-1Their Voices Reside.

Chapter One:

Her eyes were red and puffy as she blinked away tears that had been building.

"Honey, tell us what happened, " he asked her, removing his sunglasses. He waited for a reply then sighed. "We can't help you unless you tell us." he added softly.

"I was walking home from school with my sister." she said slowly looking at the table.

"It was cold…the leaves were falling off the trees and they were all shrived up and yellow, as you walked on them they crunched under your feet and turned to dust. The smog was pretty bad that day because it was foggy too, and the fog hadn't lifted all day. My sister and I were walking along the Clyde-Forth canal. We were talking about my chemistry teacher who was a right dick…he gave me detention for failing my chemistry test. I only got ten per cent but chemistry I just find really hard but he said I should study more and I was to go to supported study at lunch time but I didn't want to go because we go in to town for lunch to McDonalds."

"Where is the Clyde-Forth Canal?" he asked her slightly confused.

"Glasgow…" she said…the interviewer showed no reply. "Scotland."

"Scotland? So how did you get from Scotland to Miami?"

"..We were walking along the canal. There was a cold wind coming up it as per usual…my mum said the cold wind even on a sunny summers day was a bad omen and the canal had bad vibes. I had straightened my hair that morning so it was all over the place. I was wearing my lucky chucks that I had saved up for from the money I got at my job…they always gave me into trouble for wearing them at school but I didn't care they were my shoes. I had my favourite wrist bands on as well. The one on my left arm was back and purple striped and the other was black with a red rose on it. We were just coming up to the bridge that connects the Science Centre to the Exhibition Centre on the other side of the canal."

"Why were you walking along the canal?"

"My sister had lost her train pass and our mum told us that if she lost it she can walk home…I didn't want her to walk home on her own." she said quietly.

"Then what happened?"

"A car pulled up to us at the car park. There was a man…he got out and asked for directions to the city centre. He was really tall. Like taller than six foot…my best friend at schools six foot four, and he was about the same height as her. I had to look up to make eye contact with him. His eyes were blue…like greyish blue and cold….they were so cold they scared me! I heard my sister screaming as he pulled out a gun….then there was four of them…they were all over the place…and someone one hit me right tin the stomach…it really hurt because I got whacked there by a bitch in my PE class the day before when were playing hockey. My sister was screaming at me to run but I couldn't, I couldn't leave her there on her own." she said tears flowing down her cheeks as she wiped them away with the sleeve of her jumper.

"I just wanted to run away…but they wouldn't let me. They kept hitting me and my sister was still screaming and crying and then she stopped…I though they'd killed her and then I passed out."

"What's your sinters name?"


"And your is Samantha right." he stated.

"Yeah…but everyone calls me Sammie…Samantha's a posh name. People from where I am aren't posh."

"So what is it like where you live?"

"I live in a one of six blocks of flats. Right up the top at the tenth floor. The lift was always broken and if it was working you didn't want to go in there anyway. All the junkies used it to get themselves high and it always smelt of piss. There was just me, Ria and our mum who was always working. We were going to be moving out the flat two days after they took me…we were moving to a better part of Glasgow nearer my school so we didn't have to travel so far and we would have a garden and a room each, and if you tried to make your door step look nice with potted flowers the Neds wouldn't steal them and throw them off the balconies."

"So Sammie how did you get from Scotland to Miami? it's a long way from home."

"I woke up in a container…one of those metal ones with the big doors. I was on a boat I knew that much."

"How did you know you were on a boat?"

"The way we were moving I always get sick on boats and I felt really bad…the thing was rocking and I could feel the motion below me." she said her breath catching in her chest as she tried not to let anymore tears get the better of her.

"I think we should have a break…do you want a soda?" he asked.

"No thank you…can I have some water please?" she asked her voice shaking, quiet and polite.

"Sure..I'll get you one just know.

"What's your name?" Samantha asked suddenly.

"Horatio." he replied smiling.