"How's the shoulder?" Beast asked his patient.

Peter groaned. "Better than my back. Any idea what happened?" He was currently only wearing his boxer shorts, much to his annoyance. At least I got a chance to shower off the blood, he thought, running his hand through his damp hair.

"Logan attacked you in a feral rage without provocation and called you Wilson," Beast answered, while wrapping a thick gauze bandage around Peter's leg.

"Sounds about right. Any reason why?" the injured teen asked. "And don't tell me something I just told you."

Xavier entered the infirmary at that moment. "I wish I could tell you, Mr. Parker, but we just don't have that information…yet. Hank, when you're done putting your patient back together, take the Velocity and track down the X-Van. Wherever Wolverine is heading, I'm sure things may get out of control."

Beast nodded and left the infirmary. Xavier and Peter sat in a relative silence for a few minutes.

"So, uh, who's this Wilson guy anyway?" Peter asked.

"I don't know," Xavier replied. "But you must remind Logan of him if he called you that. What were you doing when he attacked you, anyway?"

"I was thirsty and needed a glass of water." Peter felt uneasy in his answer. Aunt May he could lie to but a telepath as powerful as Xavier was pushing it.

Xavier's eyes narrowed and said, "I see. Consider yourself fortunate. While in these…rages, Logan has been known to keep going to ensure his opponent stays down."

"Has something like this happened before?" Peter was suddenly worried

"Roughly a year ago," Xavier answered. "It didn't end so well."

"Can I go now?" Peter asked, his voice squeaking. "I'd like to get some sleep before school."

"Yes, of course," Xavier consented.

Peter left the infirmary with a slight limp.

Whatever it is you are doing at night, Mr. Parker, I hope it's worth it, the Professor thought solemnly. He wheeled over to the other patient in the infirmary, the still unconscious form of Kevin Grey. He placed a hand on the blonde teen's forehead and emitted a psychic pulse. A smile came to Xavier's features.

"Mr. Grey, I believe it is finally time for us to make contact," was all he said.

Once back in his room, Peter collapsed on his bed. "This has been one weird week," he mumbled. "But it's gonna be worth it, come Friday. Stark Enterprises, here I come!"

His new alarm clock suddenly blared to life and the agile teen let out a frustrated groan. He got out of bed, and quickly changed into a T-shirt and jeans, walked out into the hall and nearly bumped into a drowsily pajama-clad Kitty Pryde.

"Hi, Kitty," he said as he headed for the kitchen.

Kitty's blue eyes lit up. "He called me Kitty!" she squealed.

"Never gonna happen," Rogue called out from their room.

"Shut up! You don't know that!"

Rogue just rolled her eyes, sighed and shook her head.

Arclight stood uneasily in the dark alley. She didn't like this cloak-and-dagger spy stuff but with a guy like Sinister signing your paycheck, you don't have much choice. The steel case in her hand made her palms sweat and the chilling air of a New York morning wasn't helping her nerves any.

"Where are you?" she asked the air around her, trying her best to hide her annoyance and anxiety. The last thing she wanted was to get mugged and have her case full of cash stolen. After all, the neighborhood was called Hell's Kitchen for a reason. As potent as was her ability to generate highly-focused shockwaves was, it wouldn't do her any good if she wanted to remain anonymous.

Especially with Xavier upgrading his expensive toy, she thought. Although the dampener around her neck hid her from Cerebro, the chances of it detecting her increased on how many times she used her powers and how close she was. New York City was already too close for comfort for her.

Arclight let out a depressed sigh, that quickly turned into a surprised yelp when a gunshot rang out. She looked down and saw that her case had been removed from its handle, the bullet that did the job having bounced off a nearby garbage can and took out a nearby street light. The gun that housed the bullet was now lying at her feet.

"Nice shot, Dom," Arclight said venomously.

"I thought it was pretty good, too, Arc," replied a female voice. Out from the shadows, the speaker stepped forward, her bluish-white skin tone clashing with the black skintight bodysuit she chose to wear.

"I hate it when you do that," Arclight stated simply, picking up her case. "Honestly, Domino, must you show off like that?"

"Sorry, but I gotta keep my skills sharp, y'know?" To illustrate her point, Domino mimicked firing a gun. "So what's the job, anyway? Unless Wade's outta town, I usually don't get work from you."

"You'll be providing tactical support for us," Arclight explained. "All you gotta do is provide covering fire for Hairbag and Blockbuster as they steal a piece of equipment from Stark Enterprises."

"Those two morons?" Domino's tone had an edge of irritation to it. "If this was Ruckus and Kody, I'd understand. Those two can't get along worth crap. But HB and Buster? Those boys can handle it."

"The boss is worried that they may cause unnecessary collateral damage and you're being called in to ensure they get in and get out without too much interference." Arclight brushed an absent hair out of her face.

"So I'm providing a distraction too," Domino said with a roll of her eyes. "Great. Just great. And what am I gettin' out of this?"

Arclight opened the case and showed off its contents. Domino's dark blue eyes lit up.

"Wow!" was all she said.

"Did Logan really cut you up?" Rogue asked.

"Yes," Peter answered, shoveling a spoonful of cereal in his mouth. "Why do you keep asking?" he asked, after swallowing.

The Goth shrugged. "It just doesn't sound like the Logan I know. But then again, when the howling started we were smart enough not to get in his way." She took a sip of orange juice and followed that with a couple slices of bacon.

"Huh. Lucky me." Peter let out a pained sigh. "My shoulder's killing me, not to mention this limp is severely impacting my tough guy image."

Rogue stared at him and raised an eyebrow.

"Shut up," Peter replied to her unspoken statement.

The kitchen was relatively quiet for the most part, most everybody coming and going and picking up a couple slices of toast or anything ready to eat. Peter and Rogue continued their conversation, it somehow weaving to who would win in a fight between Wolverine and Chuck Norris.

"I just don't get it, how can he lose?" Peter asked. "He's got metal bones."

"Yeah, but Chuck Norris can bend adamantium with his rage," Rogue answered with a matter-of-fact tone. "Besides, Logan's Canadian. He wouldn't stand a chance even if he wasn't a mutant."

"For as much as you go on about how Wolverine is 'so cool' and that 'he's so tough', I'd thought you'd be rooting for him."

"But Logan doesn't endorse the Total Gym, now, does he?" Rogue stated.

"Fair enough." Peter finished the rest of his cereal, then guzzled the remaining milk in the bowl. Rogue stared at him and shook her head. "What?"

"Must you do that?" she asked.

"No, but it's fun." A big grin stretched across the agile teen's face.

Rogue let out an irritated sigh and walked out of the kitchen, grabbing her backpack in the process. Peter shrugged and quickly followed suit.

Logan stumbled out of the bar, drunkenly with a bottle of cheap vodka in his hand. He woozily tried to get back to his Jeep but couldn't even get his keys out of his pockets.

"Stupid thing," he muttered. His sharp nose picked up the scent of gun oil and he turned around and spied a group of heavily armed and armored thugs surrounding him. "What do you want?"

The thugs didn't answer and opened fire on Logan. He ducked behind his car as the shots tore through it, reducing it to a jagged hulk of its previous self. When the shooting subsided, Logan jumped over the remnants of his Jeep and proceeded to beat and pummel the armored goons with all the rage he could muster. They all fell in crumpled heaps around him, except one. The only one in the group who didn't fire on him or took part in the melee.

A guttural growl came from Logan's throat. "Creed," he simply stated.

The remaining thug simply chuckled and cracked his knuckles. "Been a long time, runt. Glad to see your not too soft." He took off his helmet and threw it to the ground, his feral features curved into a sneer.

They charged at each other and Creed slammed into Logan with enough force to knock him into the jagged remnants of his Jeep. Twisted metal shredded his skin, leaving gouts of blood all over his back. Logan was in an excruciating amount of pain, but nothing that he wasn't used to.

"Gotta love our healin' factors," Creed said, hoisting him off the wreckage. "I'm gonna enjoy killing you for days...but that's gonna have to wait." He then slammed Logan into the pavement, knocking him out. He took out a walkie-talkie and punched a code into it. "Got 'im, but are you sure about this? He could become...a big problem."

"I'll take that under advisement, Sabretooth," came a voice on the device. "You just worry about getting him here without killing him."

"Yes, Professor." Creed then crushed the walkie-talkie and threw Logan into the back of an armored vehicle that pulled up.

Logan awoke in darkness, snarling and panting. Something was...off. He was sitting in an armored vehicle, that was covered in snow. He looked around and saw a pair of three claws protruding from his hands. The metallic weapons retracted into his hands with an audible SNIKT! His disorientation subsided and it all came back to him.

He growled. "That stupid dream again. At least they're gettin' more detailed." He climbed out of the snow-covered X-Van and found himself in the parking lot of the bar from his hallucination. "No wonder it was on my mind. Whatever was on that tape, it certainly screws with your head."

Thinking of no other alternative, Wolverine headed for the bar. He could use a drink and if his sharp senses were right, there was an approaching snow storm heading for this little quaint Canadian tavern.

Best to wait it out someplace where I can smoke, he thought with a smug grin.

Author's Notes: Sorry I took so long to update, True Believers. I know I promised to update before Spider-Man 3...and the less that's said about that, the better. Lately, I've been going through what I call Marvel Burnout, so just trying to keep up with the comics, movies and shows all drained me in ways I thought not possible. Well, that and I was having trouble trying to remember where I wanted this story to go. Anyway, all that aside, I hope to update this story more often.

BTW, if not for Wolverine and the X-Men, I never would have thought to put Domino in this story.