I'm tugging at my hair

I'm pulling at my clothes

I'm trying to keep my cool

I know it shows

Keely sat at the table in Phil's kitchen, staring at the latest algebra homework. Maybe if she stared at it long enough the numbers in front of her would actually make sense.

"Keely, you want a french fry?" Phil asked, waving one in front of her face.

Keely blew the a stray bit of hair that was dangling over her face. "No, I do not want a french fry."

"Come on Keel, eat the french fry," Phil begged.

"I don't want to eat the french fry," Keely said raising her voice.

Phil looked at her with begging eyes. "Keely, eat the french fry."

"I don't want to eat the darn french fry!" Keely yelled. "Now, shove it down your throat before I shove it there for you!"

Pim walked in. "Uh-oh. Barbie's getting mad at Ken."

"Shut up Pim," Phil said throwing the french fry he had been trying to get Keely to eat at her.

Pim rolled her eyes. "Whatever. All I can say, is there's a rain cloud over Little Miss Sunshine's head."

"Keely, are you okay?" Phil asked, abandoning his french fries, and scooting his chair over near Keely. "Oh, algebra. Well, if you divide x by y..."

Phil rambled on, but Keely wasn't really listening. She had more important things on her mind. Like how to tell her best friend that she loved him. Or how to come up with a hard hitting story for her news report. Or how to tell Phil that she loved him.

It was going to be a long week.

HeReYeSaReLiKeStArS: Hey Keel!

$ecret cru$h: Hey Philly-Whilly! What's hanging?

HeReYeSaReLiKeStArS: Not much. And when did we agree that Philly-Whilly was back on the table?

$ecret cru$h: Um...okay, so what can I call you?

HeReYeSaReLiKeStArS: Hows about – Phil?

$ecret cru$h: BORING!

HeReYeSaReLiKeStArS: Well you'll just have to live with being bored, won't you? Hey Keel, can I ask you a question?

$ecret cru$h: Shoot!

HeReYeSaReLiKeStArS: What is your screen name supposed to mean?

Keely held her breath. She couldn't answer him. Not yet. She wasn't ready for that yet.

HeReYeSaReLiKeStArS: Keel, are you there?

$ecret cru$h: OK...I'll tell you what mine means if you tell me what yours means!

HeReYeSaReLiKeStArS: You first!

$ecret cru$h: I'm not going first! I tell you what, I'll tell you on the 1st day of the summer hols. If you'll tell me!

HeReYeSaReLiKeStArS: Deal. Oops, sorry Keel, got to go. Mom wants me to wash the pots from dinner.

$ecret cru$h: But you sprayed your dinner.

HeReYeSaReLiKeStArS: Yeah, but mom dirties some pots anyway. She wants us 2 get the whole 2005 'experience.'

$ecret cru$h: Okay. Whatever. I wish I came from the future. I'd just replicate myself and let my replicator do all the chores.

HeReYeSaReLiKeStArS: I never thought of that! Got to go Keel!

$ecret cru$h: For a math genius you sure are dumb!

HeReYeSaReLiKeStArS: Hey!

HeReYeSaReLiKeStArS logged off at 6.54pm

$ecret cru$h logged off at 6.55pm