "I was out for a long time. That was when I met a lot of the Animal refugees. As soon as I got so I could walked and then fly I came to see you but I just couldn't go through with it, I don't know why." She pointed to a large scar close to her breast. "This one...I plowed into a man's knife, and this," she pointed to a purple blotch her knee. "I got when I was running away from a mob but I fell...hard." She smiled sadly. "I guess my body is kind of like a map now, I can recall all of the places I've been by the marks."

Glinda blinked back tears and rested a hand on Elphaba's shoulder, "I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you," She whispered.

"It's not your fault." She looked down at her hands. "I understand if you don't want to touch me, its okay really. Just know that I still love you."

"Elphie, I love you and no scar can change that," She turned Elphaba so she was facing her and kissed her softly.

She held back a sob. "It has just been so long Glinda. I haven't felt the touch of another human in so long."

"It's okay I'm here now," Glinda whispered, "Do you think maybe we should just get used to having each other around again?"

Elphaba nodded. "There is so much that I still don't know about you."

"I'll tell you anything, but you have to be willing to be probed a bit too. Nothing major just...fill in a few blanks?"

Elphaba nodded. "Anything you want to know." She lay down on the bed next to the blond.

"I want to know what you've been up to. I understand if you can't say a lot of it just...give me an outline. Please?"

"I've been helping Animals escape...from were I can't say but I'm just a servant. There are so many that are higher up than I. There are so meetings that I need to go to in the next couple of days though." She paused. "As you know I'm a wanted criminal so I can't go out much. I am able to go to the park and market if I keep myself cloaked but other than that I stay inside and that is what is the hardest. I miss being able to go out and not care if people saw me or not."

"Wishing for a place to be free...I know the feeling," Glinda smiled and messed with her hair.

"What about you? What happened at Shiz once you got back?"

"Did you tell them what I told you to?"

"It was chaos, and I didn't need to tell them. They just sort of assumed. Nessarose about died when I returned alone, as did Nanny. Fiyero was busy fawning over his new love and Madame Morrible, well you know how she is."

"You weren't alone where you?"

"Are you kidding? They thought I was terrible, I was lost to them. Nessa spoke to me once in a while but, it just wasn't the same. Well Boq still seemed to love me but not in the same way he did when we first met," She laughed.

"I'm sorry. I never apologized, but I was so scared for you, I still am." She stroke the girls face.

"It's okay you don't need to apologize."

"I put you through such hell. I just want it to be over...everything I just want to be normal." She cried. "Its like the whole world wants me dead. I can't be strong anymore, I'm so tired of it." She said breaking down.

"Oh Elphie," Glinda hugged the shaking woman to her and rocked her back and forth, "You don't have to be strong, you don't have to fight anymore, just be you and get away from all this! Just be who you want to be."

"Who I want to be? I just want to be with you, away from all of this, away from this wretched city and everyone in it. I don't want to care about what happens to the Animals I just want to live," She sobbed.

"Then just live. There has to be somewhere we can go, anywhere where we can just start over. Live life the way we want," She stroked Elphaba's raven hair gently.

"I want that so badly but how could we? Everyone knows you, and with my skin? Please, and what would we do about money? It's just not possible."

"Elphaba, I'm a sorceress, and you're great with nature and survival. There has to be somewhere, and we won't need money I can get everything we need with my husbands money and we could just pick up and leave. The worst they could do would be to send a search party!"

Elphaba looked at her with pleading eyes. "Please...please just take me away."

"Well, first I need to you mean in the literal sense or," She leaned over and kissed Elphaba softly, "Away from reality?"

"'s just...everything is pressing down on me, it's like the world is collapsing. Do you know how many times I've almost been killed? Constant hate every day. You're the only one Glinda, the only one who has every believed in me...trusted me." She looked at Glinda with crazed eyes. "I don't know what to do anymore."

"I have to get you out of here," Glinda whispered, worry flooding her eyes.

"You can't, they'll find us, they always do. And when they do they destroy, take everything, not just possessions but your very soul. I have no soul left Glinda. They took it," She grasped Glinda's arm. "They will take yours too if you stay with me. That's why you needed to go I wanted to save you from it and I did but you're back again. I just don't have the strength to push you away again but now you'll die just like I have."

"I don't even care anymore Elphie; I can't live each day knowing you're here alone. It would do far worse to me then anything they can do."

"No, they'll shred you, don't you understand. It's all because of me, this hideous skin everything is my fault."

"Elphaba listen to me," Her face was soft but her voice was rigid and serious, "I'm not leaving you not again, never again," Elphaba nodded tears streaming down her face.

"Now come on you need to sleep," Glinda pulled the comforter over the two of them and nuzzled into Elphaba, "Everything will be okay. You'll see."

Elphaba's heart was still racing she clung to Glinda's small frame with everything she had. She had entered a trance like state her eye completely glazed over.

"Oh darling I wish it didn't have to be like this, for your sake," Glinda whispered nuzzling her face into Elphaba's hair and rocking her gently.

Elphaba slowly drifted into a turbulent sleep, it was plagued with nightmares of her life, from her fathers' beatings, leaving Glinda, and her hardships in the Emerald city.

It seemed as if she would die.

The blonde didn't sleep at all that night. She could only watch as her love tossed and turned in her own fitful sleep, once in a while she would moan or protest and Glinda took it upon herself to hold her until she settled again. The entire thing brought tears to her eyes but when morning came she was forced to crawl out of bed for a different reason.

Her stomach churned and whirled inside her small frame as she made her way to the makeshift bathroom to throw up.

Elphaba couldn't determine what made her wake, either the empty bed or the bright light flowing in the window. At first she thought it a dream that the blond was back in her life, the she noticed the pink comforter. "Glin?" She called out softly for it made her head throb to move at all.

Glinda could not speak so she pulled a bottle of oil from off of the sink and threw it over her shoulder into the main room before leaning back over the toilet to retch again.

Elphaba jumped at the sound of the bottle clattering across the floor followed by someone choking. She pulled back the covers and, standing on wobbly legs she made her way to the small closet that served as her bathroom. "Glinda?" She questioned kneeling next to the girl. She gently pulled her hair back and placed her hand on the small of her back.

Glinda sat back shakily and wiped the hair from her face before ripping off a piece of her dress to wipe her mouth on, "Good morning," She murmured sarcastically, "How are you?"

Elphaba's hand went to the blonde's forehead; it was cool, "What happened?" She asked gently stroking the girls arm.

"I don't honestly know, I've been throwing up every morning for a week if not longer," Glinda yawned and crossed her legs beneath her.

Elphaba frowned, "Maybe I should take you to a doctor, I know one he helped me out more that a few times."

Frowning, Glinda looked over at her companion, "Do you really think it's safe?"

"I just found you again, I'm not going to lose you," Elphaba threaded her fingers through the long hair, "I trust him, but we have to wait till dark he is at his other job now," She offered the blond her arm, "I'll help you back to bed."

"Okay," She stood and let the woman lead her to the bed, "I'm sorry I couldn't help you last night," Glinda whispered after curling herself into a ball.

"You did," Elphaba said lying beside her. "You were my rock; I wouldn't have made it though without you."

"I just kept telling myself that we'll be okay," Blonde hair bounced into the woman's line of vision and she quickly brushed it away and smiled, "We'll always be okay."

"We will. I'm sure of that now," She paused, "When I think back to the day I let you go I didn't have a choice. If I would have kept you, then you would have realized that you couldn't stay in hiding, you couldn't have handled it; but I know that we can make it Glinda. We were meant to be," She played with the jewel around her neck. "Always," She whispered.

"Always," Glinda mimicked and smiled wider, "I still can't believe this is happening and I am finally away from my...ugh I can't even believe I married that man," She sighed and shut her eyes resting a hand on her forehead.

Elphaba gently kissed the inside of the blond's wrist where a bruise was developing. "It's not your fault."

"Oh yes it is," She nodded, "I'm the one who walked down the aisle, I'm the one who said "I do" I had so many chances to run the other way."

"You didn't know what he was like then," She gently trailed her nails up and down her forearm. "Tell me about your wedding, what was it like?"

"Beautiful," Glinda whispered smiling, "Pink and white roses everywhere, those were our colors. My dress was huge and probably more then either of us could afford, he insisted I show off my "hourglass" figure," She laughed, "It was huge and ridiculous and I didn't know half of the people there."

"Your parents where there?"

"My step-father was there, but not my mother. She declined the invitation."

Elphaba's eyes widened. "Why? Your mother loves you."

Glinda laughed at this, "She loves the idea of me, she has never loved me."

"But I'm sure this was the social event of the season, she still didn't come?"

"Nope," She sighed heavily, "We never spoke again after my graduation, she died two years ago."

Elphaba's eyes widened, "She died? Oh Glin I'm so sorry."

"It's all right, really," The blonde sat up abruptly, "Excuse me," She murmured before hurrying off to the bathroom again.

Elphaba followed behind her grabbing a towel on her way in. She held her with one arm holding her hair back with the other, "It's okay," She murmured.

"This cannot be normal," Glinda moaned as she clutched her stomach.

"Maybe I should go for him now," She said standing.

"I don't want you to get hurt because of me and a silly stomach flu," She attempted to stand but was forced to lean over the toilet and continue what she had started.

"This is more than a stomach flu you said it lasted almost a week," She continued to stroke her back, "You'll be okay darling, I promise."

"Well if you insist on going out just make sure no one sees you? Okay?"

"Are you alright to go back to bed?"

Nodding, Glinda stood and made her way slowly to the bed where she curled up and slid beneath the covers.

"I'll be back soon darling," She brushed her lips to the blondes and left the room locking it behind her. Fully cloaked in black yet again she wandered through a maze of streets before coming to an old run down shack. A woman answered the back door.

"Fae? What are you doing here? You know you can't..."

"I need to see him, please my friend she is very sick she can't quit throwing up," She pleaded.

"He is at work...I can't just..."

"Please," She begged, "I don't know what to do."

The small woman had known the woman in from of her to do many things but begging wasn't one of them. "I'll call. Go back to her; he will be there as soon as he can."

"Thank you," Elphaba said and then she was gone.

Elphaba quickly made her way back to her room. The sky had clouded over much since she had started out and it began to rain. Cursing Elphaba ran the last few blocked throwing open the door and running up stairs.

Glinda had heard the rain begin to start and got out of bed to fetch rags to dry her friend with. When the door swung open she hurried to her and began to dab at the sprinkles on her face, "Are you okay?"

"Fine, wretched rain," She whispered, "Help me get out of this," She said indicating to her cloak.

She nodded and pulled the damp fabric off of her arms, "So did you find him?"

"Yes, his wife is sending for him at work, he will be here as soon as he can. How are you feeling?" She asked hanging her cloak up to dry.

"I'm fine, a little dizzy from the lack of food in my stomach but I'll be okay," The blonde sat back on the bed and smiled.

"I have some fruit," Elphaba said going over and retrieving an apple. "It's not much." She said offering it to her.

"Thank you," She took it hesitantly and bit into it gently. Her stomach lurched and she came to the realization that she hadn't eaten for two days.

"Darling? Are you alright?" Elphaba asked gently stroking her cheek.

Nodding she whispered, "Just haven't eaten much lately that's all."

Elphaba crossed to the window, "I wish he would hurry."

"I'm not dying," She meant it as a joke but could tell as soon as she said it that it wasn't received that way.

"You remember what happened last time you got sick?" Elphaba said tracing her finger over the pane.

Glinda shut her eyes, "I'm sorry," She whispered, "I shouldn't have said that I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I just...I'm worried," She said sitting back down next to her.

"I know you are," The blonde smiled and kissed Elphaba's cheek softly, "I think I hear him," She said looking toward the door.

Elphaba went back to the window and looked out. A short man was shifting his weight in front of the door. "Yes, I'll be right back," She unlocked the door and headed down the steps. She returned a few minutes latter with a short fat man.

"Hello," He said in a soft voice. "I'm Walter Singer; your friend here says you have been getting very sick lately."

Glinda nodded, "I've been vomiting a lot in the morning," She tried her best to smile and look pretty but the rip in her dress from earlier in the day caused her self-esteem to dive.

"She said it has been going on for a week." Elphaba said sitting next to her friend.

"Umm hum," He said setting his bag on the bed, "I'll do a full physical first. I'm going to ask you to get undressed and lay down." He said opening his bag searching for his tools.

"Okay," She glanced nervously at Elphaba and stood to untie her corset before slipping off the dress and lying back down.

Elphaba reached for an extra blanket she had on the chair. She unfolded it and covered Glinda's body with it. "First things first; I'm going to do things that might be uncomfortable for you so if you would like your friend to leave its understandable," He said pulling out a stethoscope.

Glinda thought quickly, "We've known each other since we were very young and if you don't mind I'd rather she'd be here," She smiled up at Elphaba and bit her lip anxiously.

Elphaba sat on the bed and took Glinda's hand. The man nodded, "Alright. First I'm going to take some blood, I have a lab in my basement I should be able to figure out what is wrong with you that way but still I would like to do a physical to be on the safe side," He said pulling out a needle with a vile attached to it, "This shouldn't hurt for long," He said taking her arm and finding a vain.

The blonde took a deep breath and shut her eyes, it was a well kept secret that she dispised needles of all kinds and would avoid them if at all possible but when the sting came she merely took another breath and opened her eyes to see Elphaba smiling down at her.

Elphaba rubbed her thumb over Glinda's hand. "It's alright darling. It will be over in a minute."

Glinda nodded and smiled a little before looking back to see what the doctor was doing.

The doctor pulled the needle out, "There you go, all done," He smiled placing a band aid over her wound, "Okay, now for the physical part. I apologize for this," He said pulling back the blanket so her chest was exposed. His eyes widened, "How did you get these bruises?" He asked, shocked.

"You know how men are," She said jokingly but by the look on his face knew that it wasn't taken that way, "Sorry, apparently I'm not good with jokes lately."

He frowned again, recovering her up and then uncover her lower half. His eyes bulged, "Dear Oz! What the hell happened to you?" He said looking at the bruised area between her legs.

"My husband," She replied softly, "My husband happened to me."

"This is inexcusable! Have you gone to the police?"

Elphaba had caught a glimpse of what the doctor had seen and closed her eyes so tightly she saw stars.

"No Sir," Glinda sighed and felt her eyes become wet.

He sighed and shook his head. "I'm going to need you to raise your legs up."

She did so slowly, not wanting to strain herself to hard and gasped at the sharp pain in her stomach.

"Okay that hurts," She gasped.

He frowned again placing his hand on her stomach as he did so. "Umm..." He started uncomfortably. "Did you happen to be...umm pinned last night?" He asked in a quiet voice.

The blonde frowned as well, "Well if I think you're asking what you do seem to be asking then...yes, yes I was why?"

He chewed on the inside of his lip, "You said you have been throwing you mainly in the morning?"

"Yes," Glinda muttered, still blind to what was so obvious to the doctor.

"Okay." He said covering the girl back up. He pulled out a vile of cream from his bag, "I want you to rub this on all of the effected areas twice a day. I should have the test results of the blood work back in a day. I want to make sure I know what this is."

"Well," She cocked her head nervously and stared at him, "Well what do you think it is Sir?"

He scratched his head. "Not sure...I think it might be a stomach flew that has been going around...but with what you said happened it might be something else," He glanced at the green girl sitting on the bed. "Fae? I'll come back tomorrow same time," He stood, "I'll lock up behind me," He said, and then he was gone.

"Elphie he worries me," Glinda whispered.

"He knows what he is doing, he is one of the best," She said finally removing her gaze from the wall "I can't believe what he did to you" She whispered. "Why didn't you come to me?"

"I had to lock myself in the bathroom just to get him to stop. I couldn't risk leaving until I knew he was asleep."

Elphaba shook her head, "I don't understand how a man could do that to a anyone."

"If there's one thing I've learned it's that a lot of men are pigs, I'm much better off with a woman," She smiled.

Elphaba smiled. "Really now?" She asked touching her mouth to Glinda's.

Glinda nodded and shut her eyes slowly, "Thank you...for caring."

"Of course I care, I will always care," She kissed her lips again. "We should get that stuff on and then get you dressed, can't have you running around naked now can we?"

"Well we could," Glinda whispered, "But it may not be the best idea," She laughed and stood to slide her dress back on.

Elphaba handed her the cream. "I should probably go shopping for some better food huh?"

"Only if you want to," She dabbed the cream onto the affected areas and tightened the strings on her corset.

"You have to be starving by now," She said looking through the cupboards.

Glinda shrugged, "Elphie I'm a little scared, if it's not the flu what could it be?"

"I don't know, but whatever it is we will get though it together," Elphaba said turning, "Do you want to try and get more sleep? We both have had a rough couple of days.

"You read my mind," Glinda yawned and slid back into the bed, shutting her eyes as she did so. She squirmed beneath the covers, trying to keep warm and yawned again.

Elphaba slid in behind her spooning her from the back. She gently kissed her neck, "It will be alright, what ever it is."

With those comforting words fresh in her mind it was easy for the blonde to fall asleep, but not easy to wake the next morning to a knock on the door.

Elphaba had left Glinda and rushed to open the bottom door, "You're early," She said letting him in.

Walter nodded, "I came as soon as I got the results. This isn't good news for anyone seeing the relationship she has with her husband," He said trudging up the stairs.

Glinda frowned at the fragments of conversation she caught before having a sudden urge to kneel over the toilet...again.

Elphaba opened the door and ushered the doctor in, "You're awake," Elphaba smiled at the blonde's blurry eyes.

She nodded quickly and rushed to the bathroom, almost tripping over herself as she did so; she retched horribly into the toilet and sighed.

Elphaba ran after her followed by the doctor, "Glinda," She said kneeling next to her holding her hair back, "Can't you do something?" She turned to the doctor pleading.

"Nothing can be done, it will go away in a few months," He said.

"A few months!" Glinda's mouth dropped open, "What's wrong with me!"

The doctor smiled grimly and glanced at Elphaba, "You're pregnant." He saw there expressions, "Umm Congratulations?"

Numb. That was what Elphaba felt as she stumbled out of the small closet and into the main room. Numb and an odd pressing in her chest, she couldn't breath, couldn't think.

Glinda wasn't taking it much better, she swallowed hard, "You have to be joking," She muttered and when he shook his head she broke into a fit of sobbing.

"You're about three months along," He squatted down and placed a hand on her shoulder, "There are options, no one can expect you to carry this child after what happened," He said softly.

"I always wanted a baby," She hiccupped, "I just never thought I'd be in this situation."

"Its up to you, this is your decision and yours alone." He said standing. "I'll give you some time alone."

The woman nodded and blew her nose into a rag and wiped her eyes. She stood and walked into the main room to sit on the bed, "I cannot believe this," She whispered.

Elphaba just stood silently gazing out the window her knuckles white with her grip on the window sill. She didn't move when Walter left the room bolting the door.

"Elphie?" The quiet voice broke the silence of the room, "What do you think of this?"

Her shoulders slumped and she shook her head, "I don't know."

"I need you to know," Glinda whimpered, "I can't do this on my own."

Elphaba nodded, "I have to go," She grabbed her broom from the corner and slipped on the cloak.

"Elphie why are you leaving?" Glinda stood tears streaming down her face, "Don't leave me please don't do this."

"I just...I just need to clear my head. I'll be back." She looked at he blond huddled on the bed and felt her heart crush. She brushed her lips against the blonds and took off out the door.

Glinda crumpled into a ball and cried. After a while a blistering headache took over her head and she tried her best to fall asleep, but every time she got close she saw Elphie's face and that vision woke her up considerably.

Elphaba flew high above the clouds the wind whipping through her hair, "So she is pregnant," She whispered to her self. "So?" 'So!' she thought. "It's not mine," She said out loud. This made her laugh, of course it wasn't hers how could it be? "Do you love her?" Obviously yes, but was she ready for this...if Glinda decided to keep it. That she didn't know. Suddenly she had a yearning to see the blond she had been gone sometime, they needed to talk about this. She turned around heading home.

Glinda sighed and clung to the blanket as if it was her life-line. Her eyes were shut tight; she didn't want to open them to face reality.

Elphaba landed noiselessly looking seeing that the cost was clear she entered the building locking the door. She slowly traveled up the stairs trying to think of what to say but coming up empty she opened the door and saw the blond shuttering on the bed. She slowly approached removing her cape, "Darling?" She whispered.

The woman cracked an eye open cautiously and upon seeing it was Elphaba, practically tackled her, "I was afraid you weren't coming back," She whispered.

"Of course I would come back," She said holding the blond close pulling her into her lap, "I'll always come back."

"I couldn't get your face out of my mind, you looked so...shattered."

"It's a lot to absorb," She said nuzzling her curls.

"I never wanted this. I mean I wanted this I just didn't want it to happen in this type of a situation," The blonde sniffed and wiped her tears away.

"What are you going to do?" Elphaba asked hesitantly.

"I don't know, I can't decide on my own, this is your life too."

"It is your child Glinda; this is your decision, not mine."

"But it will directly affect you," Glinda looked down at her hands and sighed, "I kind of want it, but I'm not going back to that bastard."

"You don't have to; I would never ask you to."

"You won't leave, if I keep it...will you?" Tears slid gently down her face and onto her dress as she looked Elphaba in the eyes.

"No, I could never turn my back on you."

"Then, I'd like to give this whole parenting thing a shot. It may not be the best thing for me right now but hopefully it'll get better."

"Anything you want," Green hands found their way into blond locks. "You're glowing; I don't know how I could have missed this before."

Glinda smiled, "We're going to need to get a few things. Make this place a little friendly," She looked around at the room, this was her home now too, and finally she was happy.

"We can't stay here Glinda. We'll have to leave...soon."

The blonde spun around to look at the woman before her, "Where will we go?"

"I don't know. I'll have to do some scouting we can't stay here people will begin to wonder."

Glinda nodded and smiled, "I'm glad I'm not alone."

"You never will be as long as I'm alive."

She shut her eyes and smiled, "I'm going to have a baby...I guess this is kind of exciting!"

Elphaba smiled. "We have a lot to buy."

"Thank Lurline we've got the money," The blonde winked and giggled.

"We do?" Elphaba asked her eyebrows shooting up.

"Well technically, I'm still married. We have a joint bank account and I think I know someone who wouldn't force me to sign for the withdrawal," She sighed and tugged at her dress.

"That would really make your husband mad," Elphaba said smiling.

Nodding Glinda laid back down on the bed with a hand on her stomach, "First thing tomorrow I'll head to a bank and make such a big withdrawal he won't know what hit him."

"Then we need to leave. I don't know where to go. Perhaps the Scalps? Vinkus? I don't know."

"Anywhere but here," She whispered and shut her eyes. Sighing heavily Glinda crawled underneath the blanket, "We could always stay at that house by Lake Chorge, though it may cost a little much."

"But would people see us there. Everyone knows who you are Glinda and just look at me, my skin doesn't fade," She said settling down next to the blond.

"True," She nodded, "We could try to rough it in the woods, build a log cabin and everything," She laughed.

Elphaba cocked her eye brow at the blond before bursting into laughter. " big as a balloon trying to handle a saw."

"I'm honestly not even sure I know what a saw is for," The blonde joked, "Oh but hey there is a cabin by Lake Chorge!"

"Are you sure there is no one there. You can't rent it in person your husband will know where to find us then."

"I could call ahead," She said sitting up and turning to look down at her friend, "I could call ahead and use a false name! They'd never have to see us!"

Elphaba nodded. "That might work," She sighed, "I have a horrid head ache again," She said burying her face underneath the covers.

Glinda frowned and settled back down underneath the covers. She pulled the blanket above both of their heads and tried to search out Elphaba's eyes in the dark, "Where are you?" She whispered.

"Over here," Came the muffled reply.

When she finally found the woman she kissed her forehead softly, "I'm sorry you don't feel good."

"It's stress," She paused, "I wonder what Nessa is up to these days? How was she in school after I left?"

"Distant for a while, then she just sort of let religion engulf her," Glinda sighed, "She never was the same."

Elphaba sighed. "I'm sure it was fathers doing. Always pushing Unionist ways onto her."

"I'm glad you're not like that."

"I don't believe that there is a god. How could something make something like this and then just leave it to become such an awful mess?"

"Maybe, if there is a God, then he or she just wants us to learn to cope, to learn to accept that the only way to get through everything is just to live; to be who you are and not be afraid of that."

"Then why are we afraid to be who we are? Why can't we broadcast to all of Oz that we love each other?" Elphaba groaned, "Don't answer that.'

Glinda smiled, "I'm not afraid of this Elphie, I'm only afraid of how the rest of the world would react, they're not ready for it yet."

"So what? Are we paying for some crime? Is this some experiment? Being here for just a stretch of time? I just...I used to see the world though this ice cold eye everything was black and white but now I know I don't have all the answers, I know nothing."

"You know a lot more then I do, you at least know what you stand for," The blonde kissed Elphaba's forehead sweetly, "So should we try the cabin?"

Elphaba nodded and nuzzled into Glinda's chest and took a deep breath, "You always smell so good."

"It helps to have someone to smell good for," She laughed softly and smiled shutting her eyes.

"This is nice, it's like we are in our own little world. Although it is a bit dark."

"I used to do this when I was little, just get away from everything."

"I hope it is more fun with another person," She whispered brushing her lips against hers.

"It is nice to have someone to hide out with," The woman returned the kiss gently and smiled.

Elphaba took Glinda's wrist up to her mouth and gently nipped on an area that used to make the blonde moan. She brought her eyes to the blonde's expectantly, "Still works," She said smiling.

"Doesn't work for anyone else though," Glinda whispered before kissing Elphaba softly.

Elphaba blushed. "He tried to pleasure you? Not just himself."

She rolled her eyes, "When we first got married yes. I think he gave up though.

"I'm sorry its none of my business, its just...I still can't believe that you are married...and were with him. Seeing what he did to you." She paused. "I just want to know everything."

"You mean like why I married such a horrid creature?" She sighed, "I have no idea, and it seemed like the right thing to do at the time."

"No that's not what I meant...I just. The things you did together, did he take you on picnics, buy you lilies? I just want to know everything. What made you decide to wear that style of dress to your wedding, how did you find out your mother had passed, everything and anything."

"He proposed to me on our fifth date, it was his birthday. I should've seen his selfishness then," She laughed at herself, "After the first month or so it wasn't exciting anymore. He didn't surprise me with a single perfect rose anymore, no flowers nothing."

Elphaba's eyebrows shot up. "Fifth date...even I know that you never ask a lady to marry you on the fifth date and your birthday at once...its bad luck." Elphaba said smiling

"I don't even think he said I love you after our wedding. He just assumed that was it we were married and nothing could come between us," She shrugged, "His loss."

"When did you meet him?" Elphaba asked threading her fingers through Glinda's she loved the feeling of them being connected.

"At graduation, he was the former valedictorian for the boys so he came back. He asked me out and I, idiotically, agreed."

"Don't beat yourself up. You didn't know. I'm sorry maybe we should change the subject."

"I don't mind, the fact that you're curious is sweet," Glinda smiled.

Elphaba blushed again. "It feels like I'm interrogating you."

"You haven't had much human contact in the past seven years, it's understandable," She laughed and snuggled further into the mattress.