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-- -- -- -- -- --

Tails went over to his desk, adjusted his glasses, and carefully looked over the note his fiancée, Cream, had written for him:

"My dearest Tails – Please don't forget to write that letter and e-mail it to everyone." Tails smiled when he recalled that what had happened in the past five years since the partial rebirth of the old ways. Kitsune technology had spread to the other races, allowing the races of Mobius to get more technologically advanced than before. But the ancient ways were still around, despite this technology. Most people walked wherever they went, and if great distances needed to be traveled, they took a special pollutant-free public transit system of kitsune invention. This allowed the revived planet to slowly heal itself from the damage done by the humans.

Once his computer was turned on, he started the e-mail program and began typing the letter:

-- -- -- --

Dear Everyone:

It's Tails here, just giving a status report. You've all been sending me information of what's been happening, and now I'm going to compile it into this letter and send it to all of you, just so everyone can learn what's going on.

-Shadow and Amy are doing well. They just came back from their extra-long honeymoon, and it seems like she's carrying a little extra weight, judging from pictures they sent. Shadow says that even though Amy's pregnant, she still does everything she can to keep things in order around their home. It's a good thing Maria has been doing so much for them. And much to my surprise, I learned that the two have taken the surname Robotnik! It's in honor of Shadow's creator, not Gerald's mad grandson. Amy's mother and half-brother live nearby. Kiran visits often, but not so the mother. Kiran's a nice kid, and is helpful to Maria. I'm sure they'll all be happy when their baby finally is born.

-Sonic and Tahra, now with the surname Streakin, are also doing splendidly. It looks like the Perky Goth is also carrying a precious load around too. Unlike Amy, Tahra doesn't strain herself as much. Then again, she was always the smarter one…no offense, Amy, really! Sonic seems to be beside himself with worry. He's already fretting over his wife's welfare. I never knew just how much he cared. Then again, he also has to deal with Mikael. That kid, judging by Sonic's frustration about him, must drive him up the wall. It's a good thing that the teen's got a girlfriend. Sonic's dad showed up at his son's wedding, and hasn't been seen since. I wonder if Devlin will ever return.

-Knuckles and Vahtri also report no trouble. The red guy just finished enchanting the new Master Emerald, and has plans to seal away the Chaos Emeralds in Mobius' crust, where no one can get them. There are no plans for kids from them just yet, but I'll bet good money that they'll be having one in a year or two. Vahtri will be sending you all batches of cookies for the Winter Solstice festival, just to let you know that. I'm excited already! Eberon seems to have disappeared too. Maybe he just finally decided to die. I hope not…

-After what seems like years, I finally managed to get into contact with Rouge, who has apparently decided not to marry Nack. Instead, she has decided to merely to be his permanent girlfriend. But I think if Nack found a big enough jewel for an engagement ring, it could change her mind…you know how she still loves jewels. Some people never change.

-The Chaotix detective agency is out of work, since the crime rate has gone into a downward spiral, so Espio has returned to his home dojo…and rumor has it that the main chameleon sensei is deeming our stealthy friend his successor! Meanwhile, Charmy is going to school with Mikael, and the two guys make one crazy pair of troublemakers! Sonic can't seem to stand the bee, but Tahra insists that he welcome him into their home. Vector seems to have disappeared entirely, but wherever he is, I'm sure he's happy.

-Armeil and Naylet are doing very well too. They had a son a few years ago, but he's a full-blown halfbreed…half echidna, half kitsune. The boy, named Veldo, looks mostly like his dad, but has two fox tails and ears just like his mother. They're home-schooling him, since it looks like it's going to take time before half-breeds like him will be fully accepted into society. But I'm sure the world will learn.

-Zeipha finally got back together with Jet, and the Extreme Gear competitions have started again! Maybe after Tahra and Amy have their kids, they could enter. I know Sonic and Shadow would! She still has a bit of a crush on Shadow, so I hear.

-The Great Alpha of wolves finally died of old age, and…you guessed it…Raiden took over his old man's position. Unfortunately, he had to fight for it. I'm sure he'll make a fine Great Alpha, despite him being relatively young. He's been planning on creating new laws for the succession of alpha males in wolf packs. His word is law to the wolves, after all.

-Sven's a retired old coot now, and is still yet to have another drop of ale. Considering how prominent alcohol is in mole society, that's going to be difficult for the old guy. I wish him luck on that.

-As for me and Cream, we have a date set for the wedding, and, yes, you're all invited. I know some of you can't come, but those who I can, we can't wait to see you! Meanwhile, I have more great news: I've obtained tenure as a professor of engineering at the Great Academy! I love job security!

So, that's all the news, I guess. This is Miles "Tails" Prower, signing off.

-- -- -- -- -- --

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