Chapter Nine.

With Pete safely under arrest Horatio and Calleigh took Ria to see her sister.

"Ria I have to warn you that Samantha's very ill, so don't expect much okay." Horatio warned. "Don't expect her to respond to anything you say, a comas like a very deep sleep, we don't know when she'll wake up but she can hear you."

"Okay." Ria said, she walked in to the room and stood by her sisters bed. She paused, looking at her sister. "Sam I'm here…I'm alive its ok."


"I'm okay, I wonder will you wake up?"

I want to wake up….

"I won't be able to do it with out you. "

Oh god Ria….don't even think about that!

Do you remember that song we wrote…when I was being bullied?" She asked her sister with tears running down her cheeks. She watched the machines keeping her alive, the blood pouring in to her arm, Questions flew around her head. Kneeling on the floor beside her

I remember…

"Horatio do you think this is right?" Calleigh asked him as they stood in the corridor.

"Maybe its good Ria is here with her, give Sammie what she needs to wake up." Horatio explained. The door was open as Horatio leaned against the frame, Calleigh looked at him and smiled, as a voice singing reached them both.

"Well If you wanted honesty that's all you had to say, I never want to let you down or have you go, Its better of this way, for all the dirty looks, the photographs your boyfriend took, remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor, I'm not okay, I'm not okay, you wear me out."

I remember this…you still know it all?

"What will it take to show that its not the life it seams, I've told you time and time again you sing the words but don't know what it means, To be a joke and look another line with out a hook, I held you close as we both shook for the last time - take a good hard look, I'm not okay, I'm not okay."

You'll be okay….

"Forget about the dirty looks, photographs your boyfriend took You said you read me like a book but the pages are all torn and frayed, Now I'm okay, But you really need to listen to be because I'm not okay, I'm not oh - fucking - kay." Ria sang softly as she finished she felt a her sisters hand around hers…Ria's head snapped up towards the door, "She moved," she said to Horatio who instantly beckoned a nurse in to the room. The nurse gently picked up Samantha's hand.

"Honey…squeeze my hand." the nurse said…as soon as the words were her mouth Horatio watched Samantha's hand curial round the nurses, in seconds there were several doctors around Samantha's bed as Ria stood at the door between Horatio and Calleigh.

"She moved, Calleigh , she moved." Ria said with happiness in her voice.

"Yeah." Calleigh replied ruffling the child's hair. Ria looked up at her and stuck out a tong whilst flatting her hair. Horatio smiled and chuckled to himself. It was several minutes before they were allowed in to see Samantha.

"You okay?" Horatio asked her.

"yeah…I feel as though I have a permanent hangover." Samantha said smiling.

"Sam…" Ria said with a tear in her eye.

"C'mon, don't cry." Samantha said holding her arms open. Ria immediately flew in to them and hugged her sister. "We'll be able to go home soon and see mum!" Ria said bouncing. Horatio felt his heart sink.

"Ria…" Samantha started. She couldn't finish it.

"Ria, your mom and your brother were found this morning." Horatio said, Ria instantly knew. He had no reason to finish.

He watched her as she stood still in shock. Her eyes met his.

"No." she said quietly. As tears began, she looked at Calleigh who just hugged her.

"I'm sorry Honey." she said as the child wept.

"C'mon lets get you something to drink." Calleigh said taking Ria out the room, Leaving Horatio with Samantha.

"You sure your okay?" he asked her,

"Yeah, thank you. Thank you for finding my sister." she said to him.

"Its what I do."

"No, you didn't have to do anything Horatio. You didn't have to come and see me, I heard you and Calleigh. Thank you so much." she said to him. Horatio sat down and looked at her sadly.

"You know where going to have to go through what happened."


"First of all where did you get the cell?" He asked her. Samantha looked at him sheepishly.

"I swiped it off the desk outside the room in the lab." she said truthfully. "I don't know whose it was."

"I think it might have been Calleigh," he answered. Samantha made a mental note to apologise to Calleigh. She told Horatio everything how she snapped the pen and cut her self, the note. He smiled telling her she did great.

"Pete is in police custody. He wont be getting off with it Samantha." He said to her.

"How long do you think he's going to get."

"Let me put it this way, the only way he's getting out is in a body bag." Horatio told her. She sighed.

"Thank you, for everything." Samantha said again.

"Sammie, what have you got to thank me for?" Horatio asked confused.

"For saving my life…not listing to me and bringing me closure. You know, back at the…place…I was so frightened, when he pulled the trigger. I was so sure I was going to die, but you came…I didn't think you would. Then you came and I begged you to let me die…because I didn't want to go on. I thought I'd lost Ria…and Ria gives me a reason to be here, man she's my little sister. I'd do anything for my her, because she's my family. I wouldn't think twice about taking a bullet for her."

"That's what you do for family, anything." Horatio said sadly.

"So, just thank you…I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you."

"Think nothing of it. " he said simply. "Now you rest. You're mother made it clear she wanted you placed in the care of your aunt if anything happened to her."

"Okay." Samantha said yawning. Horatio said his goodbye and walked outside to find Calleigh comforting a extremely distraught Ria.

It took a while for her to calm down. Ria stayed with social services until their aunt arrived. Then Samantha was released Two weeks later from hospital. She had made a full recovery and the case against Pete was made. It was time for them to leave Miami, for the mean time. Samantha stood on the top step outside the lab, the hot Miami wind in her hair, a arm round her sisters shoulder. She could here her aunt and Horatio talking about dates and random stuff. Ria and her aunt both said their good byes and waited in the car. Samantha turned to him and smiled.

"So what you going to do now?" He asked her.

"I don't know." Samantha said sighing. "Were going to fly over to Glasgow tomorrow for the funeral. Then back to California" Samantha said sadly.

"Take care of yourself." He said placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, I'm tougher than I look." Her hair blew across her face in the wind, hiding the sadness in her eyes.

"Take care of yourself Horatio." she said to him, they locked eyes.

"We'll meet again, be it in this life or the next." He said shaking her hand. They both smiled as Samantha took a last look at the place that nearly killed her, but gave her new life.

The End.


Author: Samantha Le Sommer

Co-Author: Heather Carls.

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